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Monday, 7 November 2016

Dressing For Friday, Not Sunday

Brr.  Our temp has dropped by 12-13 degrees in the last 36 hours.  Our never-ending Indian Summer has, actually, ended.  With a thump.  We had no transition period.  On Friday 5th I was standing in the garden watching fireworks at 10pm wearing a thin jersey top.  No jacket.  No cardi.  No scarf. 

On Sunday I went for a beach walk, dressed totally inappropriately, as it turned out. 
Dressed for Friday, not Sunday.

This is how I dressed for what I believed would be yet another day of my endless Indian Summer.

Next (thin) linen mix v neck, Peacock (thin) jeans and scarf, Clarks ankle boots.

For the walk, I donned my Zara jac-ardi.  Fortunately I grabbed a back-up scarf as I left the house.

I snugged myself as much as I possibly could with my afterthought Next animal print thick scarf. And still I absolutely froze!  The ice-cold wind found its way through my thin clothing and through every gap in the jacardi.

Moments after this pic, I wrapped myself up in the scarf, blanket-style.  And still I froze.  The jacardi's not good for 7c temps.  It looks like it's a jacket but it's a cardi, with a cardi's warmth only.  Wearers need to know this.

During the walk, he kept reminding me that I should have worn this ...

Like I needed reminding during the bitterly cold beach walk  I kept seeing images of this Uniqlo Lightweight Down puffa coat, hanging on the cloak-rail back home. The image of it seemed to pervade every cold bone, muscle and inch of flesh making up my freezing body.  I imagined myself cocooned in its snug warmth. 
I was experiencing mirages of it.  Hallucinations were but a puff of icy wind away.

How I wished I had dressed for Sunday instead of Friday.

Have you had a nice gentle transitional change of temperatures from autumn to winter?
Or have you experienced a short, sharp shock like me?
 You know, I'd really love to hear.  It would make my wintry cold day.

 A la perchoine.


  1. Yes, It did turn a bit brutal. Watching fireworks shivering in my thickest coat.


    1. Hi Heather, it's nice to hear from you again. I was beginning to wonder if my coats were going to come out at all this winter and that my new down coat was a waste of good pension pennies! All change now. though.
      Please stay warm and snug.

  2. It turned bitter suddenly and my coatigan has become a thing to wear in the house not out.

    1. Yes, Anna, no transition period whatsoever for us in GB. I've hooked out gloves etc and today l shopped and did school runs wearing my puffa coat and snood. So very bbrrr now :-(.

  3. It might warm back up a little but I don't know how being near the ocean effect things. We are still having Indian summer here and I am ready for it to cool down. It might, might freeze this weekend. I need to start getting the plants in. I really like your white jac-ardi and have to admit that is a new term for me.

    1. Hi Terri, so pleased you like the jacardi. No surprise you haven't come across the jacardi before - I have to say it was a name I came up with when writing this piece. Maybe it'll catch on!!
      So envious that you still have that super Indian summer. I'm missing it. The Atlantic does keep our climate more temparate. I have to go over to the mainland in a few days and I will feel the colder air as soon as I step off the plane, even though I'm only travelling north for half an hour. The puffa's definitely going over with me!!

  4. Lol. Living in the northern tropical part of Australia, I can't imagine having to bundle up like that. I've had a light cardigan on twice this last year. The coldest winter day was 22 C. Today it will get up to 31-32, and in the middle of the day it will be too hot outside for me to go walking. We don't get huge temperatures here on the coast like they do further inland (try 38 C) but we get humidity. Soon it will be too hot for t shirts with sleeves. My poor old-lady arms will be on display. Thank the lord for air conditioning.

    1. Hi Janey, it's so good to hear from you again. My, how wonderful it must be to live in the wet tropics, as you describe them - cardi on twice in a year! I probably wear one 330/365!
      It's probably almost as costly running the AC where you are as it is running radiators over here!
      Please stop by again soon.