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Friday, 10 July 2020

My New Normal

Hi my lovelies!

After four months of forming new habits in lockdown, I’m slowly discovering how my new normal looks. 

I haven’t rushed back to many elements of previous my normal. 

I’m leading a quieter life. 

My groceries continue to be delivered because 
I enjoy taking time during the week to compile a list of what we need.
It saves a car on the road several times a week clogging things up, guzzling fuel and causing goodness know what damage to our planet. 
Instead a driver plans his route efficiently and drops off groceries one area at a time. 
That makes sense to me. 

I haven’t had my hair cut or my nails done YET, even though we’ve been some weeks in “normal”. 

I haven’t rushed to meet up with friends, keeping my socializing to family and neighbours. 

I haven’t felt a desperation for fancy restaurant meals, although TP insisted we had one last week!

I seem to have become more insular, and I like it that way 

Life is more peaceful, it has a slower pace. 

My only “shopping” during lockdown has been to buy a few replacement bras, which I’ll cover in another post. 

But a few pieces needed to be picked up and errands had queued up, so I allowed myself a few hours of pottering during the week. 

I bought a bronzer palette from The Body Shop. 
(I took this pic for my girlie cousins, we have a Body Shop group going on as one is a BS consultant)

And I was tempted in so many directions in that Aladdin’s Cave of goodies.  Try me?  I certainly did!

I moved from Town to The Bridge, an east coast village and working harbour.  
The island of Herm can be seen in the distance. 

I pottered around a few charity shops. 

My Favourite is one that takes in old furniture and trains special needs youngsters to upcycle and decorate, and the pieces are then sold in this shop. 

I have this exact same jewellery cupboard, mine’s plain white ... right now, I feel another project coming up!

The youngsters are learning some good skills and the shop’s profits are ploughed back to help them. 

Reflecting on things right now, life is good. 

Of course, I’m lucky that I haven’t been impacted by Covid-19.  The reflection could be very different. 

Are you carving out a new normal as you navigate your way through these stormy waters ?
If so, what does your new normal look like?

A la perchoine,
Mary x. 


  1. Life very similar to yours only never got to have my groceries delivered though as my daughter and son inlaw were able to do it. I have just started to go out a little bit, but not any cafe's or restaurants yet I haven't coloured my hair and am very pleased that it has turned a lovely shade of steel grey and has curled (maybe with a little help from some chemo earlier) but I love it although have a hair appointment tomorrow so maybe a little shorter.

    1. Well some things work out for the best eh, I'm glad you're liking your new hair shade! But really sorry to hear that you've had to have chemo, Polly, hope all is well now.
      Hugs, x.

  2. Although our lockdown has eased I still only venture out occasionally. We do our weekly food shopping locally and have eaten out in a restaurant once and had coffee out once. I still haven't been further than our nearest small town fir shopping and don't really want to travel further afield just yet.
    Staying safe xx

    1. Staying safe is the way to go, Jay, well done.
      Hugs, x.

  3. It certainly sounds as if your new normal is suiting you well. I think the lesson I learned from lockdown was that I didn't miss the rummaging in charity shops; I could go without them! It's good they are opening again slowly and I'm enjoying popping into the odd one but I don't think I will buying the amounts as I used to.

    That charity shop with the upcycled furniture looked amazing; I adored the chest of drawers. WE have an Emmaeus that does a similar thing and we're going again tomorrow to look for plant pots.

    PS - Tried your almond cake recipe today - delicious!

    Take care

    1. So good to hear that you're liking your new normal too, Vronni, though I'm sure you've still got a very well stocked wardrobe to amaze us with. So pleased you liked the cake.
      Hugs, x.