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Saturday, 10 February 2018

The Best Made Plans ...

Well, it's definitely a case of the best made plans ... I thought I had a perfect plan.  I had a jolly good try on last weekend (SEE HERE), ready for lunch and dinner dates that are spread out through my diary's February pages.  I tried on those outfits when the temperature was around 10-11c and the day was sunny.  They felt good.   Dresses.  Skirts.  Thin jumpers.  Lovely stuff.


But not lovely stuff for temperatures of 3-4c, it turns out.  And not lovely stuff when sinusitis is creeping its way back into your winter head.

Thus, for Friday night's date with the friends, I abandoned all thought of pretty skirts and dresses.
The weather is the one thing we can't plan ahead for.  Poorly health is another.

For my Friday night pub meal with friends I grabbed a cosy grey bardot jumper

 (that also doubles as a dress). 

 It needed nothing but a fold at hip level to jumprify it.  Genius, huh?

I hadn't leoprinted for a while, so this was the night for some cosy neckage too.

Grey boots from Debenhams.

Cosy neckage created a look perfect for a pub meal with friends, in a proper hostelry with a fire, meat draw and lots of chat.   And the bonus was that I also bumped into a few people I hadn't seen for ages and it was great to catch up with them too.

It was a shame because I really had thought I was ahead of the game by putting together a whole load of girlie outfits for my February dates.  But turns out I now need to hook myself with a whole suite of jean outfits because I don't think the weather is going to warm up for my next few dates (next one on Monday).  It's definitely time to put together a hasty Plan B.

Yes, the cold and wet conditions continued today, when we were meeting up with my longest-standing friend (51 years of friendship) and her husband at a fish restaurant in town.
So it was another day when I just couldn't bring myself to wear dress or skirt.  I grabbed my berry jegging faithfuls and cami to create a column, third-pieced with a pepper coloured cardi.  No photo, I looked too sad. 

I finished off the outfit with taupe boots from Jones.

TP must have thought I was looking really miserable through the lens as he suggested I smile and he was right of course, because a smile can spread some warmth on a cold day.  So I hope I'm warming up the cockles of your heart with this smile.  But if not, please dress up snuggly when going outdoors in this miserable weather. 

Roll on spring, eh peeps.  Maybe then my outfit plans will be in sync with the weather.

A la perchoine.


  1. I see it's not just the Midwest that the weather can go Topsy Turvy! I'm constantly looking at the weather app with no faith that that is how its really going to be the day I want to go somewhere.I hope you get to feeling better. Michael was down for a bit with something, and it was not fun. There has been a bad flue going around here that I think you get even if you've had the flu shot.

    TP was right, you are beautiful when you smile,très chic.

    Have a warmer and great week. Terry

    1. Oh Terri, I think it's the same all over, the weather doesn't seem to tune in to the weather channel when it wakes up most mornings and just does its own thing! Sorry Michael's been poorly. That flu virus is insidious. I've been having sinusitis each year since my Grand Canyon trip, December through to March randomly, so I know what to do ny now!
      Let's make this the month we smile and cheer up gloomy February!
      Hugs, Sweetie, x

  2. Despite the uncooperative weather you look smashing and I'm sure you were the belle of the ball, or is that the belle of the pub? In any case your outfit is stylish and flattering on you and your signature leoprint scarf is the perfect finishing touch! Keep those outfits from Plan A for March - I'm sure you and TP will have loads of social engagements. Stay warm and I hope that sinusitis gets better soon!

    1. Aw you say the nicest things, Mrs R! It was good to have a touch of Lady Leoprint again. Thanks for your positive spin, I managed to wear a sweater dress last night, so whoo-hoo! The sinusitis is so predictable, so we did start on plans to go somewhere warm for 6 weeks to avoid it but then unexpected family matters took over. Maybe next year, maybe Florida! Hugs sweetness, x.

  3. I hope you get over that sinusitis quick Mary. That's not nice! I'm looking for a pair of Grey boots, so tank you for sharing the Debenhams ones. Just what I'm looking for! And as for smiling, I'm always being told off for that when doing photos! I have a standard bitch face as they call it!!
    Laurie xx

    1. Oops tech prob, my reply is below Vronni's comment. Sorry.

  4. You do look cosy in your hooded coat and that's a wonderful smile!

    Yes, the bloody weather can destroy all our plans - dammnit! It's a good job you have plan B at the ready - we all need plan B at this time of the year. Good job we have enough clothes to fulfill plans A and B.


    1. Thanks so much, Vronni, and so right, we've probably gone through a fair bit of our winter wardrobes with last minute outfit changes this winter! Hugs, my darling, x.

  5. So funny! But so wrong, of course, you have exceptional gorgeous face! Thanks, Laurie, my sinusitis is a repeat offender, so I'm ready for it. And do try hunting down these boots, they have a chunky high heel and are very comfy. Good luck and hugs sweetie, x.