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Monday 31 October 2016

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I've been taking it easy.  A Sunday morning stroll to meet friends for coffee.
A gorgeous autumn day.  So nice.

And look at me!  About to go into November and my jumper stayed slung over my shoulders.

The trees are now shedding their leaves with speed.

9.30am on a super autumn Sunday. 
No wind, warm, plenty sun, a cloudless blue sky.  Just what the doc order to stoke up on vitamin D so that I'm  ready to fight off the winter sniffles.

Peacock grey jeans, Magasin ecru/black linen mix  Breton.  Grey jumper, just as back-up.

The fungi is coming through.  I don't like mushrooms.  Some autumns they don't like me. 

The hedge stalls are starting to wind down for winter.  This one is empty again today :-(.

I love this fun display for free range eggs.  But there were none.  The egg shell was bare.

Finally, some produce. Can I make a meal out of apples, Asian pears ... and fuchsias?

Colour livening up the lanes, thanks to the robust osteospermum.

Who's finger strayed over the lens!

I love the mix of colours in the piles of leaves.

The source of that vibrant russet leafage. 
This fascade is covered in Virginia creeper.  But not for long!

Taking a breather.

A pumpkin stall; we tend to be limited on pumpkin choice, unlike our American cousins.

A sign of the times for honesty stores - honesty cannot always be relied upon.

This cute little fella came in to do a turn for me whilst I sipped my coffee. 

I stopped to look at more ducks on the way back home (ok, it was another breather!)

The ducks are by the edge of the pond.  Honest.

I loved the morning sun spilling through the trees, not quite captured by my pocket camera.

Bernie and Sweet Charlotte enjoying a leisurely breakfast.

Shrubs losing their leaves.

But still the sky is filled with glorious sunshine.  As I enjoy my walk home on this lovely autumn day

There are years when autumn can be magical.  I think this just might be one of them.

Have you been out enjoying the sunshine and the warm autumn days where you are?
Enjoying the last of the warm and sunny days?
Or maybe you're getting nicely warmed up by your Antipodean spring sun
Wherever you are, I wish you happy times.

A la perchoine.


  1. It was gorgeous weather at the weekend. We did a walk (surprise ) of Lostness.

    1. Yes, the weather has been fab-u-lous. I managed to find both my friend's house and mine but it looked like your Walk of Lostness started in Sussex and ended at Canary Wharf!