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Saturday 11 February 2017

Her Royal Blueness

Hello dahhlinks!  I have some exciting news.  Yesterday, after my no-spend January,  I made an investment buy.  To qualify that last statement, it is a pensioner investment buy,
 Royal blue jersey top from Dotty P.  In the sales.  £5, thank you very much!
I don't have any Royal Blue so this was an exciting purchase.

It's debut was on Thursday, a night out with the girls.
February = cold.  Cold = neck cover.  My scarfage was a furry pompom cashmere scarf from The Cashmere Shop, in pretty blue hues.  It wasn't my scarfage of choice.  I left that to The Photographer With Fashion Views.  My choice was a blue and pink floral infinity scarf.  His was this one.  I let him win.  I am so kind to him.

(And then the flash worked!  Now you can see the royalness of this blue.)

This sort of top needs scarfage at this time of year, otherwise the neck looks so bare, so pale.  I imagine that in the summer with white jeans and a tan I'll get a lot of mileage out of this top.  And I have plans for it right now too, but that's for another post ...

(doing a sort of Funky Chicken dance here, methinks!)

Gotta show you the top's feature.  Its arms.  They're like a stocking with a ladder, a run.  A meshy panel runs down the outside and I think it looks quite cheeky.  What do you think? 
Cheeky?  Or do I have to do a lot more before you start raving about my cheekiness?

So where did I take my Royal Blue?

(Food shots warning!!)

To The Pony, La!  The Pony Inn is just a few minutes drive away.  I have the Pad Thai with prawns. Yummy. And a nice Sauvignon Blanc to wash down that scrummy bowlful.

 And here are shots of some dining companions' food.  Left, a salmon on croute with an amazing sauce, saute potatoes and mange touts. Right, a super-tender peppery chicken dish, served with sweet potato wedges and a little carrot and spring onion salad.
They too were yummy.  How do I know?  They offered me tasters, because they knew I would be writing about the food.  What I have to do to fulfil my duties as The Pout ... !

So, lovely friends, great food, the wine flowing, and a new Royal Blue top.  Not bad for a cold February evening, peeps!
Are you having cosy nights out with friends?  Or cosy nights in?
Do you find it hard to doll yourself up to socialise in winter?  I  do!

A la perchoine.


  1. What a bargain! I love the colour and the sleeve detail. I'm going shopping tomorrow,so I will be on the lookout x

  2. Aw thanks, Laurie. Hope you have a lovely day today, good luck with the sales x.

  3. Looks a fab top. Well done finding it. I'll be going to DP today now.

    1. Thanks, sweetie, it's so wearable. I find that Dotty P is one of few shops that do actual bargains so here's wishing you a fruitful day.