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Saturday 30 April 2022

My New Whizzy Gadget

 Hello my lovelies. 

I’m super excited to release this post on my blog today!

Firstly, let me tell you that I’m busy right now, so posts have been a bit sparse if late. 

A big part of my busyness is revamping the kitchen and utility room (more on that soon!)

But then along comes a gadget in your life that momentarily takes your focus away from your revamp .  A gadget that is so simple yet makes such a big difference that you think, duhh, why on earth didn’t I search out one of these whizzy gadgets before.  But it seems I’m not alone in this as I’ve already got friends and family rushing to buy this godsend of a gadget.  And they’re loving it too. 

This life changing gadget is this … tadahh!

It’s a mop. 

But not just any old mop!

Here’s why. 

1.  This one has an integrated refillable bottle that dispenses a mix of water and cleaning solution via a mophead.. 

(I’ve been clearing out my utility room and have found various bottles of floor cleaner (some unused) so there is a beauteous synergy in finding the mop at the exact same time I found my cleaning fluid bounty!)

2. It’s compact, light and easy to use and has an articulated mop head which allows you to get into the nooks and crannies of any room. 

3. The kit comes with three velcro’ed pads which are dead easy to place on the gadget. and they are so easy to throw into the washing machine to keep clean.  

So no costly and environmentally-unfriendly disposable mop pads.  

4. And this is the biggie - it is manual (not electric).  No faff with trailing cables and being restricted by socket positions. 

Which means that you can whisk this baby out at the drop of a hat, swish it around any floor anywhere, then pop it back in its cupboard in the blink of an eye. 

Keeping the kitchen floor clean and sparkly is now the work of moments!

Yes that last point is re the biggie for me.  At the end of a cooking day it’s weirdly FUN to clean the kitchen floor.   And using a good cleaning product that nourishes the floor at the same time is a double whammy.  My wooden kitchen floor actually looks cared for now, as well as looking super clean.  

You’ll be pleased to hear that I eventually calmed down from the excitement of this mop sent from heaven, and am getting back on track with my revamp project.  

How about watching my short and very amateur video for a demo? 

So on to cleaning products to add to the fluids bottle. I’m using this cleaning product (below) from my recently found stash.  It was unopened 😞.  Oops. 

To buy, click the link here

This product leaves my wooden floor looking nourished, and I give the impression that I’m a domestic goddess who spends hours on her knees nurturing her floorboards.  
Which I definitely DON’T! 
It’s not expensive.  I use this on all floor surfaces, wood, laminate and tiles, and it gives a great finish on all.  

Bit embarrassing really that I haven’t used this cleaning product before but there was always that faff, the dilemma of mop bucket and sloshy water versus long cabled electric steamer   So often I chose just doing nothing 😱!

But let’s get quickly back to this godsend of a mop. 

Here’s the link

The price varies and is around the £20 mark - one friend bagged hers for £17 (about $22)

Finding my whizzy mop has revolutionized my cleaning routine.  Now I just whip the filled spray mop off its hinge and clean the kitchen floor in just one minute. Just one minute.  I can’t stress that enough!

And I find myself keen to mop my floor.  Excited even!

So my floor is looking clean and nourished and as good as the day it was born (laid).

So please dear reader, I suggest you be kind to yourself - make your cleaning easier and quicker by treating yourself to one of these spray mops today.  

Literally EVERY family member and friend I’ve  introduced this to has bought one and is so very satisfied by (and excited with!) this product!

And as you are aware, my blog is not one that encourages wanton buying, but this little gadget is such a game changer that I thought I should share it’s magic with you. 

You’re welcome!

A la perchoine, 

Mary xxx. 

Friday 29 April 2022

Bluebell Wood

 Hi my lovelies, I’m just popping in with a quickie today. (Phew, I hear you groan with relief!)

I know that many of you like to hear about and see pics  of Guernsey.  

Well let me introduce you to bluebell wood. 

Bluebells are in no way peculiar to our island but they become a big tradition this time of year. 

We locals seem to raid this wood en masse as soon as these fragile blue beauties form a gang here.

So just thought I’d share a bit of blueness with you all today.  That’s all. 

You’re welcome!

A la perchoine, 
Mary xxx. 

Wednesday 27 April 2022

How to Leave the Lockdown PJ Party

Basic, it’s how I roll these days.

Want to know why?  Well, read on my lovelies.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve lost my dressing mojo of late, defo. 

A friend told me recently how she’d embraced the all-day PJ look from Day 1 of Lockdown 1.0.  

I was rudely and unfashionably late to this party and only got into grunge gear in recent months, when the world and her dog are now well and truly over that.  

And now my struggle to get out of slobby wear is real, ladies. 

Having spent recent months mostly in grunge (but not stylishly so!), facing up to finding something to wear for even a relaxed night out can be challenging.  (Nights out - remember those?!)

So when my rigout mojo has gone AWOL I go back to basics to retrain myself in the “art”’of dressing. 

Jeans with black top.  End of.  Fin de.  Slut af. 

I teamed the basic outfit with a car-to-bar scarf for my night out as the evenings have been quite chilly of late. 

And the pattern and embellishment in the scarf lifts this very basic outfit. 

This is my back to basics look. Black top and jeans. 

Do you have a back to basics go-to for when you’ve lost your dressing mojo?  Or maybe you never quite lose it?

Then I took my next baby step up the basics ladder. 

On another day I added a long cardi and a pretty scarf.

The pretty scarf addition was inspired by a French friend who came for coffee wearing a similar basic outfit but elevated with a light floral scarf.

Yes, my mojo had got so minuscule that I needed inspo to add a pretty scarf!

And having previously stripped right back to jeans and a black top variations, I’ve now gone “adventurous”.

I’ve taken a further step up the basics ladder, with the classic jeans, striped top and a long neutral cardi look.  

Well, it’s a small step for womankind but a huge step for me!

So my friends, please tell me. 

Were you affected by a paradigm shift in dressing during the covid shenanigans?  Or maybe during a stressful time? 

Did you slip into the slobby clothes look?

Maybe no make up?  Lank, uncut hair? 

I’m a big fat YES to all of the above!

If you’re a YES too, how did you “retrain” yourself. 

My suggestion if you’ve lost your dressing mojo is to go right back to what you see as your basic outfit and take baby steps from there, as seen in this post. 

But perhaps you never turned up to that party at all, (πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘) but if you did, how have you moved away from the slobby PJ party look and got YOUR dressing mojo back?

I’d love to hear. 

Hugs, Mary xxx.