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Wednesday 30 January 2019

What I've Been Wearing Lately

Hi my lovelies, are you feeling the love for spring yet?  It's around the corner, honest! (see what I did there, I  !'ed!!).
The daffs are out along the hedgerows but sadly none have popped up in Pout Gardens yet.
But what I find amazeballs-uplifting at this time of year is the winter phenomenon of the days drawing out.  That first day in early January when I look out of the window at 5 p.m. ... and it's still light.  That event in our seasonal cycle fills my soul with child-like enthusiasm, joy and hope.  So, if you live in the northern hemisphere, I defy you to not feel that love for upcoming spring right now!

Now, on to the matter in hand.  The important stuff.  Outfits.
My weekly Wednesday roundup.

Let's start with a coat.  It's been cold  (yeah, it's January, what were the chances?).
This cosy camel car coat (Dotty P) has been much in play and with winter white scarfage and taupe boots (Jones) I think it creates quite a classic look for winter eh?

More classic dressing,  black jumper and jeans.  The necklace is a jumble sale find from the 90s and worn with the dangly earrings (also from the 90s) .  This fancy jewellery took a plain classic jumper and glammed it up a little,  n'est pas?

I'm getting a bit repetitive with this week's round up as some of these outfits charged into my JEANS AND A NICE TOP POST, HERE   But these are my outfits of late so I make no apology for this as is is what it is.

But the  beaded top leads me to where I took the outfit ... to this table laden with yummy nibbles!  Drinks and nibbles at the neighbours' house.  "I'll keep it simple" she'd said when she invited me.  When I arrived to this sight, I immediately whipped out the camera 📷.  "Well, this is simple, for me" she said.
 She's an amazing cook, so just imagine what she rustled up for her "simple" supper last year - READ ABOUT IN WINE WITH THE NEIGHBOURS, HERE

With the benefit of Insta hindsight I realised that my January had been one long grey, black and winter-white knitwear fest, so I remedied that.  I added a bright blue summer cardi to go to Bro's house for birthday cake and coffee.  Which was fine as his house is toasty-warm during the day, unlike Tight-Pout's.  So later in the day a HUGE extra cardi layer was added to this ensemble, rather than turn on the heating off-timer!

My message here is clear and two-fold: 1.  A simple addition of one item of bright colour can liven up a bleak January outfit, and 2.  If your house is cold, go to someone else's!

Winter white Monsoon sweater dress, brown suede waistcoat (machine washed, Terri!) with brown tights and accessories.

I did a flat lay of my accessories on the waistcoat backdrop as I wanted to show you my old boots.  These brown leather Gabor boots (together with their black rellies) are simply 
the. comfortable-est. boots. I have ever walked in.  
They are more than 15 years old and 
I. have. never. repaired. them.  
Add to this their butter-soft suede bang-on-trend mustard lining as seen in this pic and you have the loveliest boots this side of The Pecos!

Liberation Themed Ball - doesn't TP look good as a spiv, ladies?!

And finally!  I've been doing a challenge on Insta this month and this day's subject was "midi dress".  I really couldn't be bothered to go hunting round in the archives for a midi dress that I didn't really want to wear that day anyway (and I'm not sure I even own one). So I cheated and used a photo from more than ten years ago (it's ok, I fessed up to my cheating!).

The dress was charity-shopped, and I have to say it ended up being much used as it really was a quite lovely dress.  All other items are "model's own".  I was particularly innovative with the "fox fur stole" - I simply left my faux fur collar/scarf thing draped over my shoulder.  I think it worked.
And Vronni, check out the headscarf!!!!

So my dears, that concludes this week's round up.  And what is of note in today's post is that my !-exclamation mark is demonstrably back in Pout World!!!!
I think it was facing up to a blogging crossroads on my blogaversary that got me feeling quite empty yesterday, quite lacking in puff, and finding nothing to, well, exclaim about. 

But, Tomorrow is Another Day and we  would be wise to remember those Hollywood-immortal words on a meh day, eh peeps?

Cr: Anne Cummins

Let's wake up tomorrow and smell the spring daffs!

A la perchoine,
Mary x.


  1. Glad you've got your ! back!

    That Dotty P coat is gorgeous! It looks very soft and strokeable... I loved your white dress and waistcoat outfit; very elegant. The blue cardi and the animal print top was also a winner.

    As for your Liberation Day outfit - simply wonderful! The TP looks so suave and you really suit the scarf, Mary, you should wear it more often...

    Hope your week continues to go well and yes how uplifting it is to see the days taking a stretch.

  2. Your liberation outfit is fab. You know I just adore how you dress anyway as we have similar style. I watched that 'film' the other day, you know potato pie. Um, didn't really see much of Guernsey. I know you said the film wasnt a realistic reflection but I saw mostly inside of rooms,:)

  3. I like the pop of colour that cardigan adds! they are a fun way to keep cosy and add some cheer in the cooler months. Your neighbour is an amazing cook too, that setup does not look simple to me, haha!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :) Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. I am looking forward to it staying lighter longer but I'd like to keep the cooler temps we have here. I'm not ready for the heat and humidity.
    My favorite look is the sweater dress and suede waist coat - it's so classy and sassy just like you! The brighter blue cardi is a great way to liven up a dreary winter and that color suits you!
    Spring is around the corner my friend so start planning how you are going to show off that more svelte body of yours!
    Big Hugs!

  5. Some dreamy styles here. So cold I don't know what to wear other than jeans and jumpers. Roll on the Spring that's what I say. Happy February to you Mary. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  6. A lot of cute outfits there. I really like your sweater dress and vest. I, too, look forward to longer days and starting looking for them Dec. 22!

  7. I feel the same joy too Mary when the days start getting lighter. This week I definitely noticed it was lighter when I left work. And there are 5 daffodils out in the Mutton garden!

    You have a great way with neutrals and look very stylish, yet cosy, in those colours.

    And my, how elegant you were in that midi 10 years ago with the faux fur, pearls and headscarf!

  8. What a feast! I wish I could cook that 'simply'! I tend to wear darker colors in winter too. I need to brighten my outfits up with a piece as you have!

  9. I am going to try this again. For some reason, a couple of days ago I couldn't get my comment to publish when I made it on my iPhone. I always love what you do with the switching and trying different ideas.

    And that is your friends "simple dinner" Heavens!

    Fun read, take care-xoxoTerri

  10. The days getting longer is something that I look forward to every year. For some reason, it just makes me feel more light hearted and happy.
    I tend to pull the dark colors this time of year, but I've been trying hard to switch it up this year. It's funny how we get in ruts this way.

  11. All of these outfits look darling on you. Great pics.

    Besides, during the cold season I tend to repeat more often . I like dark colors but sometimes I want to be flashy.

  13. Marvelous looks Mary! and I love your sarcasm too, she is one of my friends as well! Love your camel coat and those warm and toasty colors that look smashing on you.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx