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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Lavender and Grey

Hello.  Still keeping my posts lite.  Giving you a well-earned break from my ramblings.

  But I just have to say this.  I am such a bad person.  We were sidetracked last night with other matters and didn't get to our Skype with American rellies on time.  And today I forgot to take Mr Bertie to his grooming parlour.  What is my brain doing?

In retirement, I've lost the discipline of checking the diary daily.  And even if I do check it first thing, the event is then invariably wiped from my memory banks.  Is this all sounding a bit familiar?

I've not gone hi-tec with pinging reminders.  Pout Life is still encapsulated in a tatty old Filofax, dating back to when they were de rigueur.  That would be the 90s then.  See even my diary is vintage!

But let's do the OOTD and then allow you to go on your merry way.
Old Lady Lavender Woolovers cashmere/merino longline jumper, grey Peacock jeans and scarf, Gabor nubuck ankle boots.

I threw my old East charcoal merino long cardi and then I was snuggly-snuggly to hit one of our local restaurants down the road for a catch up with my Sis and girlie Guernsey cousins.  
Lovely people, lovely evening ! 

What are you like at remembering to do things, to be places, at this time in your life?
I hope you're performing better than me!

A la perchoine.

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