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Saturday 29 October 2016

Pink and Grey Simplicity

Hi my dears, I'm wishing you a glorious weekend  Hope it's going well for you.

I kept this outfit simple, so I thought I'd keep this post simple too.  Sort of give you a break from my endless rantings.   Cos once I get started with you guys, I just cannot stop!
So let's just say that I'm you're having a day off.

I love the pink and grey colour combo.  So I chose it for a easy day of out and aboutings.  And it makes a cheerful change from "posh" black that's dominating this week's OOTDs.

Grey Peacock jeans, Next grey camisole, pink Primark slouch cardi, M&S metallic toe flatties.  Finished off with a pink and grey metal necklace from M&S - why shouldn't I put on jewellery for an at-home day, I thought.  So I did.

And look, handy pockets!

This Primark cardi is so good to wear.  It's quite heavy so it hangs well.  And it is made in a sort of fine silky jersey.  I guess they thought girlie pink deserved girlie treatment - and I did feel nicely girlie in my OOTD!

And you know, late morning I took myself off for a little break, a walk around my hood.  This is all I wore.  The cardi and the cami are both very thin but I wore no jacket.  This weird autumn weather keeps on giving.  As I walked through the lanes I reminded myself that it is nearly November.

Not complaining though.  Nice walk.  Housework.  Errands.  No breakfast and a prawn salad lunch.  All good clean living.  Recompense for tonight.  Because I'm out on my last dinner of my Pout Tennerfest Fortnight.  It's been great to dine out and socialise, but maybe just a little too much in a short space of time. 
How I am looking forward to eating simply from now on - beans on toast, here I come!

A la perchoine.

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