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Thursday 15 March 2018

Flowers and Fluff on MotherIng Sunday

Well, my dearies, I hope you all had a nice day on Sunday, Mum's and non-Mums alike.  Sunday's are for everyone after all!

I was pampered royally with flowers, cards, gorgeous food, a super family time, and a shellac manicure! More on all of that later but first, the OOTD!!

The Outfit

I had been longing to try out this floral skirt in winter mode (and yes, Terri, it IS 2nd Loved!).
It's a flared skirt so in order to temper down the bulk around the hips it needs something snug over the area, or a longer heavier draping to weigh down the bulk.  Have you found that with gathered skirts?
 I first tried the snug approach.

This M&S charity shop find luckily has many shades of red and in there is one that is pretty close to my winter wardrobe's berry fave.  I teamed it with a berry long sleeved t-top from Next, and the Peacocks belt in an attempt to define at least a hint of waist!

Then I moved to heavy draping with a berry "twinset" - Peacocks cardi and a berry cami from the same range.

I was over-the-moon happy with this outfit.  It brought a summer skirt into a valid winter context, creating a Spring look.  A pop of floral feminity peeping out from an otherwise monochrome berry wintry landscape.  I felt sassy in this and hopefully you see it as a successful outfit too?

Not one to waste a photo shoot on just the one outfit, I then tried my 20 year old H&M paisley skirt.  It has shades of berry in it too.

This is another variation with the berry twinset that I've had hovering in my head since I bought the cardi.  It looks a little more serious, thought I, less frivolous than the first skirt.  A bit too serious maybe?
The Photographer must do serious.  I gave him the choice - he chose the paisley.  

But I must bring that floral skirt out to play at least one more time before spring ends.  It's a challenge with opaques - bare-legs opens up the colour options. Maybe something neutral like black or grey polo neck, opaques and boots? 

The Food

Mothering Sunday lunch.

Wowzers, it was a tasty meal.  DIL makes the most amazing yorkies!  She is the Queen of The Yorkshire in our family.  And Son is The Meat Chef, The King of Steaks.  He loves cooking steaks and roasts.  Well!!!!  I'm not a huge meat eater, mainly because it has to be melt in the mouth for me to truly enjoy it.  For many years the best ever beef I'd had was in my firm's directors' dining room abroad, back in the day.  That "best" has held it's place firmly for twenty years.  Until Sunday.  Son, your roast beef was the best beef I have EVER tasted!  Thank you. 


The Other Granny is the Queen of Puds, just look at her yummy chocolate cheesecake that she brought to the party, together with a cherry coulis.  Black Forest Cheesecake! So yummy.

We finished off this perfect day with a family walk with His Royal Fluffiness.

Thank you, lovely people, for a wonderful day.

The Totally Random Bonus Feature

So what am I the Queen of, apart from being self-proclaimed Queen of Pouts?

Well, all I can come up with right now is Queen of the Retro Photo.  I came across this a few days ago.  1967.  Much slimmer.  I had KNEES back then.  I had LEGS!  
The dress had a matching double breasted coat.  The fabric was heavy navy/white pinstripe linen which hung beautifully and it was lined.  I loved the cut of this dress, a waist seam joined a sculptured bodice and an a-line skirt. It was my fave for years.   
I was barefoot as I was on the beach.
Ahhh, memories, eh?

Now readers, over to you!

 Tell me. do you have a favourite outfit from BITD that springs to your mind, an outfit or piece that you will NEVER forget?

Do you wear summer skirts in winter?  Do you have any tips on how to adapt them out of season?  
And if you don't mix seasons, why not test-drive the look today -  introducing a bit of summer to winter = spring outfit!

I'd love to hear from you in the comments box below.

A la perchoine.


  1. See fashionable all you like you hottie! Look at them gams! Love that floral skirt, you are giving me all the Spring vibes. Mr. Nine is not a man of the kitchen but one of our sons is a Meat king too, mama makes the sides! Happy weekending lovely!

    1. Oh thanks, my lovely friend, you always bring a smile to my world. It's super to have cooking specialists in the house, eh. Division of duties is the way to go! Wishing you a Cloud Nine of a weekend, x.

  2. Hello Ms. Pout-haven't commented in a while but am reading along each day and enjoying your posts. The description of your linen dress made me want to whip up a few for the coming-way-too-soon Arizona summer! It is cute and simple, just what I like. My fave dress from BITD was from Liz Claiborne and was some kind of silky turquoise fabric, cap sleeves with a fitted waist and a gently flared skirt-LOVED IT and always felt great wearing it. Kind of a bright color for me back then (early '80's) but now I wear turquoise all summer, especially in jewelry as I find it lights up my fair complexion. Yes, lots of sun in Arizona. No, I do not tan just quickly burn. (that's the Scandi in me!) You also got me to wondering where my knees have gone and how that happened without me noticing!!

    So glad that you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Thanks for sharing the yummy treats. Here's to a great weekend!

    1. My lovely Julies, how better is my world now that you are back in it. Your fave dress of all time sounds gorgeous and similar in style to mine, but dissimilar in colour, slightly. Go on make one this spring! Mine had a waist panel cut on the diagonal, from recollection.
      Yes, Arizona must present its challenges to your Scandi skin. Big hat. Factor 50.
      Knees, eh. Where DO they go? For years I thought that I'd NEVER had legs, then I saw this photo and it was, ooops, where did I put that pair of fine pins?!
      So I'm hoping that you're having a super weekend. I was in Arizona in February 10 years ago. Blindingly hot in Phoenix, even then. Yet we had snow when we went on passed Sedona to Prescott. A friend did rocky rides around the red rocks so we had a scary trip out with him. Wowzers! I have lovely photos of that, lovely memories. Knus og kram fra mig, skat, x.

  3. Well how sweet was your Mothering Sunday? So sweet I'd say! I love the floral skirt - it is so pretty with the darker top. I can't believe you have a 20 year old skirt from H&M! I'm going to have to say that you and Brian are siblings - he pulls those shenanigans too.
    I have only had Yorkshire pudding once at a friend's house and it was delish. Love that your son cooked for you. I want a piece of that cheesecake - now! YUM!!!
    That old picture of you is really something - how fun - you look so stautuesque and regal- like a royal I'd say!
    Have the best weekend!!

    1. The skirt was bought in Zurich which was my first H&M shopping in 20 years! That's why I remember it so well, it was a milestone. I used to wear it with black jackets for work, now I'm trying to smart-casualise it. I hope you're sharing all of this with Bri, or maybe he reads my blog too ? :-).
      So impressed you've experienced Yorkshires. Are you sure you're not a Brit? I went to the optician yesterday and greeted her with "Hello, my pretty!", then realised what I'd said and had to quickly explain that I've been hanging out with you guys - think you and I are switching nationalities ... !
      Oh, statuesque and regal, LOVE IT!!!
      Have a super weekend, love to Brian, x.

  4. I'm so happy you had a wonderful Mother's Day. The floral skirt outfit is just beautiful. And wow, that old photo of you is stunning. You look like a movie star!

    1. You you are so flattering with the movie star thing!!! So pleased how that skirt is working out. Hugs, x.

  5. Love love that first outfit Mary! The floral skirt and jumper work so well together.
    Laurie xx

    1. Oh thanks Laurie and so did, using felt so perky in it! I totally expected TP to choose that one. Hope things are going OK. Hugs, x

  6. Like Laurie I adore that first outfit . Clearly the photographer is not at one with slightly edgy. He needs updating Mary 😊. So don't give him choices in future :)

    1. Oh heck, maybe you're right! My bottom lip quivvered when he chose serious over edgy ...
      Thanks for the advice, but don't tell TP eh?!!
      Hope you are having a lovely start to your week, icy here but snow flurries only. Hugs, x

  7. Oh, you crack me up! I don't have anything floral yet-it has been on my list forever but nothing appeals! I will go with the berry top and belt-with the fullness of the skirt,it's perfect. I also notice Brussels Sprouts on your plate-YUM

    I love your photo from '67. Remember how well the clothes were made back then? Take care xox

    1. Thank you so much, Terri! I think we are alike, I really struggle with prints, it's got to be just right, eh, otherwise we stick with plain. That's why I pounced on this floral. And aren't sprouts the yummiest?!
      Yes, when I was describing this dress I was drooling, remembering the classiness of this dress. At least you get quality by making a lot of your clothes, Terri.
      Have a huggly week, x.