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Saturday 15 June 2019

FOP - Fear Of Packing

FOP.  Fear of packing.  Yup, it’s very real in my world, and many of yours too, it would seem from recent comments.
And I may be coming across as someone filled with anxiety, but that’s because I probably am. 

I hate packing.  I panic at the thought of it.  I procrastinate and usually leave it till the last possible moment and pack a mix and match of bland and safe.

For the trip I’m on now I pushed myself to do things differently, right from the packing point - I started packing in good time before my trip to the UK, sooo not me!

Coming to a cinema near YOU ...
Carry On Packing!
(It's possible only British readers will get the joke!)

It started with the shoes.

It started with me thinking shoes.  In my head, I was thinking a comfy pair of sandals for walking and something glitzy for the fun stuff was all I needed.   A lite shoe wardrobe.  But nah, in my case is something very different.  I soon ended up with four pairs, and when that case is a small carry on, there isn’t much room left for anything else.

Holiday update:  I've worn just two pairs so far, the flatties and the glitzy pewter sandals.

And then packing went off-grid!

My travel pack is usually filled with neutrals, black, grey, taupe.

This time I’ve gone off-grid.  I packed colour!
Yellow and green are bursting out from a backdrop of navy and white this trip. 

Holiday update: so far I've worn my travel jeans, white jeans, navy,  and yellow tops, navy long sleeve T, and the cowboy and denim shirts.  That's not bad eh?!

Outfits For A British Summer Holiday

The days have been sunny, overcast ... or deluge.

(yes, that's TP's finger!)

Another thing I’ve done is steered away from my travel-safes when it comes to jewellery. 
This time I’ve teamed jewellery to the outfits because of the strong colours.

Holiday update: this strategy has paid off as so far I've worn three different blue hued necklaces

The Illusion Created By Clear Beads

So talking of necklace hues, I had a duh! moment last summer - if you wear a clear bead, the colour of your underlying top comes through.  So it means that you can pack one necklace , like my mix of blue and clear beads in the top pic and it creates the illusion of uber matchy matchy - 

- and with each change of top it looks like you have a necklace in, say, yellow as here. Not a bad for a £1.50 charity shop buy.

So Today's Top Travel Tip is: 
pack a clear bead necklace to minimise jewellery packing.

So For this holiday I’ve thrown safe packing out the window and gone with navy and white, yellow and green - let’s see how this travel capsule continues to pan out ...

A la perchoine,
Mary x.


  1. Well, the outfits are looking pretty good to me! But you know I love colour.. hope you're having a great break.

    Thank you for the tip about clear beads - what a clever idea! I'm going to test it out with tomorrow's outfit...

    1. Awe thanks Vronni. I find I never pull out many stops when I'm away from home and that's probably the rea son my vocation is so small! Hope the clear bead thing works for you too.
      Hugs, x.

  2. I don't have FOP. I am Canadian and I got the Carry On reference. I am in my 40s. It's not lost on me, yet. lol

    1. Oh so pleased you got the carry on bit, so good throat the films make it way up there in Canada. Lucky you with fearless packing!
      Hugs, x.

  3. I really hate packing, I place outfits together plus shoes and still end up with too much! What does take my baggage allowance for a week away is the weight of shampoo, conditioner, styling spray, hairspray etc.If I decant to smaller pots there is never enough! Great respect Mary for your greater skills in packing!

    1. I was talking to my guests today about packing Lin, I think we all probably wear about a third of what we pack eh. I certainly did this trip. So silly really but I guess we like choice.
      Hugs, x.

  4. I hope the weather improves for you Mary! Packing doesn't worry me of late. I'm on such frequent visits to Essex I've got it off pat now!I think you've added a great mix for your holiday though xx

    1. I think it'll break tomorrow but my trip was cut short so I missed last night's tropical storm over the South East, phew! Hope you weren't kept awake by it. And lucky you to have mastered packing.
      Hugs, x.