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Monday, 17 October 2016

White T Shirt and Denim, The Sequel

I recently found a quick fix to the challenge set by Anna of Mutton Years Style  - White T Shirt and Denim.  My fix was to post a photo of me in white T shirt and denim from the 70s here.

In response to my recent white jeans challenge, the lovely Anna's creative solution was to post a pic of daughter wearing a white jeans outfit, chosen by Mum.   Why not check out her blog and see how that came about.

But I thought it would be fun, albeit somewhat belatedly, to now try the White T Shirt and Denim OOTD and see how it compares with my 70s outfit.

First stop though is the hair.  It's greyer now but also it's longer than the little crop I had in the 70s.  I point this out as I'm thinking of having a crop again.  Are any of you lovely readers sporting crops at the moment?  If so, how do they stand up, compared with similar cuts you had when you were younger?  I fear mine may be too thin for the cut and the cut needs bounce and swing.  If you could share your crop experiences, I would be a very happy bunny. 

Let's move away from hair.  Here we have my 70s OOTD, back in the day. 
White T shirt and jeans, with a pink H&M velour sweater draped casually over the shoulders.

And here we have white M&S Limited Collection modal T, with a pink jumper, Next, and Peacock jeans.

The jumper has subtle metallic threads in it but I don't think the camera picks that up.  Following that metallic theme, the flatties from Clarks have less subtle metallic toes.

As an afterthought,  I tied a hand-printed silk scarf, a give-away from the sweet Janice of The Vivienne Files

I could have done a quick change and put on blue jeans to complete the copy-cat outfit but I don't think that's necessary because I think what comes out from this is that the White T Shirt and Denim look really stands the test of time.  Neither garments have changed in style too much and even the fabrics manufactured back in the 70s, devoid of the now obligatory elastane, really look like they were comfy and held their shape well.  OK, my body hasn't held it's shape well but that can't be blamed on bad manufacturing ... or can it?!  Unfortunately, my body didn't come with a for-life warranty so I won't be putting in any claims concerning it's bad performance.  Shame, that.

Now, enough of my silliness.  Dearest readers of a certain age, do you find yourself wearing outfits that you wore, back in the day?  Have the outfits changed, in style, in fabric?  Are you able to find photos so that you can compare that same outfit, through the decades?  I'd be really interested to hear of your experiences, if you could be so kind and pop your story in the comments box below.

And on that slightly nostalgic note,
a la perchoine.


  1. My teenage years consisted of jeans jeans and more jeans. Two points here, yes denim is timeless as you say as I still live in it it seems and 2, I'm in a rut. I suppose hence my blog.

    My hair is a bob but quite thick.

  2. Hi Anna, thanks for popping in.
    I'm envious of your thick hair, body without gungy products, lucky you.
    With you on the jeans rut. My key driver when I started this blog in Feb was to smarten up my jeans n t shirt "uniform". I've lately become aware that I'm wearing jeans jeans and more jeans. And in this post, jeans and a t shirt! For a week or two I've been crying out for a skirt or a dress. I'm going to have to start listening to my inner posh lady!

  3. I very rarely wear jeans and never have. I find there are too many cute styles of clothing to wear to want to wear boring jeans and T-shirts, especially if they look if they are worn out.

    1. Hi, it's lovely to hear from you. I'm so pleased to hear from someone who doesn't have a fight with the jeans default dressing rut that I drift into. I have been a jeans person from an early age so I must be hardwired!
      I'd love to hear more about the cute styles you enjoy. The only casual non-jeans look I can think of right now is a denim skirt - proof I don't move very far from jeans, and more so in winter.
      Right! I'm on the case! There IS more to retirement dressing than jeans and I'm going to expand my horizons. Thanks so much for your refreshing and inspirational message, dear reader.