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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Being ... Jane

Allow me to introduce you to Jane of My Midlifefashion.  She's a style icon of blog readers. She puts together super OOTDs, or WIWTs as she calls them.

One of Jane's current signature looks is the military jacket.  She looks fabulous in them and has come up with a selection of the best jackets around, saving you the leg work.

I recently mentioned to her that most military jackets are short and boxy which doesn't suit my matronly shape.  Jane came up with a longer-line style which I am investigating.

In the meantime, I'd come across a jacket from Uniqlo here  - only available in small, which you may have noticed I am not! But it put me in mind of one of my old jackets, a go-to for slinging over black-tie or cocktail dresses.  My corporate days are long gone and so are my invites to posh do's.  But hey, I could repurpose that jacket - sew on metal military style buttons and wear it with jeans!  And I could test-drive a military style before I commit valuable pensioner pounds to something that may not work on my body shape.

So yesterday I spent some considerable time searching through my archived clothes.  I found the jacket in the last place I looked, which should have been the first.  For it was neatly stored inside a zipper hanger bag, together with an evening dress.  Duh!  And it already has metal buttons!

I give you the military jacket look, Pout-style!

I've teamed it with black M&S jeans, Next layered top and mauve glass beads from East.

Gabor boots finish off the look.

I'm liking the look.  These photos don't do the outfit justice, it looked better in real life, trust me!

I tried the outfit with a chunky pearl strand ... which I've had since 1973!

The Photographer did not like the pearl look.  Truth be told, neither did I.

Here's the lovely Jane.  Wearing the look so stylishly, so effortlessly.

I also tried to emulate the ruffles with an old M&S frilled top. Jane's simple collar ruffles worked but The Photographer said my cascade of frills looked too fussy.  Another view! I've noticed that through this blog's journey, The Photographer has developed his own views on style.  Or maybe they were always there but only now in his "professional" capacity does he dare to voice them ...!

Next time I am going to try my "military" jacket with worn blue jeans and flatties.  I'm fired up!  This could be the start of something Very Big in Pout World!

With special thanks to the lovely Jane of My Midlife Fashion, I bid you
a la perchoine.

My "Being ... " series attempts to recreate outfits which have inspired me - but put on a Pout body!


  1. I can't believe you had that stunning jacket hidden away Mary it's gorgeous & I love your outfit.
    I feeling incredibly honoured to have inspired your look thank you so much for the wonderful & very flattering mention.
    Enjoy your weekend lovely lady.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. Jane, you're so sweet. I'm now working out how to integrate other things I found whilst looking for the jacket - just imagine how many bags I opened to get to it!!
      Your posts are always inspirational, so I thank you and so does my wardrobe!
      Wishing you a super weekend, soon be wine o'clock :-).