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Wednesday 26 June 2019

My Other Wardrobe

I recently had a break in East Sussex.
It's where my Other Wardrobe is housed. 

One drawback in leaving a wardrobe behind is the shock (nice surprise) when you discover your trousers are too big!

There wasn't enough cardiganage in the wardrobe to save this baggy trousers look.  

Trouble is, they're virtually new M&S chinos and otherwise very nice, but this is what happens when you buy something, don't wear it for a few years and in the meantine, you go and lose some weight.  Nice problem to have.  First world problem, I hear ya.

Today's Lesson

The Problem

But what I learned from this experience has been so useful.
I learned that I have little idea of what is lurking in Other Wardrobe.

It results in me discovering that things no longer fit.

It also results in me packing a full travel capsule each time I visit.
And it results in me wearing the travel capsule because, well, I've gone through the angst of packing (my FOP).  Then lugged a small case on and off aircrafts, in and out of trains, up and down airport and train station stairs ...
You get the picture eh?!  Otherwise wasted effort, and the heavier that little carry on, the higher the potential for multiple nail breaks.  Yikes, that's serious - why place precious nails in a position of high risk?!!!

The Solution

on Baggy Trouser Day I came up with a strategy.  I tried on everything in Other Wardrobe ... and PHOTOGRAPHED every, single. thing.

Now the plan is to look at the photos before travelling, work out a virtual capsule ... and at the airport I will have nothing to declare but my genius!

Have you ever done this?  Photographed everything in your wardrobe?

The Outcome

It was an interesting exercise.  I rediscovered things.  I discovered things that went well with others and more jeans that were totally unwearable (baggy).  And I discovered wardrobe gaps.

Yes, I discovered that my very cautious Other Wardrobe filled mostly with neutrals had been neutralised to an almost somnabalistic state and desperately needed a shot of adrenalin.  Colour.  So next day I bought myself a red top and head scarf.  And the day after I wore it on a very rainy
 day ...

and the red was just the brightness the gloomy day needed.
(The Swedish prawn sarnie brightened the day too!)

The Epilogue

So what a good exercise.  I now know what I've got in Other Wardrobe and what I need.  And what no longer fits - 

- those baggy trousers !

Oh and I brought the baggy trousers home to take them in.  I'll show you my work v.soon.

So how's about it ladies?  
Do you want a photographic log of what you have in your wardrobe?  
Maybe you've already done it?  Maybe you have another method of keeping an overview of what you have and what you need? 
Maybe you run a periodic try-on to check what fits and what needs donating?
 I'd love to hear if you have a system for wardrobe control.
And do YOU adjust or donate baggy trousers?

A la perchoine,
Mary x.


  1. I have a whole wardrobe full of baggy trousers since I dropped two sizes, I am not brave enough to take them in though. I just keep buying new ones!

    1. You've done really well to drop two sizes and deserve the new jeans. These chinos are too good to turn my back on but TP tells me the view from behind is not good!
      Hugs, x.

  2. Photographing your wardrobe is a wonderful idea when you have 2 homes! Baggy pants are frustrating (pants shopping is the worst), but at least it is for a great reason!

    1. Yes Laura, I don't like trouser shopping either, so much faff!!!
      Hugs, x.

  3. What a wonderful feeling that must have been - I hope you pitched those baggy trousers and never look back! Kudos to you as well for all
    the research into the other wardrobe. Sounds like a solid plan, trying on, photographing, and taking notes. I have only one wardrobe but I do need to go through and get rid of some pieces I'm not loving anymore. You look lovely in red and I'm sure you were a bright spot on that rainy day!!!
    Hugs my friend!

    1. know me, they came back with me and are sitting by my sewing machine waiting to be taken in a few inches! You sound very disciplined with your wardrobe culling, kudos to you sweet friend. Thanks for like my red I'm wearing more red today, as it happens.
      Hugs, and happy weekend, x.

  4. All of my clothes are in one closet so I periodically try things on. Good plan for knowing what you had and what fit!

    1. Wow, another disciplined lady with her wardrobe. I think I need to be more methodical.
      Wishing you a happy Mireille,

  5. Susan Hinesley27 June 2019 at 14:07

    You know I am a big believer in taking pictures of clothing. What a great way to put it to use. And of course I love the red!

    1. Oh Susan I remember that you do love to log all the outfits and I can see how that helps enormously. I'm sure you're still doing it, even without the prompt of the blog.
      Hope you are keeping well and enjoying lots of holidays,
      Hugs and happy weekend, Mary x.

  6. I have the same problem Mary - a big pile of clothes that are too big! Am hopefully going to try sell them on Ebay! I've not taken pictures likes you say, will possibly try to see what I feel about them. Good luck with buying new trews hun. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. Jacqui, you have done so well and you are looking uber fabulous. Ebay selling sounds a bit of a faff, I've never done it, probably because of the fear of hard work!
      Anyway, happy weekend hugs to you, x.

  7. That's a fantastic idea Mary. I'm living between Essex and LLondon. I have done since mum passed away. I have two wardrobes, one in Essex and one in London. I can never remember what's where! xx

    1. Yes it’s so confusing. And with food too. It takes me weeks of saying stuff like “oh I thought we had compte cheese, that must be in Sussex”. But it’s a first world problem eh?

      Hope your daughter and her lovely family are doing well.
      Hugs, x.

  8. Hello Pout,
    I just have 2 seasonal wardrobes and they are swapped between bedroom closets as Arizona is either HOT or not. I recently gave up trying to work with baggy chinos when I received a 50% off coupon and decided just to replace them with the actual size I wear. My alterations at the sewing machine couldn't fix the bagginess after just one wearing and putting on a belt (unseen under blouses) wasn't the answer. My favorite way to keep track of wardrobe items is a small notebook for each season (again, just 2!) as I like to sketch out my OOTD and update the notebooks as I purchase or donate items. Very helpful when I am just too lazy to figure out what to wear. Thanks for the Madness-always fun!! I vote for more red in your closet-just lovely on you!!!

  9. awesome article :)
    have a beautiful day

  10. I'm so pleased your hard work is paying off and resulting in looser or baggy trousers! Good job you have the skills to take them in. Love you in red; such a flattering colour on you.

    I think it would be a fantastic thing to do; to photograph everything in the wardrobe but I just couldn't do it; it would take weeks and I'd get fed up before too long. I have started keeping a photographic record of my outfits - the ones I wear on my blog and it's proving useful as a guide to what goes with what; what looks good or what isn't so good. I've subdivided it into A/W outfits and S/S outfits. It's on my phone as well as my laptop, so it's quick and easy to reference.

    I have another wardrobe, too, in Ireland and although I keep a list of what I have there I still forget what I have. I still bring loads of clothes with me though as there's no weight allowance on the ferry...