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Tuesday 30 April 2019

Brighton Revisited, with Annemarie

Hi peeps!  
Is there something in blogging etiquette that prevents me from kicking off this post by kicking off ?
Well if there is then permission to ignore it?  Just today?
Because I decided I'd have another bash at writing a post on his laptop and it has taken me, hmm quick check. 45 minutes to log on and get to this page and commence typing.  
The alternative is to type posts on Kindle and that's one finger typing and probably takes just as long as firing up this thing.
Moan over, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a lot of blood, swearing and tears behind the scenes when writing a blog.  But we're here now, so let's see what I can do.

Long post alert: to be read curled up in an armchair with a cuppa and with no plans for the rest of the day.

Putting typing posts aside (please!), there is a wonderful side to blogging - getting to know great ladies through the blog (readers and bloggers) and just occasionally meeting up with a blogger IRL.
It's a challenge for me to do this as I live off mainland Great Britain.  When I'm over in England I try to meet up with bloggers whenever I can, and I've been lucky enough to meet up several times with the lovely ANNEMARIE OF MUTTON YEARS STYLE (here) and we're getting to be like old friends.

During my recent visit to Sussex we met up in Brighton.  I've  visited Brighton thrice before in my life: to watch someone eat 12 doughnuts on Brighton Pier (a challenge and I had to pay for them), to mooch and eat in The Lanes, and a tour of the shops.
But I'd passed the Pavilion there on my mooch and was very keen to see inside the amazing building, which resembles the Taj Mahal.  In a Sussex city.  Yeah, I know, surreal.

So I arranged my blogger meet in Brighton so that I could see this cracking building's interior décor.  I was not disappointed!   

Let's look back on our day in Brighton.

Here's a potted version of what we did.  Me.  Anna.  Brighton Pavilion.  The Lanes.  Gin Palace.  And a Mexican eatery.

Me with Pancake Hair  - READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE.

And if you want to read no further, then these two pics give you a brief overview of our day out.  I will think no worse of you if you walk away now.  But you will miss out, so your loss my friend ...

Ahhh, you're still here.   Phew!
Let's put some more meat on my pic collage's bones then.

For starters, we arranged to meet at  the Royal Pavilion, "in the café"
Who was to know there'd be two of the blighters.  So TP and I munched on scones and slurped coffee whilst the logistics were sorted out and Annemarie and her hubs tracked us down.

It wasn't long before I was put on the naughty step.

Apparently photos are not permitted in the Pavilion's display rooms.  So Annemarie and I we suffered one hour of bloggers' anguish as we frustratedly held back our clicking fingers.   So difficult as there was oodles of beauty we wanted to share with you - the place is!!

Please go to Royal Pavilion
to read all about this amazing building's history and marvel at the sumptuous interiors.

I've taken a few pics from the site to whet your appetite.

credit: aforementioned website

 And then, the gift shop.  There's always a gift shop eh?  

But this one was probably the most stylish gift shop I've ever darkened the doorsteps of.  

If you are in Brighton and have just an hour or two to spare, this is where you must spend it.  Trust me.

The surrounding gardens have a nice relaxed vibe.

But after an hour or two of culture, a girl must seek refreshments.  In a Gin Palace.

Annemarie introduced me to this.  Tanqueray Sevilla.  Orange gin.  Peeps, one sip and I was smitten.  
TP bought me a bottle when we got home as my Easter pressie (I'm not that much into chocolate but I AM into GIN!).  And he bought a second bottle as back-up, so serious is much love of this stuff that we cannot risk there being none in the booze cabinet.

Tanqueray Sevilla, Fevertree tonic, 1 slice each of orange, lemon and lime, ice cubes.  Job done!

It also makes a refreshing drink without the gin.  So I'm told.

We moved on to a Mexican restaurant.

And moved on from the gin to the cocktails.  Pink pineapple punch (already consumed) and P#rn Star Martini which comes with its own cava chaser.

Yes, being savvy shoppers Annemarie and I availed ourselves of the DOGOF (drink one get one free, is my interpretation).  I left the "buying" part to TP so it was more DOGOF than BOGOF.

But it is always sensible to soak up alocohol with hearty food.  So I'm told.

This chicken enchilada with refried beans was de.lish!

Now fed and, er, watered, we debated going on a hunt for a blouse Annemarie was desirous of.  But it started to rain.  And we felt a few drops of drizzle would spoil the mood of the day so we stayed in the restaurant and formed a Plan B.  And possibly imbibed another cocktail whilst we constructed said Plan B.  So I'm told.

I should mention here, for the record, that I've never been exposed to much cocktail drinking - but I am now ardently planning to change that!  They really do not seem anything more harmful than very pleasant fruity drinks, but there is a peril to taking this view … one peril being unable to do up one's own coat buttons.  So I'm told.

We then decided fresh air and exercise were needed, so braving those last few rogue raindrops we left the lovely restaurant and walked through The Lanes (READ visitbrighton FOR MORE).  This little warren of bustling streets is another must-see if you are in Brighton.

At one point we were in danger of losing Annemarie …

... but I followed the perfume trail and found her in this pleasant smelling pop up shop, buying a super aromaed shower gel.

I've put together my snippets of film to share a little of the atmosphere of the day, which I hope you watch (duration around 3 minutes, I think)


So I hope you've enjoyed your day out with Annemarie and me.  Please pop over to her blog to read her take on the day brighton-my-new-boho-scarf-and-mary., HERE; her posts are always a joy to read.

Here's to the next meet-up in June, Annemarie.  Cheers!

A la perchoine,

Mary X.

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Shedding Dreams

Well, that was an Easter to remember!
It is highly unlikely that we Brits are blessed with good (i.e. dry) weather on a bank holiday, let alone one in April.  Thems the rules.  
Yet, blessed we were, and not just with a dry four days over Easter, but four days with temperatures and sun hours to match most of those of our summer.
How lucky were we?!
We were the proverbial Happy Bunnies.

We more mature Happy Bunnies start thinking about our gardens at  Easter.  And on Easter Monday we head to the garden centres.  It's sort of the law.
Is it like that where you live? 

Ever the traditionalist, I thought about the garden over the weekend.  Just thought.  No nails were broken, no knees muddied.
  I concluded that I really need to face up to the elephant in the, er, garden - my two Leaning Sheds of Chez Pout.
So I needed to get on a serious hunt, not for Easter eggs but for a shed.
I also needed a few container plants.
And some lawn feed.
Oh I just kept on adding to the list over the weekend.
And by Monday I was ready, bright eyed and bushy tailed scutted and hitting the garden centres at ridiculous (for a pensioner) o'clock.

I love projects, probably because I love change and that's what usually results from projects. And I love sheds!

So put project and shed together in the same sentence and I’m one heckuva super excited bunny today because I have sooo much to share with you peeps, and it's not all about sheds!

Let me count the ways I'm a Happy Bunny, aside from a weekend of glorious weather ...

1. Yesterday was Super sunny so I got my feet out, first time this year.

Yes I shed the boots and socks!

(Excuse the blisters, this was preceded by my first day in sockless ballerinas too!)

2. Emboldened by Instagram reacting positively to my Double Denim at the weekend, 

I again wore Double Denim for my Easter Monday shopping day spree.  

This time I shoulder-draped my jean jacket, following M&S's TryTuesday "serving suggestion" .

Edgy, huh?

3.  I took this little outfit plant shopping ...

short video

... then shed shopping.

short video

Yes I went shedding, and I think I’ve found The One  💗 !! 

OK it’s a summerhouse/shed combo but this baby has given my new shed plan such LEGS that it’s practically walking out of my PicCollage.

4. The shed inspired me to spawn an amazing plan that gives me sooo many pluses that it’s blown my little mind and quite taken my thoughts off my dental appointment this morning, which just HAS to add one more big fat plus to the mix.

And now I'm itching to get shedding!  It's going to be a exciting project  and yes, of course I'll share it with you lovely people.

I hope your Easter weekend was mega lovely and filled you with happy bunniness too.  And maybe sheds? 
Have a happy week!I

A la perchoine,
Mary x.

Thursday 18 April 2019

Guest Bedroom, Done✅

Hi peeps!  Greetings.
I got back home from holiday last night and today is going to be a day of unpacking, grocery shopping and taking Bertie in for his usual post-post vet visit.  

Oh and hoiking out all the things I stuffed in cupboards just before the cat sitters arrived when I ran out of tidying time!  Fortunately this time that's not too horrendous, but there were a few things that didn't get ticked off my massive to-do list.  

Are you like that when you have people coming to stay!  Your aspirations don't quite match your time and energy?

I'm also keen to pick up where I left off pre-holiday.  Working out which room or area of the garden needs my most urgent attention.  I'm really keen to keep the momentum going with my room tweak projects!

I also have blog stuff to write up and I really must do some outfit posts - I'm really missing those.

Meantime, I just thought I'd pop up on your screens to show you how the guest bedroom makeover is panning out. 

Tadaah!  New nightstands!

As you hopefully will remember, I had to buy new bedroom cabinets when I discovered that adding a brass headboard to the already tight space resulted in the current nightstands not quite fitting.  The space had been reduced by the extra few centimetres taken up by the brass invader.  Yes, room decor in Chez Pout is a precise science!

The nightstands arrived just a couple of days before our departure date!  It's ok, I had a plan B!

I'm pleased with them.  They're solid and the drawers are a nice dark unpainted wood inside.

They fit beautifully with a little space to spare, so they don't looked wedged in like their predecessors.
I chose the traditional style to blend with the existing furniture, to save money.  The leggy style and wavy edging soooo matches the dressing table so I lucked out there - matchymatchy in outfits, matchymatchy in decor!

I'm keeping the old bedside cupboards either side of the dressing table for extra storage - for the moment, that could change!  
The post_march-madness-guest-bedroom makeover HERE explains how they found themselves there.

The heirloom blue Victorian nursing chair was a determining factor in going with the room style and colour.
The en suite shower room is beyond the glazed door (same colour scheme of couse!)  The mirrored door of the wardrobe alongside provides good back up for outfit shots when TP is out playing golf.

The room looks out on a field with a horse or two, so it's an uplifting view.
A white fur throw softens the browneyness of the bed chest.

A little mirror insert reflects more light and field view.

In fact I think I may call this room The Versailles Room as it reminds me of the palace's use of mirrors and glazing!

And now I'm itching to be a guest in my own home and have an overnight here.  With breakfast in bed provided by TP of course.
See happy-valentines-day.HERE to read more of my aspirations.

Yes, I'm still hanging on to that dream!

A la perchoine, 
Mary x.

Monday 15 April 2019

Let’s Chat About Pancake Hair

My dearest sweet people, how the devil are YOU?!

I’m still on holiday and I’m working from my phone today and the keyboard’s interaction with the  blogger site is a bit , er, weird.   For that reason I’m doing something slightly different..  I sat on the stairs and had a little chat with you instead of typing up my usual tome.

Very briefly, I’d like to know how you feel about going to the hairdressers.  It’s not my favourite thing, I’m not going to lie.  Perhaps it’s because I’m a little indifferent to my hair immediately I walk out of the salon.  So please spend the time you’d usually spend reading my written word to sit down with a cuppa and have a chat about hair.  Then hopefully you’ll drop me a few lines to share how YOU feel about your hair immediately you leave the salon.  I’d love to hear of your experiences.

Oh, and normal service WILL be resumed shortly.   Honest.

A la perchoine,
Mary x.

Monday 8 April 2019

Pevensey, Revisited

Hi my lovely blog friends!
Hope you are having a splendid April so far.

It turns out that I'm on a sort of break from blogging.  I hope you haven't forgotten me.
 My break wasn't planned but it just sort of happened.  A lot of spring cleaning.  An awful cold.  And that was March gone and a chunkette of April.   Now I'm in Sussex and I’m adding hay fever to the mix.  I’m totally zonked out!  So no carefully considered outfits have been put together for some weeks, instead thoughtless throw ons of jumper and jeans have graced this lady’s sniffling form!

Today seems the first opportunity I've had in weeks to sit at a laptop.  So in order to buy myself a bit of breathing space to gather my thoughts I'll leave you with a little snippet of film I took a few days ago when visiting Pevensey Castle.

I've written about the castle previously.  It's a castle I'm drawn to, I think because there are so many layers of history within its sturdy walls.  And quite literally too, for the layers of history can be seen in the crumbling stonework.  So rather than reinvent the wheel I'll be so pleased if you could read the post HERE, or below, for background to my little bit of very amateurish impromptu film, blatantly unplanned and unscripted!

My Pevensey Post, Revisited
(originally written on the day of the Brexit vote)

It's a rather strange day, historically, one where my voice could not be heard, my vote could not given.  So, by way of distraction please join me on a recent trip through historical times.

The remains of Pevensey Castle lie on the East Sussex coast.  In 1066 the Normans, led by William the Conqueror, landed here in Pevensey.  A wooden camp/castle was quickly established around the remains of a Roman stone-built fort.  Three weeks after landing, the Normans marched eastwards and fought the English at the Battle of Hastings, won the battle and the rest is history.  Quite literally.


The Normans built a stone castle on this site after the victory.

More has been added to the castle over the centuries, like the rounded buildings in the castle's keep built in Tudor times.
The castle continued to have many uses over the centuries, including during the Napoleonic wars and during WWII.

Restoration work is being carried out but this Tudor canon is left on view.

In the pathway under the window area is a grille door to an underground Oubliette ("a little forgotten"?!), where prestigious prisoners were held to ransom. 

Here is one of the remaining entrance walls built in Roman times.  Pretty amazing, huh?  A marriage of flint, brick and stone. 

I learned how the original Roman fort was established to repel landing Saxon pirates.
At that time, the fort lay next to the sea.  Over time the sea has receded from the area.

Here's more of the Roman site.  The fort covered a much larger area than the Norman castle.
With apologies for my messy-tourist look, BTW, I was reahlly suffering badly from pollen that day and had lost the will :-(.

Taking in all this information, of Roman occupation, Saxon pirates, Norman conquerers, adding Vikings to the mix and the "ethnic" Picts, Celts and Angles, I stood in the castle grounds and thought "who DO I think I am".  Genealogy is only as good as the records that are written, and in the greater scheme of things I had to reply "I haven't a clue".  Pretty humbling.
So maybe history tells me that who I am is really about where I am right now.

And that was where I left those thoughts, that day, in that ruined castle, on a piece of land we now call England.
The thoughts of a pensioner who just wanted to flop out on a sofa, with a box of tissues, indoors away from the pollen, and close her burning, streaming eyes!

And the spooky thing was that I started my hay fever whilst revisiting the castle on Saturday, and I came home and flopped out on the sofa with a box of tissues again.  Talk about Groundhog Day!

Also of historic note is that I don't seem to have been wearing anything remotely photo worthy lately.  The Photographer feels he's on some sort of break too, as I haven't been pestering him for OOTD
photos in weeks!  I'm hoping I'll muster some inclination to tart myself up a bit soon because, heck, I'm meeting up with a fellow blogger on Saturday and I don't think I'd be recognisable as my blogging alter ego right now!

Here's wishing you a great week, my lovelies,
a la perchoine,
Mary x.