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If not now, when?

Saturday 1 June 2019

Welcome to June!

Hello my lovelies!

Just wanted to pop my head in to your world today to wish you a
Happy, happy June!!!

It’s such an exciting month, it could just be one of my favourite months of the year
So no surprise I’m super excited 😆!

Last week I gathered together most of my summer dresses in anticipation of this bustin’ out all over month.   It was sheer bliss watching them flutter in the breeze on the clothes line.  I really should have taken a photo. 

I’m determined to wear a summer dress on as many days on the summer as weather and activity will allow.  Tomorrow I’ll post my first few.  I’ll see you then, hopefully.

I do hope June is bustin’ our all over if you’re in the northern hemisphere.  If you’re not, then snuggle up and get cosy. 

A la perchoine,
Mary x. 


  1. It's grey and soggy up here in the Isle of Man this week. No good for the TT races! Hope to pinch some of your sunshine soon :)

    1. Oh I’m so sorry Jay, it’s such an important event. I only did the TT once and rain mostly poured into my tent, so eventually we found ourselves a room, the only one available in Douglas that no one wanted!
      I didn’t realise that was where you lived. I have family there.
      Hope the weather clears tomorrow for you, for Mad Sunday!
      Hugs, x.