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Tuesday 16 August 2022

Classic Dressing - Dresses

Hello my lovelies!

Well!  We’re just coming out of our second heatwave of summer and the temperature has smashed through the ceiling of previous high temperatures.

So it’s got me thinking of dresses.
Dresses are perfect for summer as they tend to be loose shapes and allow for a flow of much welcomed air around the body. 
They are a go-to choice for me in summer and looking back, I seem to have always been a fan.

Here’s a round up of summer dresses of yore and similar dresses I’m wearing now in this millennium. 

The summer of 1967

This was a lovely zippered orange A line dress in a thickish cotton.  I remember falling in love with it when I saw it in a shop window. 

This black linen shirt dress has same shape and is delightfully cool in hot summers.  
The A line is a good shape for heatwaves and it allows for good air flow, and there is no waistband to rub against a sweltering middle.  It’s a timeless classic. 
And this below knee length is more suitable for the more mature knees!  
You don’t want to see mine show-cased. No you really don’t.
You’re welcome!


A denim pinafore dress which I wore solidly whilst pregnant.  I wore it without a top underneath when the weather got really hot and I remember this being a very hot day.  Worn with flip flops, such a stylish look 😉.

I love the shape and concept of a pinafore dress and had several in the 60s and 70s, one of which I sewed myself.  
I don’t have one in my wardrobe now; perhaps that needs to be addressed, maybe I need to get the sewing machine out again … watch this space!



 I also owned a denim shirt dress which I wore for many years in the 70s and unbelievably the only pic I have of it is here, worn as a duster coat as I couldn’t button it up over my swelling tum!

I bought a denim shirt dress last year.

Perhaps I was inspired by the very lovely Andrea from @livingoncloudnine9.   
I will NEVER look like this in mine, not even in a month of a Sundays. 

Instead I will look something like this in my similar dress.  Crumpled. 

This dress came straight out of the bag in this try-on session and is looking crumpled, like it’s owner.

After those bombshell photos, let’s move on very quickly!


This was a madras cotton shirtdress.  That fabric was all the rage that year, so I was so excited to find this one on the island as it was just like the ones I was seeing in my Honey fashion magazine. 
Any UK readers remember Honey?

I loved this magazine in the swinging 60s.

These days it’s gingham check rather than big madras check for me, it seems. 
I’ve been wearing this dress a few times during our recent heatwave as it’s loose and cool and light as a feather. 


A petrol blue jersey tunic top with black jersey trousers, and I think I have a scarf tied around the neck too. 
This look would pass in today’s world of fashion, don’t you think?

Fast dial to this millennium and I do again own a pair of loose legged black jersey trousers . 

However, these days I seem to wear them with shorter blouses. 

And shorter jumpers.

I could try wearing this tunic style dress with the trousers this autumn.  Or maybe one less fitted.  
Fancy challenging me?

And here is a collection dresses that don’t seem to appear in my current wardrobe.  I wonder why?


A short soft pink jersey dress. 
This would look good over those black jersey trousers today. 


A black jersey zippered leg revealing dress. 
Again, I could see this today worn with those black jersey trousers. 


A black spotted chiffon dress.

The style would work today for me, though on second thoughts all that arm and leg display on a fat 72 year old body?  Nahhhh!


Maroon spotted crepe dress.  
I liked my spots back then eh?

This style would be passable today … with the addition of a 12 inch tier at the bottom!

Now this last mini collection isn’t of summer dresses but I just had to include them as dresses I will NEVER wear again. 


Doing my red carpet pose in a dark pink/claret fish tail taffeta ankle length skirt and a matching bustier top. 

Still in my wardrobe but not worn for obvious reasons. 
And my ball days are well and truly over anyway.

When was the last time you went to a black tie event?
Maybe they weren’t your thing. 
I think my last was in 2007. 
They’re so it my thing now. 

And I save this one for absolute last. 


A dress of two halves, a black velvet sweetheart neck top half and a tiered taffeta skirt with a massive bow.

I pulled this out for every black tie over a number of years.  I’d liked to say “what was I thinking?”, but the truth is I would have been thinking eighties.
Nuff said eh ladies?

Have you got any 80s dress moments you’d like to share in the comments below?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my memory lane summer dress collection.
Apart from the two humdingers at the end I don’t think any would go amiss in today’s world of fashion.
What do you think?

A la perchoine,
Mary xxx. 



  1. Ye, absolutely; the dresses bar the last two are classics and so will always look right. You had some fabulous photos of your dresses from the 1960s and 1970s. I think I might have one or possibly two at the most! We just didn't do photos as no one owned a camera in my group of friends...

    I love the tunic and trousers in particular and of course the madras check/gingham and shirt dresses. I also loved pinafore dresses. I had a pinafore denim dress that I wore in the last year but decided it wasn't for me so off it went!

    Haven't been to a black tie event ever...

    The 80s weren't all bad although it was not my favourite decade for clothes. I remember some lovely batwing belted dresses. I lusted after Laura Ashley dresses but could never afford them...

    We've just had thunderstorms and heavy rain - at last!

    Have a great week.

    1. Yes Vronni, I’m amazed I have so many photos from that time.
      It’s a shame you didn’t jel with the denim pinafore.
      Oh yes, the batwing was a lovely style, I remember sewing a lovely wine coloured jersey dress, so flattering. I never had a Laura Ashley dress either, they were so pricey.
      Thanks for popping in,
      Mary xxx.

  2. Jodie and I just ordered a denim dress we won in a giveaway and will be styling it 2 ways soon. I have been wanting one and will use it as a duster too. It was really fun to see the different styles of dresses you wore over the years. My brother's wedding next fall warrants a new dress since we are part of the wedding party so I finally decided on a flared ruffled dress that I think I might wear again. I wish the color scheme was something else than rose pink but...

    1. Longing to see your denim dress pairing with the lovely Jodie, and your pink flared ruffled number too.
      Wishing you a fab family wedding.
      Mary xxx

  3. I love wearing dresses, I have linen ones, linen mix, and others, short sleeves and sleeveless, I don't care about my flabby arms any more! I wear spanx shorts when the weather is very hot. The last time I went to a blacke tie event was probably over 20 years ago. I was very slim and hired a beautiful one shoulder posh frock. I have two lovely party frocks and two pairs of shoes that I will probably never wear again but don't want to part with them!

    1. Great to hear from you Polly. Yes with age does bring a relaxation of body concerns, I parade on the beach in my cozzi without a care.
      And you are so right, there are some special dresses that are impossible to let go of.
      Enjoy your week, Mary xxx.

  4. It's so fun looking back on these older photos! I obviously don't have any old photos like this but I do agree that dresses are something that is a summer staple, and that most styles are classic and timeless, as you show so well here. The 80s one is so very 80s though, haha! :)

    Hope you are having a good week :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. You really do rock dresses, Mica, especially in summer.
      The 80s dress is one I let get away.
      Have a great week, Mary xxx.

  5. Great photos! I love looking back at the styles! I haven't been to any event that called for a long evening gown in years. For a regular black-tie event I have a couple of knee-length dresses that will fill the bill and can also be worn for other occasions.

    1. Hi Jean,
      Nice to meet you!
      Your couple of posh frocks sound ideal to have to hand when those big events crop up.
      Wishing you a fab week,
      Mary xxx.

  6. What a fun look back at all of these styles and photos! Dresses are always a go-to for me. They are so easy and normally comfortable to wear!

    1. Yes Laura, it’s the comfort and one and done of a dress that’s so appealing. You rock them, especially this week’s pink number.
      Mary xxx.

  7. Great fashion history review of what you wore. Your denim dress is my favorite look. You've got great taste and style.

    1. Hi Nicolle,
      Great to see you here!
      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed my vintage fashion parade!
      Mary xxx.

  8. This is such a fun post! I love looking back at your photos


    1. Thanks Rosemary, I’m so pleased you enjoyed it, it was fun to write.
      Mary xxx.