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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Lady Wears Lavender Again

Monday challenged me with a quick turnaround after my morning's golf, as we were meeting up for lunch with our golfing partner and some of his family.  Lunch being back at the golf course restaurant, so it was quick drive along the beautiful coast road, shower, hairwash and blow-dry, a bit of slap and out the door again.  Returning to the golf club a little more presentable than when I left a short while earlier.  I do hope our golfing partner appreciated the dramatic transformation from frumpy golf gear, hair scragged back and no make up!

I'm continuing my little love affair with lavender.  This long-line cashmere/merino jumper was just right for lunch, worn with black M&S jeans and Gabor bootees.  I wore my handpainted silk scarf, detailed yesterday.  It was created in an apartment in Brooklyn, that shows you how truly international we have become - little ole me wearing it in Guernsey!

Just wanted to show you these glass beads worn under the scarf - it's an East necklace in amethyst and charcoal and goes just dandy with this jumper.

It's all well and good having a wardrobe full of neutrals but sometimes I crave a blast of colour. 
This colour cheers me up.  Do you sometimes feel that colour is going to make a difference to your day, your mood?

And some good news.  We had a super lunch ... and I didn't take one food pic.  Dieting readers and those of you just simply fed up of my food posts will be very relieved to hear that!

A la perchoine.


  1. That shade of lavender is supposed to be in my palette but I don't have a thing, oh yes one top, in it. That because in reality I'm not sure it should be in my pallette.

    You look lovely in that colour, and yay no denim!

    1. Hi Anna,
      There's not a lot around in the colour. I'm sure it would suit your colouring. And I'm impressed that you have a palette! I don't :-(.
      Glad you like it, anyway, and that you noticed I'm out of denim - next stop, a skirt, yay!!!