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Thursday 18 April 2019

Guest Bedroom, Done✅

Hi peeps!  Greetings.
I got back home from holiday last night and today is going to be a day of unpacking, grocery shopping and taking Bertie in for his usual post-post vet visit.  

Oh and hoiking out all the things I stuffed in cupboards just before the cat sitters arrived when I ran out of tidying time!  Fortunately this time that's not too horrendous, but there were a few things that didn't get ticked off my massive to-do list.  

Are you like that when you have people coming to stay!  Your aspirations don't quite match your time and energy?

I'm also keen to pick up where I left off pre-holiday.  Working out which room or area of the garden needs my most urgent attention.  I'm really keen to keep the momentum going with my room tweak projects!

I also have blog stuff to write up and I really must do some outfit posts - I'm really missing those.

Meantime, I just thought I'd pop up on your screens to show you how the guest bedroom makeover is panning out. 

Tadaah!  New nightstands!

As you hopefully will remember, I had to buy new bedroom cabinets when I discovered that adding a brass headboard to the already tight space resulted in the current nightstands not quite fitting.  The space had been reduced by the extra few centimetres taken up by the brass invader.  Yes, room decor in Chez Pout is a precise science!

The nightstands arrived just a couple of days before our departure date!  It's ok, I had a plan B!

I'm pleased with them.  They're solid and the drawers are a nice dark unpainted wood inside.

They fit beautifully with a little space to spare, so they don't looked wedged in like their predecessors.
I chose the traditional style to blend with the existing furniture, to save money.  The leggy style and wavy edging soooo matches the dressing table so I lucked out there - matchymatchy in outfits, matchymatchy in decor!

I'm keeping the old bedside cupboards either side of the dressing table for extra storage - for the moment, that could change!  
The post_march-madness-guest-bedroom makeover HERE explains how they found themselves there.

The heirloom blue Victorian nursing chair was a determining factor in going with the room style and colour.
The en suite shower room is beyond the glazed door (same colour scheme of couse!)  The mirrored door of the wardrobe alongside provides good back up for outfit shots when TP is out playing golf.

The room looks out on a field with a horse or two, so it's an uplifting view.
A white fur throw softens the browneyness of the bed chest.

A little mirror insert reflects more light and field view.

In fact I think I may call this room The Versailles Room as it reminds me of the palace's use of mirrors and glazing!

And now I'm itching to be a guest in my own home and have an overnight here.  With breakfast in bed provided by TP of course.
See happy-valentines-day.HERE to read more of my aspirations.

Yes, I'm still hanging on to that dream!

A la perchoine, 
Mary x.


  1. Hope you had a lovely holiday and the bedroom looks great.
    Would love to know how you got/get on with having a pet sitter?
    Is it family/friend or a professional? This is something I have been thinking about

    1. Hi Jill, thank you for all. Glad you liked my work and yes, the holiday was relaxing and I caught up with lovely rellies.
      Hugsw, x.

  2. You Brits always have such amazing lovely bedrooms! Well, that is too say, in b&b 's that is. Otherwise I would not know of course. Week, and from escape to the country!

    1. Haha Nancy, so funny about your knowledge of British bedrooms! I guess we look on the bedroom as our special place, of sanctuary, pampering or sheer indulgence and that comes through in the styles as we create our idea of that. I have to agree with your observation as I've stayed in the homes of non-Brits and the bedrooms are set up quite simply as places to sleep.
      Enjoy Escape to the Country!
      Hugs, x.

  3. Mary, Your guest room is positively lovely and I'd love to be a guest and visit with you!!! XOXO

    1. Thank you, sweet Lisa, and I would love you to !!!

      Happy Easter hugs, x.

  4. This is awesome! Every time I see you have new content the first thing I do is put the kettle on for a coffee. Keep it coming!

    1. Oh that is such a sweet thing to say, Drew. I'll keep 'em coming if you keep coming here!
      Hugs, x.