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Monday 6 February 2017

Fort Hommet - The Calm After The Storm

Hello, my darlings!
Storm Doris passed over us with no damage to speak of and left us with just a lot of cold weather.

A sunny but cold day calls for something snug.

I brought out the Big Guns today.  Ecco walking boots.  A Scandi-style jumper from George.
It has little crystals sewn into the snowflake pattern, to make it look like real snow, I think. 
I call it my Sarah Lund jumper. 

It's the kind of jumper Sarah wears in The Killing, the Danish Scandi Noir that was such compelling viewing.  Sarah was a policeman working on scarey cases in Copenhagen.

When I first bought this jumper I used to get into character.  I wore it and became Sarah.
I would creep around the house then spring out at The Photographer with an invisible gun in my outstretched arms, shouting "Politi !!!". 
Some say that a little role playing perks up the marriage.  I think The Photographer appreciated my attempts at role play, though on reflection maybe a nurse's outfit or a French maid's outfit would have been less frightening.

I took my very cosy Scandi-style Sarah jumper for a walk around the west coast headland.

Fort Hommet.  Real Enid Blyton adventure territory.

I dressed snugly expecting this ...

Credit - Guernsey Press
... Storm Doris's battering of the west coast the day before.

But the sea had calmed down after yesterday's storm.  What a difference a day makes!

Just an easy crashing of waves against the rocks.

And orderly waves along the coastline.

Still, a nice sheltered spot doesn't go amiss.

And then windswept again.

Fort Hommet, built during the Napoleonic wars.  Fortifications on this spot date back to 1680.

Looking out to Cobo.

Looking out over Vazon bay.

These gnarled trees always call me.

All is calm at Vazon bay.

A peek at Le Guet, our little pine "forest".

Hope you enjoyed your little blast of fresh air.

A la perchoine.


  1. Great views. Thank you. You look much better than Sarah, of the Seattle version for sure. I didn't watch the original. Very cosy jumper. We didn't really feel Doris, thank goodness. Glad you escaped lightly.

  2. Aw thanks, Anna. I haven't seen Seattle Sarah but I think the franchise-look was a policelady who didn't give a thought to how she looked ... so what do I do? Copy her!
    Glad Doris was just a glid-by in your area too.

  3. Wow! What an amazing area you live in. So gorgeous! Glad you're safe and the storm didn't amount to much. Your sweater is so cozy and cute!

  4. Thanks for popping in, Amy, and thanks for your love comment. Yes, our island us gorgeous - but look, no snow :-( Shame as I was dressed for it in my snowflake jumper!