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Monday 24 October 2016

Winter Brown and Blue

Hi there!  Hope you're having a good day. 
It's getting a little chillier here.  I reckon I can squeeze the odd day of white jeans in the next few weeks but those opportunities are fast diminishing.  I still think that our northern hemisphere lighting will start to make white jeans look rather sad, but only time will tell.

But this day was a blue jeans day.  I put this together for a walk to Bro's for coffee. 

M&S jeans, Clarks brown bootees and a blast from the past - an old Levi shirt that I must have had for more that 20 years!  My fashion archives keep on giving, eh!  
The times I've thought to put it in the charity bag during seasonal switches, but it's kept hanging on in there.
I used to wear it over a camisole, today I tried it under a jumper.  And liked it that way.  Maybe a bit more this century?

My combo is winter brown and blue, the brown being the bootees. 

And in a scratched record sort of way, it was a sunny day and the navy jumper soon came off as we walked along the pretty lanes.

I expect we are now in that "transitional" period.  The weather leaps to the forefront when choosing what to wear as the temps swing from day to day.  It's definitely an opportunity to layer as the days can start and end a little chilly, but the rest of the day can sometimes be quite warm, especially when out walking.

And I wore light jackets in September but don't think I've worn one yet in October.  The season is all over the place!  What's it like where you are?  Is a gorgeously mild autumn scratching your record too?

Now here's the thing, dear reader, I have been reunited with my Levi shirt and am feeling the love again.  Do you fancy hooking out something you've had stored away for years but haven't had the heart to chuck out (though maybe you're not a hoarder like me?!).  Why not try seeing if you still like it, maybe wear it in a different way to how you used to wear it.  Or maybe you'll decide it's definitely going to the charity shop, in which case I'll have helped you declutter!! 
Either way, if you do find something, whether it's a keeper or a chucker, I'd love to hear about it in the comments box below.

A la perchoine.


  1. I love this autumn look on you, PP. Bring on the lovely cold days so that the big scarves and boots can get an airing again!

    1. Thank you, Duchesse,and so lovely to hear from you. It's amazing how those scarves come bursting out of the cupboard, like water out of a fire hydrant! Though only two have jumped on to me so far. I guess your temperatures are that bit more extreme, eh?