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Monday 6 July 2020

Spicing It Up

Hello my lovelies!

We’ve had some colder than I would like spells of late, and the wind has been quite strong.  It’s not been beach weather for sure, and gardening isn’t as pleasant when plants are bending and blowing all over the place. 

But no matter. I keep finding little indoor projects to keep me busy.  Like this very simple tweak that took no more than maybe 15 minutes but has made a big impact on my day to day visuals. 

I had an area next to the hob where I kept salt and pepper.  And that area got pretty cluttered when I found some beautiful seasoned salts lurking in the back of a cupboard during a rainy day clear out.

So I set myself up with a little salt rack.  Taadaah!

 It started out like this. 

A very 80s pine spice rack.  I think we all had one of these that decade. 
It had housed my miniatures collection in my booze cabinet.  Yup, the booze cabinet was another clear out mini project on yet another cold and rainy day. 
I was clearing the shelves above the booze as a new home for overspill party glasses moved from  the display dresser.  Yup, yet another rainy day clear out.

And in one of my rare Marie Kondo moments I decided that if very old  miniatures of  Tis Maria and Green Chatreuse has sat in the rack for years they were unlikely to ever get drunk.  So in a trice the collection went down the sinkand the rack stood in a queue to go in the rubbish bin.  (I doubted that this would sell in a charity shop, it looked so uninspiring)

Then I looked over at the forlorn looking dated rack and suddenly in a flash of inspo I thought that it might just fit in a space below the overhead kitchen cabinet next to the hob. 

And it did!
”It’s called spacial awareness”, I smugly told hubs.  
”That’s why I’m so good at side-parking the car 😉🤣.”

So I slapped some white paint on it.  As you do. 

And now all that clutters up the little space to the side of the range hob is this local pottery salt pig (it was my mum’s).

Such a quick tweak but one that has created a huge impact.  IMHO 

Do you find that one declutter leads seamlessly on to the next?
Have you had any of those quick tweak moments on rainy days?
Maybe you have an old spice rack lurking that could entertain you on a rainy day too!

A la perchoine,
Mary x. 


  1. That was an inspired thought, Mary. The repurposed spice rack looks lovely and as if it has always been there!

    Take care

    1. Thanks Vronni, and I'm so pleased you say it Looks like it's always been there, it's always my objective to make things look like they belong.
      Hugs, x.