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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Ultra Violet Pipedreams

Helloooo.  How's your day?
Our day is amazingly beautiful ... but cold.  We're about to enter a Polar Vortex phase, potentially.  (Yeah, I had to google it too!).  Sounds a bit Star Trek but the good news is that we get about 10 days of brilliant sunny (but cold) weather, so I'm going to have to wrap up warmly and get out there with the camera.

What I'd like to share with you today is what I'm starting to refer to as my Christmas Storage Dividend.  It started with storing  Christmas decorations in see through plastic containers (SEE HERE) and the ripple effect keeps on paying me surprise dividends. 

Today I share with you one such dividend.

 It's a pretty pinky lilac suede skirt.  It's probably about 20 years old and I was reunited with it when we started on the loft clearance last month to create space for those Christmas storage boxes

All suede skirts found in the loft (5) were bunged in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and hung out on the line to dry.  Good as new!  Have you tried washing your old suede, BTW?  If it's old and you've got nothing to lose because you would otherwise chuck it out, why not eh?

The skirt length is below the knee, but I'm seeing that as not so dated as I've noted from store websites and bloggers' posts that a longer length is sort of trending, so I'm perhaps bang on trend with this little beauty.

At a stretch, the colour could be seen as Pantone's 2018 Ultra Violet.  It's perhaps not quite there but it's a very close relative - if there were DNA testings for colours I think it's Ultra Violet blood line would be confirmed.  But for now, I'm kidding myself that the colour is bang on trend too.

I added my cute leoprint and leather cross-body/clutch bag.  It's from Accessorize and was a much welcomed Christmas gift.  It's the perfect size for stuffing my essentials in when my outfit is lean on pockets.  Phone, a couple of lip balms, a handy size pack of tissues, oh and just occasionally a debit card! 

I chose this outfit for a birthday dinner with a close and special friend.  The meal was just perfect but what was also perfect was that we picked her up, as the birthday girl deserved a little pampering, ca c'est sur, but I got a little pampering too - TP drove the "posh car" and for me that meant a spacious ride and warm
bottom!  The seats are leather and heated.  Oh the joy of that on a cold winter's night!!

Earlier in the day, we popped into town for a few things so we made an occasion of it with a stroll around one of the piers and a little picnic lunch courtesy of M&S.

Fancy joining me on my little stroll?

Starting with a few little gin palaces.

Then on to where the fishing boats moor.

Boats are taken up during the winter for cleaning, painting and repairs.

I love the shiny stainless steel used on boats.

A little fishing boat leaving the harbour.

And a bigger one carrying passengers to France.

A glimpse of the old castle at the end of the pier.

Oh and I had to point this out to TP.

Havelet Bay, on the other side of the pier.  Its a pretty little bay.

And it's where a former brewery looks out on the castle and the islands, and it's being converted into luxury flats.

And I pointed out to TP that I could quite see myself in a new life here,

looking out on this view.

And TP pointed out that "we are not quite ready for apartment living here".
Perhaps he is right on this.  Or perhaps he was thinking that these flats may just be a tad too pricey?
Perhaps he was diplomatically telling me that I'm punching above my weight, that these beauts are going to be way outside of my pension pot.
Perhaps I'll just dream on this one ...

Do you allow your eyes to wander when it comes to property?
Do you find yourself wanting to taste a little bit of luxury?  Punching above your weight?
Or are you like me, for in reality I snap myself out of my reverie and tart up my existing home - a lick of paint, a few new shelves .... for, to paraphrase Stephen Stills' song, 

If you can't be in the house you love,
Love the house you're in.

A la perchoine.


  1. What a lovely place to live and yes I dream of luxury living too but I love the house I live in. They say fashion goes in cycles and your pink suede skirt is right on trend.

    1. Thank you and I'm so pleased to read you love your house; I sing that song to myself but I just wish I could muster up some real love for mine, though I do love some of the treasures up in the loft!
      Hope you find some goodies in your loft too! Hugs, x

  2. This is why I hate throwing stuff away. What great finds Mary. And I'm loving this colour at the moment. I would call it Pantone's Pink Lavender or almost mauve. Whatever the colour or trend it looks great on!
    Laurie xx

    1. Hi Laurie, I think if it's well-made then it's worth holding on to, IF you have the room if course. Pantone has done us proud with this pretty colour, let's see how much transfers to the shops eh. Hugs my darling, x

  3. That's a welcomed addition to your wardrobe, you'll get so much use of it in the summer - love the skirt colour whether is pinks or violet - I love it! Jacqui

    1. Well it's a welcome return that's for sure! Thanks for popping in, sweetie, x

  4. Super duper on trend Mary. How fab to shop your very own Loft. It's a gorgeous colour regardless of Pantone. Funnily enough I'm planning a suede outfit for Sunday and my skirt is old but thrifted. I dare not wash it as it's quite new to me.

    1. Oh yes, only wash suede at the point of no return. Thanks for your kindness, looking forward to seeing your suede skirt soon. Hugs my dearest, x.

  5. I love your skirt, it has a beautiful color. A very elegant look and, as always, a hair that I love!

  6. I don't own any suede skirts but since you have at least 5 I say you can wear one for me! You're right, a little DNA testing would reveal that lilac and ultra violet are related. Obviously ultra violet is the wild, crazy relative while lilac is sweet and thoughtful - ever so classy and rolling her eyes at all the shenanigans of ultra violet. But I digress.
    The heated leather seats in the posh car are a necessity where you live! Heck I use mine in the mornings to head to the gym because there's nothing better than a toasty tush. So I say TP needs to drive you around in the posh car until Summer.
    The reason our kitchen got renovated was in part because we found ourselves wondering if we should stay or go. My husband was all for going and I fell in love with the ginormous spaces in the new homes. But at the end of the day I don't want a mortgage so we'll do what we have to here. It sure is fun to dream though!

    1. Let's say that I was wearing this suede number for you by proxy! Oh the thrills of this long distance wardrobe affair! And your giving legs to my DNA testing was just roll over laughing hilarious! As was the "tasty tush" which is how I mis-read it when I relaying it to TP. But heated seats in Florida ...?!
      Yes, I like your pragmatism, moving carries a cost of about £50k (here) and so one gets thinking about what can be done to the existing house with that. And thanks for reminding me, you still owe us the full reno reveal, sista! Hugs my dearie, x.

  7. Lots of goodness here. I love that you called this skirt a pinky lilac and it makes me smile because it’s such a GREAT color. Mr. Nine and I are blessed with a beautiful home but how we dream of luxury by the ocean or our beloved Lake Michigan. Although today we live by a lake. Thanks goodness we built up as the river and pond have overflowed and I almost needed a boat to get to an appt this morn. I have my heated leather seats on now as sitting in the parking lot reading your sweet, dreamy post! Have a great day beautiful!

    1. And calling it Kellyann's "sweet and thoughtful" pinky lilac adds a whole new dimension to its colour!
      You really are sitting blissfully in your dream house now, but oh the work you put in to get there. I get stressed just making decisions on light switches.
      Thanks for sharing where you read this post, it makes the blog sort of 3D. Hugs honeybunch, x.

  8. All looks very nice. I have a pink suede jacket a few years old, perhaps its time to come out.

    1. Oh yes, Polly, it's time for your pink suede to get an airing too! Is it one of your colours? Please pop back and share how you wore it. Hugs dearie, x.

  9. What a wonderful find and in your own closet as well. Looks super on you and just right to cheer up any dismal days. Beautiful views of the ocean and how lovely to be able to walk this on a regular basis. Heated seats are a must where I live in the winter.

    1. Well, it was stashed away in the loft and that's why I'd forgotten about it. Sometimes the winds coming off the Atlantic in winter make walking along the coast unphotographable! Keep warm my darling, x.

  10. A great skirt to be reunited with. I find you can wash pretty much anything in a washing machine on a gentle cycle. Lovely to see the photos of boats and scenery. You live in a beautiful neck of the woods.

    1. Hi Gail, ultra violet is a challenging colour - maybe grey with it next time?
      I sometimes wimp out and wash by hand but I do agree, most can be washed.
      Thanks for liking my'hood!
      Keep warm, x.

  11. How very pretty your island looks!

    It's exciting to discover garments forgotten about; it's almost like getting a new one! I love your suede skirt the colour is gorgeous and the longer length looks on you, too!

    I'm always dreaming about houses I see and would like to love in but like you have to come back down to earth at some point. I don't even do the lottery!

    1. Thanks the island scribe up well with a bit of sun!
      And yes, finding old things that are wearable again is like having my,own personal charity shop.

      Oh that's the thing, Vronni, if we don't do the lottery where's the windfall coming from? I'm not holding my breath for this blog to make me money!

      to be continued ...


    (More haste less speed as my mum would have said)

    the longer length looks fab on you AND would like to live in although I could love in them too, I suppose!

    1. ... and TP calls me "Do a job, make a job Mary"!

      So funny, you certainly would love in your dream house!

      Hugs, light up your stove and keep snug this week, x

  13. You are so lucky to live where you do! It is beautiful! LOVE that skirt! Gorgeous outfit.