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Saturday 24 March 2018

A Pop of Spring - Yellow

Good morning, Saturday people, it's a great day!

Let's head straight on into our colour-finding mission.


Yellow has been one of my on-off relationships.
Loved it in my younger years but then the attraction faded.
A few years ago my love for it was re-kindled.

Turns out me and yellow were on a break.  A long one.

Now, yellow and white makes me scream with delight at its freshness!

It's rare for me to find a print I can tolerate let alone love, yet this print gets my heart a-pittapatting.

So as you can see, I've already started building up a little suite of yellow to inject zing into my core wardrobe for the warmer months, should they happen to stop buy.

And now, I'm on my quest to add some fresh spring colour while keeping to a maximum of five pieces and to a small budget  (SEE HERE).  Well yellow just has to be included in the beauty parade.

I went virtual shopping and  trawled Next and M&S again.  So what more do I need to make this colour truly work for me in the coming months?  What pieces are missing?

Well, a yellow cardi is missing.  Quite literally!  Last year I became estranged from my yellow cardi and I  think a replacement purchase is on the cards.  I cannot be without my fix of yellow freshness in cardi form, it just ain't natral [sic].

This is the closest to the existing colours I have that I could find.

Adding this to the cardi creates the "twinset" I need to make the colour truly work in my SS17 wardrobe.

 An elbow-length top is another essential.

I'm seeing these yellows with white jeans, pale grey jeans,

and chinos (like Jane is sporting here) ...

Have I missed out anything?

A scarf to add pattern and link additional colours, of course!

Finding the right shoes could present an challenge - yellow is a colour that's got to be spot-on, otherwise it's best to walk away from yellow footwear.

This  tunic top is a custard yellow and is a lone wolf colour rather than a team player in this daffodil yellow suite

 but this scarf brings it together and introduces pink to the game.  Peacocks has  fab pink jeans ... can I go that far away from my comfort zone?  Would I dare to wear a yellow top with pink bottoms?  I suggest you don't hold breath, dear reader.

Yeah it sounds a crazy combination and my gut instinct was to scream "NO!!"
Then I remembered that my fave print of all time happens to HAVE these very colours

(Laura Ashley Emma Bloomsbury)

AND I have a few yards of it queued up with plans to maybe make a cute little summer skirt.  So much more fun than using it to make a tablecloth, my original intention.

Again, footwear matching is sort of doing my head in!
Has anyone out there come across some gorgeous shoes in yellow?

This cardi was kinda cute but the black spots does reduce the outfit possibilities, so would be an indulgent purchase.

And finally, I like the idea of a chunky jumper for spring.

Think outside the box, it's more than just a jeans team-mat.  I'm seeing chunky jumpers paired with floaty print skirts on the interweb, and they are skirts without even a dot of yellow in them, but it works.   Way crazy, but sassy!

A jumper in a less acidic yellow would fit into this colour suite just dandily.

So those are the yellows up for grabs, readers.  If I am to expand my mellow yellow collection AND keep within my max five pieces/£80 investment (a benchmark set by my recent winter berry success) then boy, I've got a challenge on my hands!
I'm off to do the maths.

Meanwhile, here's what Donovan has to say about yellow.

A la perchoine.


  1. This is a gorgeous post and I think yellow so suits your colouring. I could buy all of those picks. Funnily enough I did buy some yellow mustard slip ons from Sainsburys yesterday. Great twin minds eh. BTW I have linked you into my latest post x

  2. You my friend have such a knack for finding the perfect song to go along with these posts of yours! I love that printed yellow - it is perfect for Spring! I think everyone can wear yellow it's just a matter of finding the right shade. You've covered all the bases here!
    Hugs sweet friend!

  3. Yellow definitely suits you and yes you do need a yellow cardigan to round out this mini capsule!!! As to your previous post on blue - another great colour and one I personally can never get enough of.

  4. Yellow is definitely trending! This post is very timely for me because I was just asked to co-host with another blogger and wear yellow. I had a hard time finding a yellow that looked good on me. I ended up picking a black top with bright yellow flowers. I found that softer yellows looked bad on me, but brighter yellows worked. Of course, that could all change in the summer when I have a tan! Great post!

  5. Some lovely items here Mary. Yellow is definitely a great colour on you and I’m hoping to add some to my SS18 wardrobe this year. I remember the Bloomsbury material very well. This will make a gorgeous skirt.
    Laurie xx