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Saturday 22 October 2016

Khaki and Stripes. Done.

Hi, peeps.  Thanks for popping in to my little old blog.  Here's what I've been up to today.
The delightful Anna of muttonyearsstyleandi recently suggested trying green (any shade) with stripes.   She put together some lovely looks on her blog and I was inspired by her challenge.  But my wardrobe's pretty limited on greens and even more so on stripes (other than Bretons), so I had to dig deep for this one.  But, after much rummaging, I give you today -
Khaki and Stripes, Tadaah!

I started with a Per Una frilled shirt in grey and white.  Stripes, done.

Add Peacocks grey jeans and M&S snake print flatties.

Add a khaki knitted jacket, M&S.  Green, done.

 Readers, I give you Anna's Green and Stripes challenge, done!

And with that I was ready for a grocery shop at Waitrose. 
What an exciting life I lead, eh peeps!

This type of challenge has hidden depths.  From this experience alone, it got me to wear things I rarely wear and in a new mix.  I would never have thought to mix this knitted jacket with a frilly striped blouse.  Yet I liked the look. 

And I also spotted from the photos that I need to how to learn align a frilled neckline in a more elegant way.  So much frillage going in all directions with a mind of its own, what's a girl supposed to do with them?  Any advice on frills, dear readers?

I recently fell upon a little jade/grey combo here, which is a nice transitional look.  So I was already starting to feel the love for green (and grey!).
But the jade and grey combo felt quite early-autumn and Anna's challenge has taken me into a deeper autumnal direction.  And she re-united me with a long-forgotten jacket. 
I bought the khaki knitted jacket years ago when I was still working, essentially to go with a delightful khaki 3 piece skirt suit to which at one time I was a tad addicted. 
I stopped working, stopped wearing the suit, and stopped wearing the knitted jacket.

 I think this khaki and stripes look is something that will see me nicely through autumn, so thanks to Anna for the inspiration.  And have you noticed?  It's got a military look about it too!
 So, here's the lesson for today.  Leave something hanging in your wardrobe for 10 years and it will morph into something bang on trend!

So, dear reader, how about trying a green and stripes combo?
 I hope you lovely readers a very pleasant weekend.  Keep snug and cosy.

A la perchoine.


  1. Thanks for taking part, Mary. I'm glad it inspired you to dig out that jacket. After 10 years it's no longer for best in my experience so now you can wear it at least 3 times this autumn, and why not with the breton too. Loved your look with the blouse and here's for making our wardrobes work hard for us.

    1. Oh heck, the pressure's on. Breton. And 3+ times. What fun!
      I'm glad you liked the look. I will enjoy trying the different variations. Thanks again, Anna, for taking me in The Pout Archives.

  2. Plus love it with the jeans. All goes really well together as a colour combo.

    1. Thanks, Anna, I was surprised and pleased with the colour mix.