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Friday, 28 October 2016

La Reunion

This post should have been entitled "The Gluttony Continues", for here comes ...
Another day, another meal!
I'm "posh dining" for this second week of "The Pout's Tennerfest Fortnight".

I am a traditional dresser.  I think posh and immediately think black. 
Is black your go-to posh wear too?  Or do you have a modern-day equivalent?

This black M&S skirt has often been a life-saver when I need to go lady-like or posh.  It's an ex-work skirt which has slid so nicely into my winter retirement wardrobe.  Using this skirt as the base for my outfits this week has made dressing easy (well, maybe we should leave it as "easier").  There has been a pile of tops only heaped on the bed when I have left the house!

To meet up with girlfriends during the week, I added a Next jersey asymmetric cowl top and a large pearl drop pendant and earrings.

Topped with my ubiquitous Peacock pleather waterfall jacket and Clarks croc print chunky heels.

This little jacket has turned out to be another little lifesaver, but in so many more contexts.  It goes "posh" to ground an outfit and equally it works to zap up a more casual jeans outfit.  It looks great with dresses too.  I am so pleased I grabbed it when I saw it in the shop.  They disappeared quickly.
I've worn it sooo much so PPW will be plummeting again now that we are in the cover-up season.

I took this little outfit here.  I don't think I've taken you to La Reunion before.  It's a little bit more pricey but the place is very chic and in warmer seasons it is so lovely to enjoy pre-dinner drinks out on the balcony overlooking the bay, where the sun sets so beautifully.  But 6.30pm, October - neither of those things was going to happen during this visit unfortunately.

I meet up with some ex-colleagues on a regular basis.  We bring each other back little souvenirs from trips abroad.  Today was a bit of a bonanza, a bit of a build-up of goodies so I just had to take a shot of all my pressies on display before me
Caramels from France, a make-up bag from Egypt, a soap and little plate from Cyprus, a coaster from Paris, a little silk purse from China (that friend had just returned from a week's business trip there so it was truly "fresh") and a cow bell keyring from Austria which my cheeky French friend secretly hooked to my handbag so that for the rest of the evening there was no mistaking where I was!

And continuing  to exercise due food-shot restraint during this difficult-for-dieters Tennerfest period, I give you just one.  A cheeky little fig and pear crumble ... yummy!

My tummy is now truly feeling the strain of my gluttony, internally and externally.  I stoked up on healthy clean salads yesterday.  That continued during today (the exception being tonight, of course).  It will continue tomorrow and hopefully keep going as far as I possibly can - would Christmas be too much to ask for?  Oh yes it will.  We have our birthdays coming up soon.  It would be rude not to enjoy some nice food and wine as I celebrate another year of still hanging on in there despite my less than decorous living!

I just don't know if I'll be able to fit into any of my clothes by then ...
But back to the now maties.  Tonight I am returning to the same restaurant. And I will also be returning to black but a dress for a change. It's work-in-progress so that invariably means I will be leaving behind a pile of discarded outfits on the bed when the taxi arrives!
And then from tomorrow, it's outings rather than eatings for this yer porky Pout!

A la perchoine.


  1. I like that you keep in touch with ex colleagues, that you wear your work clothes to see them to show that your still professional and 'got it' and that you give each other gifts. Your peacock jacket sounds really useful. A real go to.

    I'm eating out tonight and meeting your lavender challenge . Post will be up midweek.

    1. Yes I've still "got it" - "it" being the nondescript work skirt!
      That little jacket is bloomin' marvellous!
      Longing to see you rock the lavender.
      BTW, try writing Danish with darned autocorrect!

    2. And hope you had a super night out! Happy weekend to you and all readers out there