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Monday 3 October 2016

Devon - Salumi

During my recent trip to Devon, I enjoyed a superb meal at the very pretty Salumi restaurant in Plymouth.  And I really mean enjoyed.  The food was perfection itself.
We ate out with the family, celebrating a birthday.

I pulled my Marks black jeans, jade necklace, scarf and cardi out of my capsule and added a Next ivory blouse to the mix to lift it.

Then skidaddled over to Salumi.

What's there not to like about such a pretty place?

And with my apologies, a warning.  Readers of a dieting disposition should now get out of this post - quickly!

For coming up is Food, Glorious Food!!!

And what was there not to like about this pulled pork burger?!  It was superb.  The pulled pork was beautifully cooked.  The onion rings were ethereal - as light as a feather and so yummy. The little coleslaw mix was quite fruity and refreshing.

Most of our party ordered the slow-roast belly of pork.  All declared it the Best Roast Pork Ever - can't get better than that eh?

The roast came with the ubiquitous veg and gravies.  I tried a carrot.  It was sublime with hints of lemon and fines herbes.

The Photographer had this little treasure trove.  Monkfish, scampi-style and deep-fried whitebait, served in cones and with a myriad of dips ... and chips of course.
I was invited to try a scampi.  A melt-in-the-mouth experience.
Yes, I do seem to be grazing off peoples' plates a bit, eh?

However, it wasn't all take with The Pout.  I did share my vanilla icecream affogato with The Photographer.  Just perfect for the end of the meal.  I think it was Salcombe icecream, well, local anyway.  And the coffee was beautifully strong and served in a little black jug.  Nice.

The others enjoyed their puds and a panacotta was awarded Best Ever by one of the family.  Another Best Ever award.  This restaurant has done so well with Pout Party awards!

Then it was time to walk off a few of these calories. And what better place to enjoy a walk than Devon, I ask you!

If you are near Plymouth then I really do recommend this restaurant for great food; I came away with a fair few ideas on cooking roasts and vegetables too, so it will carry on giving.

A la perchoine.


  1. So much better than the food in Lewes. I'm hungry. I didn't look away.

    1. Hi Anna, I have to say that the food was superb at Salumi. I hope the pics don't make you stray!