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Thursday 13 October 2016

Christmas Comes Early

Home again, home again,
Jiggedy Jig

Yes, dear reader, I am home again after a most relaxing time in Devon and Sussex.  No fat pigs were bought at market during the trip (with reference to the children's poem paraphrased above!).  But I did buy a super lightweight down winter coat and a casual jacket, and managed a work-around to get them home. 

A rellie drove us to the airport as there was a threat of train strikes starting that day.  The convenience of this wonderful chauffeur service meant that I could take an extra little case for my new goodies. 
So although I faced was with a luggage issue in all-of-a-uniqlo, no ditching was required and I got to the airport in style.  The job really was a good'un.

Here I am, at the airport's Caviar House, doing a selfie as is my little home-going ritual.
But can you see what's behind me?

Yes, a Christmas Tree!  Already.  My first sighting this year! 
I rummaged around but there were no pressies with a "To The Pout" gift tag :-(.
Have you seen your first Christmas Tree of the season yet?

And here comes my ritual food shot of my ritual meal at Caviar House.  We allow ourselves enough time to enjoy a leisurely lunch at restaurant.  It makes the whole journey process so much more pleasant.  It ameliorates the hanging-around-the-airport experience.

A prawn cocktail and a glass of Sancerre.  Their prawns are especially yummy.  They taste of the sea.  A fresh, slightly salty taste permeates through the flesh.  Truly yummy. 
They've stopped serving them in the huge cocktail glass, but the dish is easier to eat served this way.

And as per our ritual, The Photographer ate a delicious smoked salmon. 
We are such creatures of habit.

I really most try to stop posting so many food pics. 
But you must understand, dear reader, that a plump body like mine doesn't just happen.  In order to maintain my corpulence, I have to work at it and I just can't afford to ease up on the calorie intake :-).

A la perchoine.

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