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Sunday 20 January 2019

Jeans 👖 on Trial

Oh jeans!  A necessity in modern day life but such a fag to get right for one's shape and one's stage in life.  Yes, jeans shopping and the ubiquitous try-ons can sometimes be an ordeal.  So I filmed my recent try-on session, hopefully to reduce the amount of chat on this page for you.  

A picture speaks a thousand words so I guess a video clip speaks trillions.  It certainly seems I'm speaking several millions of words about a few pairs of humble jeans! 
But be warned, I'm a filming rookie.  A vlogging neophyte.  Movie Maker edited out my head (perhaps a message there?) - a complete waste of make-up!  So it's not the best of videos but please bear with me for the world purportedly loves a trier and I'm hoping you're feeling the love today ! 

Next coated leggings and jeans

I bought coated leggings and bikers jeans a few years ago.  I love them still but if I'm being critical then both pairs are a little too baggy on me for their style these days (having lost a bit of weight).  Add to the slightly disgruntled mix the fact that the black bikers have a two horizontal seam styling across the thigh which turns me into Michelin Man when sitting (which I do quite often!) and you have a Pout in the market for a pair of smaller sized and plain coated leggings.

Taupe leggings. 

These coated leggings were marketed as taupe

And looked taupe on the model

but IRL were a sludgy rose madder and a lighter shade of the berry leggings I own.  The subtle nature of this shade difference made them a profligate purchase.

Black jeans.

Coated jeans.  High waisted = √.  Thick heavy fabric = X.

Black leggings.

Black version of my coated leggings but a smaller size than my berry leggings, resulting in very little creasing on the leg, so a √.
A Goldilocks moment!

The Keepers

I've worn the black coated leggings loads already.  IMHO, coated jeans and leggings bring a smarter and edgier guest to the party, so I feel a little dressier and funkier when I wear them.  Adding them to a black modal vest to create a column and continuing the light touch with a winter white cashmere cardi and some pretty silver jewellery created a comfy yet smart outfit for dinner with a friend.

Jeans from M&S and Next

As with the coated leggings, I only have one pair of jeans that fit me these days and those are light wash and have frayed bottoms, and not totally jeans for all seasons and all outfits.  So I was in the market for some wintry jeans.

The longer the try on, the messier hair!

Mid-rise jeans will always present a challenge to the mid-life muffin top!

The Next high-rise were almost-keepers because of what it said on the tin, but the wash and fit were close to what I have already.

An inch or two popped off these regular length jeans will get rid of the pointy leg look and soften the style for my shape and age.
But I'm not a fan of ripped jeans.  Hmmnnn ....

The Keepers

The distressed jeans!  They are a deep wash winter denim shade.

And though wintry in shade, they are quite lightweight which is my weight of choice all to year round.

The worn out bits are on the sides.

The rips aren't visible full-frontal.

Teamed with a cashmere paisley pompom scarf in pretty shades of blue and mauve, an oatmeal cashmere mix longline jumper from Next and taupe ankle boots from Jones.
These cashmere and leather classics tone down and offset the edgier distressing and bring balance to this outfit.  IMHO, of course.

So there you have it.  My try on reaped a pair of black coated leggings and a pair of distressed (argghhh!) jeans.  Both have already slipped very nicely into my everyday. 

I hope sharing my try on experience is 1. entertaining and 2. remotely helpful to you as we all need jeans, eh ladies?!
I haven't gone through all the faff of online links as 1. You're probably not interested and 2. I like to encourage you to shop your wardrobe.
But I did need new leggings and jeans because, hey, I've lost some weight and I want jeans to be with me on this journey!

So if you are shopping your wardrobe, which I rather hope you are, my offerings today are two outfits.  A daytime and a slightly posher evening outfit.  Examples of how to make the on-trend elements of distressed jeans and coated leggings work in the more mature lady's wardrobe by mixing classic styles with these edgier pieces.  I hope you enjoy this post and can relate to it.  Please let me know in the comments section, because otherwise I'll sit up here in my garret for days worrying that you didn't 🤔😑🙄😒😥.

And there was me thinking a video would reduce the chat on this post ... !

A la perchoine, 
Mary, x.


  1. I like the colour and fit of the distressed jeans. They look nice to dress up or down

    1. Hi Jill, sounds like you've got the distressed jeans sussed, I'll have to give the dressing up look a go. Hugs, x.

  2. You have the sweetest most soothing voice! I have never posted a video but you did such a great job you have me almost believing I could pull it off as well. So glad you chose the slightly distressed denim, they look good and the distressing seems minimal so happy on all fronts! I hate muffin top but it seems unavoidable!
    Looking great my friend!!!

    1. Oh that's so sweet sista, because I almost didn't post it as I worry about my voice, it gets croakier with age. That's another thing they don't warn you about, add that to the list along with the scraggy neck and receding gums!
      Yes, I now agree a smidgen of distressed works for the more mature lady, but a muffin top is party pooper at any age! Hugs sweetie, x.

  3. Well how lovely to hear your voice! Nice dilemma to find your clothes are getting too big! I like a bit of distressing, a fairly recent development! I have never had coated jeans though and I've seen them mentioned a few times, so I may need to try them (once my spending ban is lifted!).

    1. It's funny to hear bloggers voices when you've known them only by the written word for so long eh. I wonder what Shakespeare sounded like?! Come February start the hunt for some coated jeans because they bridge the gap between jeans and trousers, so useful. Hugs my dear, x.

  4. Ha ha, wel you didn't succeed in that! But it's not necessary too. I loved your cute video!I am not a trouser girl, but a coated pair is very cool.

    1. So right, Nancy! Thanks, glad you enjoyed the video. Following on what I said to Gail, if you're not really a trousers person, the coated jeans may be something that works for you as a bridge between skirt and trousers. Hugs, x.

  5. Oh Mary! I just loved getting to hear what you sound like in real life. You have the sweetest voice my friend. You did a great job with your video try on and are so very brave. I'm such a chicken. I'm trying to get better about doing Instastories, but I'm self conscious. Love your new pants, and sizing down is always GREAT!!! XOXO

    1. Thank you sooo much, lovely Lisa, it IS kinda brave but it's also fun putting together. And necessary. You see, after chucking two iPhones down the loo in six months, I bought myself a top of the range phone - yeah it doesn't make much sense eh?! But it's supposedly waterproof for a short period. So having thrown mega bucks at it, I thought I should max out and film too!! Do have a go, it's fun and I think it's nice to put a voice to a face, y'all! Looking forward to seeing walking talking Lisa some time soon! Hugs, x.

  6. I love the coated leggings. I so agree about mid rise jeans, I have to wear the high rise.

    1. Hi Amy, I'm really surprised there's such a poor selection of high rise around, you'd think everyone would want them eh?!! Hugs my lovely, x.

  7. The high rise jeans selection is poor because they sell out fast, leaving the dregs for the rest of us. I also need the high rise jeans, and as I inch closer towards retirement, find myself purchasing more jeans than before, as I have more time to wear them. I haven't seen the destroyed jeans with the rips on the sides, and will be on the lookout for them, as they sound just my style!

  8. Glad to hear your voice Mary!, Very sweet! I have finally this year, found jeans I really love to wear, that are soft. I love the grey scarf on you and the coated jeans may be my favorite! I have a pair in black I love! Great picks :-)
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  9. Really enjoyed reading this ! I have the same issue finding jeans's like searching for the holy grail ������ !!!The only good thing is now I can fit into a regular length as when I was younger I needed to get a longer length & get them taken up a smidgen. I hate my muffin top.....wouldn't care but I don't eat many muffins ��!!!