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Tuesday 13 March 2018

You know I'm tight when ... The Tube Cutter .

Hi my darlings, hope today is bringing you joy and fulfilment.

Today's been a gob-smackingly gorgeous Spring day so it's brought me joy and fulfilment in bucket loads.  Last week, not so much.  Whilst I wasn't quite confined to barracks, I did spend more time indoors than I would have liked due to rain and winds.  

On one such stir-crazy day, I found myself walking around the bathroom noting signs that a pensioner lives in this house!  You know, random little things,  money-saving, some quirky, some a tad old-lady.  And I started taking photos because, well, because I just like sharing with you guys !

When I took stock of the photos, I realised that these aren't funny ways I'd taken up now that I'm living on a reduced income.  I realised that some are things I've been doing since my early teens, like the one I share with you here today.  
Creams came out of pocket money back then in my teens, or from holiday job earnings, and I often found myself with a seemingly empty tube of moisturiser or foundation, and no money for a replacement.  So I eked every last drop of everything. 
And so this frugal habit has continued, apparently.

 So without further waffle, here's my first stop during my pictorial walkabout.  You know I'm tight when you see ...

this.  The cut tube.

 Tubes eventually appear to be empty.  But they are so not!  I dissect the tube, then I "live" off the cream that would otherwise have been thrown away with the tube.  Often there is an amazing amount still in the tube.  Often I live off the dregs for days.  (I use this Clarins product on an irregular basis so it lasts for simply ages anyway) 

The Clarins plastic is quite hard to snip but this is a better example of my work ...


This is usually the end result, a much neater sealed container.  Aethestically pleasing and far more hygienic as the tube is properly sealed.

BTW, I have quickly become infatuated with this moisturiser.  If you haven't already developed your own little love affair with it I really do recommend you try it.  And Boots is selling this Simple Water Boost Hydrating Gel Cream at half price right now, £3.49, so it would be rude not to try it eh?

So let's talk about gels.  
I just love the feel of gels on my skin.  And I swear gel does something quite magical to older skin.  Gel seems to tighten the skin as it moisturises and my skin feels fresher, cleaner too.

So with this big gelmance going on,  I grab an eye gel whenever I can.  Same thing, gel's divine on the eyes too. OK, brace yourselves.  Waitrose Pure Eye Gel is sold at £1.33.  And frequently Waitrose does one of those BOGOFs on it.  I pounce and scoop up multiple buys!

With these two buys my whole face is fully moisturised for under a fiver!

Now, a warning.  If you've read about my approach to about eye hygiene (SEE HERE) , it will not surprise you that I definitely do not advocate using the thrifty cutting open technique with eye products.  Nuff said.

I keep my face clear of any creams or products at night.  My face likes this break and shows its thanks by feeling moist when I wake up. Each to her own, this may not work for your skin type but that's the way my skin rolls.

So with no night cream,  that really IS my full 24/7 skin care for under £5!

And now, this is probably quite "duh", but I've only just realised that the amount that's squeezed out of tube with one squeeze before it runs out of puff is probably the right amount per application.

Yeah, it's really DUH and I am a tad embarrassed about only realising this recently but it really stands to reason that the clever designers would design tubes so that the prescribed amount  comes out in one splosh on your hand.
So, I've got that off my chest, but if you haven't worked that one out yet, well, you're welcome!

And finally, here's the funny thing.   I thought it was just old me who cuts her tubes, so to speak!  But I think Anna of Mutton Style has been tube cutting and Lisa of Coast to Coast showed a pic of her tube work yesterday.  Great minds eh?

So, dear readers, today I've shared with you two great moisturizing products.  And I've shared tube-cutting to get the most from your buys, but maybe you've been doing this for years too?   Maybe you've got money saving tips you'd like to share today?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments box below ..

A la perchoine.


  1. Oh I'm a tube cutter too. Now that I'm a pensioner I squeeze, push, prod and scrape every last drop. I'd love to choose cheaper brands but unfortunately my skin doesn't. I do agree about gels though.

    1. All that scraping's gotta be done, eh Pieta, especially when you're paying Top Aussie-Dollar! Have you tried the unperfumed ranges in the cheaper brands?
      We 💕 gels!
      Have a great day. Hugs, x.

  2. You are in good company my friend - we are tube cutters here and I ALWAYS empty my shampoo and conditioner bottles completely. I have a container I let them drain into since I can't really cut the bottles. Makes perfect sense! We are proud members of the Sisterhood of the Adulterated Tubes!

    1. Welcome, fellow tube-cutter. Oh I love that idea with the bottles, you are GOOD! Love our Sistahood!
      Hugs, my creative cost-cutter, x.

  3. I'm a tube cutter too, however, I usually pop the part with the cream/gel etc into a little polythene bag so that it does not dry out. So glad to hear that I'm not alone in this little habit.

    1. Oh, so excising, another tube-cutter! That's a good idea with the bag thing, saves trying to be creative with two bits of tube! Welcome to the Sistahood, cost-cutting Christy! Hugs, x.

  4. I do the same with my tubes! I close them with hair clips or clothes pegs to stop them drying out. If not I store them wrapped in food bags!
    I'm sending you an email in the morning Mary. Keep your eyes peeled!
    Laurie xx

    1. Oh my Laurie, you tube-cutters out there are creative. Loving your ideas. And am sooo excited about this intriguing email! Eyes peeled as I type (making typing a tad difficult!). Hugs my lovely, x.

  5. Yes I'm a recent advocate or convert . I was astonished at how much was left inside . A complete month's worth in one case .

    1. Oh that's gotta be a record. Pretty good work for a newbie!

  6. I'm the opposite to you, Mary, I like creams to be creamy...

    When my face wash runs out (Superdrug Vit E - 5.00) I'm going to try the tube cutting thing....

  7. Do you know what, I've never though of doing that, but I do tip the rest of the soap contents into the new container, there's another ten or so washes left in there! Lol - old habits and that ... Happy Thursday Mary. xx