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Thursday 9 February 2017

Red and patterned shirt

Red today, peeps.  But firstly, an apology.  I do not have even one shot where my shirt neck opening and necklace fall properly and are in line, so I give you today a very asymmetric suite of photos.

  When I went through my recent red and black and a touch of ivory phase last month, I quickly realised 1) I didn't have much red in the wardrobe and 2) I didn't have any red pattern.  I really should have thought things through.  But today, all that has changed.

For today whilst rummaging I found this shirt! 

I think it's from Peacocks.  It had been "archived" because I've never been a fan of shirts. 
1) They need ironing, which I don't do, and  2) I sometimes look quite masculine in them.  Because of my "balcony" as I've read one blogger calls hers!
But worn under a jumper, they can provide some pattern relief, without the pattern overpowering.

Now, The Photographer With Fashion Views doesn't approve of shirts dangling below jumpers.  Not on him.  Not on me.  Not on anyone.  So this outfit is dedicated to him! 

I see from these photos that necklaces hang sort of asymmetric on me.  That is because my body is asymmetric.  All bodies are.  Balcony issues.  So my asymmetricity* is just a bit more pronounced in places!
(*Yup, spellchecker is not a fan of this Poutism!)

The jumper has button detail on the cuff.

At last I have found a way of wearing this patterned shirt.  It can be brought back in from the wilderness that is my Archive Wardrobe.

Sometimes, I ask The Photographer With Fashion Views to choose which accessory he likes best.  This scarf? Or that one? This necklace?  Or one of these?  And this is truly the bit The Photographer enjoys the most from our photo shoots :-). 

Maybe one day he will work out how to comment on this post and then 1) you will learn what he truly thinks, and 2) will learn what he truly thinks!

A la perchoine.


  1. This is a great colour on you and this is the way I often wear shirts, underneath a sweater with the colour peeking out at the bottom. Gives a bit of extra length! That necklace is beautiful and looks great in this combination.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Christy. This layering thing is a bit of a struggle - it's difficult to stop the two layers from fighting against each other, like two children vying for attention! But as a shortie I must persevere to get that extra length.

  2. It's a great look Mary. Tell him it's not dangling but chic 'layering.' Anyone in the 'know ' is doing it. I need to find a patterned shirt for my difficult red jumper.

    1. Thank you, sweet Anna. When (if) he reads this he will learn from the error of his unchic ways. Hope you find a nice patterned shirt - that's your challenge!

  3. Tell photographer with fashion views that it is all about layering (and has been for a number of years now) and clothes peaking out at the bottom of items worn over is part of that 'look'. I, too, am a fan of it. Creates a bit of playfulness, I think. Without it, your outfit would have been a tad boring and 'officy'? Red does suit you though!!

  4. Oh Duchesse, I've tried to convince him it's trendy, not messy. And you'd think he'd prefer the upgrade from officy, eh? But he's adamant, despite reading your comment with your hint at playfulness! Thanks for liking the red on me, BTW.