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Tuesday 9 August 2022

La Duchesse’s Notes from a Smaller Island 2022

 Hello my lovelies!

Well, I have been happily “on holiday” with my visiting friend these past 10 days, taking a break from my usuals like home projects, “fashion” shoots and blogs.  It’s been a wonderful recharge. 

My lovely friend La Duchesse shared with me some of the scenes she captured whilst out and about on the island. 

This striking copper beech tree standing alone in a field cut for hay.  I loved the contrast of the lines against the curve of the tree. 

The grass had already been baled up in this field. 

Beach shots of course, she did a lot of sea swimming. 

She’s visiting from Holland.  She tells me that the sea there is opaque which means you can’t see your submerged body bits.
I’m now even more grateful for our beautifully clear and transparent aquamarine and jade sea and the sight of my tootsies as I wade into the water. 

I loved the lines on this plant; I’m guessing it’s a canna but please correct me if I’m wrong. 

One of our many ruette tranquilles (mostly trafficless little lanes). 

More clear sea. 

A nicely aged gate. 

One of our many sandy beaches. 

An example of our jade sea. 

And the sea on a duller day. 

Here a fog bank was looming close to land.  
It’s amazing how quickly these things travel, hitting land with little warning.  This meteorological event always puts me in mind of the 70s film The Fog. 
Did you see that film?  I found it so scary.  
One of director John Carpenter’s finest classics. 

And here’s La Duchesse.  
I got her to stand in one of my “posing spots” before she went out to meet friends.  She has many friends on the island as she lived here for a couple of decades or so. 

Here she collected individual flowers and leaves from around the garden and popped them in a galvanized iron jug to display on a table out on the deck.

I love the mix of hot colours, symbolically mirroring the heat of the day. 

During her stay we had a dull and breezy day, yet she still went for TWO swims.  I chose to go in for none, despite my good intentions (my bathers are under my beach dress) - I don’t like swimming in lumpy sea, even though this sea had only just crept into lumpy territory. 

And then yesterday she left our capital St Peter Port behind in her wake with this, her a la perchoine shot.

Sailing past 16th century Castle Cornet which protected the harbour from unwanted visitors back in the day. 

But she is always a very wanted visitor.
It’s said that a guest is like a fish and starts to go off after a few days - but La Duchesse smells sweet all of her stay, each and every one of them!
We are already counting the days until her next trip over to her beloved island of Guernsey. 

You can read what she packed for her previous trip BY CLICKING HERE.  Rather maximal!  This time round she went for a smaller more minimal capsule and wore everything bar one beautiful boho dress, as she never had quite the occasion to wear it.
Well done Duchesse. 

To see more of her beautiful pics of Guernsey please follow these links
and yup, you guessed it, 

And there you have it my dears, more notes from a smaller island courtesy of La Duchesse. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of the island today.  

A la perchoine,
Mary xxx. 


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. It is lovely to see where you live through the eyes of your friend. It is a beautiful area!

    1. Thanks Mireille, that’s why I like to post her holiday pics, it’s like looking at my home with fresh eyes.
      Wishing you a fab rest of week,
      Mary xxx.

  2. Your island looks so beautiful and it is great that your friend had such lovely weather during her stay! I really like your beach outfit too :)

    Hope you are having a nice day :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thank you Mica, and I hope your day is going well too.
      Mary xxx.

  3. Guernsey looks so beautiful! The photos were fabulous. How lovely to have a friend stay for 10 days! The weather looked to be pretty good I must say. If I visited Guernsey I'd be in sea and swimming a lot; the clear jade water looks amazing. Loved your 'beach' dress.

    Hope the rest of your week is going well,

    1. Hi Vronni, she’s such a good friend so it was good to max out on my time with her.
      You’d love our sea swimming, the water is so invigorating.
      Wishing you a lovely week ahead,
      Mary xxx.