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Thursday 23 February 2017

Classic Winter White at Christies

Storm Doris must have felt that she didn't do the job properly recently as she's back today.   The UK has been hit by up to 95 mph winds, snow and torrential rain.  We're pretty OK over here right now with a wind force of 40-50 mph.  

So I'm hunkering down and catching up on some admin, but thought I'd take a break to chat with you, dear readers.  
Earlier this week when things were calmer I met with some lovely girlfriends for a bite to eat. 

So, February, cold ... it just had to be a jumper and jeans.  Again.  I apologise for such repetition lately, but I am going for February cosiness, and that is jumper and jeans.

Classic winter white and pearls.

This is a Woolovers cashmere merino number, currently in the sale.  It's got a clever collar that you can unbutton for a nice neckline feature, or button up for a polo neck.  Winter white, polo neck, make up.  Naah, don't think that'll work for The Pout!

I find that the quality of some of the newer Woolovers products is all over the place.  This one is a bit thin, a bit transparent.  This could be an ongoing issue.  I tried it the other day with a light coloured camisole.  Looked a bit strange.  So here I'm experimenting with a black vest, to give what I am terming a subliminal column effect.  The Pout Jury is out on whether this innovative solution is working.

Two things to point out today. 
1. Our main camera lens is broken.  Futu, as we say over here.  We've had to use the close up zoom lens until we can sort out a new camera.  For some reason, using this lens makes the flash really bright.  So currently, I have to do "mood look away" poses - this may please you.
2. I wore a handbag!  Such a big event that I had to post a pic.  I usually stuff phone, purse and lip balm into my down coat pockets.  Not very ladylike but I like bagless freedom.  The only prob is that on the rare occasions I am bagged up, I have to remember to pick it up and take it home.  The fear of forgetting the occasional handbag stresses me somewhat.

I was meeting with my girlies at the same restaurant as I'd visited recently, Christies-on-Saturday, so scene-setting pics needed today. 

So what can I give you to round off this post?

Sun-basking seals of course! 
One of my friends had seen these lovelies during a recent boat trip.  Here they are, having a breather on a local rock.  I like the smiling mum's face in the pic the left.
Well, that perked up this OOTD post, eh?!

A la perchoine.


  1. The Woolovers sweater looks very nice but I had trouble with my last one after first wash it looked awful went very baggy and lots of pilling, I had to send it back eventually (Ihad washed it correctly)but they were very good and refunded me.

    1. Hi Polly, sorry to hear of your plight but they dealt with it well. I'm with you in general terms. Their newer lines are hit and miss, shame as they do classics so well. I've not had a washing issue though I don't think their silk and cotton mix washes that well. Is that what you returned? This jumper is £14 right now so hopefully I can't go wrong :-).

    2. My sweater was I think Merino & Cashmere only £20 though.

    3. I only buy that mix because it's so soft. It makes no sense to pay top dollar, eh?!

  2. Shame about the jumper. And I see the lady that's commented above has had problems also. All my items from Woolovers has been great. Even after hand washing which I was dreading. I think this White little number looks great on you Mary. And I think the photos are good too xx

    1. Glad you like the jumper, Laurie, the style is nice; I'm sure these are just post-relaunch blips. The seal photos are lovely, eh?!

  3. I love the jumper on you. Shame the quality is variable. I still haven'tbought any of theirs to judge for myself. Very chic look again.

    1. Thanks, Anna, the jumper is nice but a bit see-through. The neck feature is versatile and I have fun playing around with it.