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Saturday 25 November 2017

Testing The Sweater As a Dress

Happy Saturday, my dears, and Happy Boxing Boxing Thanksgiving to all you American ladies reading this today.  If you are reading it tomorrow, please add another Boxing, and so on and so on ... ad infinitum.

Right, today I'm going to attempt quite a challenge ... keep this post light on words, heavy on pics.  You see, I've just spent the past few hours attempting to set up my annual Christmas Card.  And getting nowhere.   Oh, not quite right, my single achievement has been to load two photos on to the card site.  Two photos.  Nothing more.  So I need to walk away from the Christmas Card project and update you on my grey sweater done as a dress.  Then walk away from the laptop.

Recently, I showed you the piece as a cowl-neck sweater here.  So I tested it out as a dress and as I wanted to see how it performed as a dress IRL, I took it out into the real world.

I had various things to do, errands I think you call them.  Getting house keys cut, shopping, that sort of stuff.  Errands.

Whilst waiting for the key cutting, I used the time to wander around the area, enjoying the beautiful day and the pretty views. Castle Cornet can be seen in the distance and the island of Sark can just about be seen on the horizon.  The air was so clear that all nearby islands were visible.  
And I kept my real life real by not editing out the skip!

Here's a bit of visual story telling about Othon's visit to Guernsey.

No, nothing stinking in the State of Denmark, just an unfortunate shot!

And here I am with Othon, a Swiss visitor to the island about 800-900 years ago, BITD anyway.

I spent some time standing outside what used to be my office windows, with views across the pretty bay to the historic castle.  So uplifting.  I also spent time leaning on lampposts.

I spent a lot of time carry around the wrap I totally did not need, so warm was this lovely day.

I tested my dress some more, shopping at Waitrose for fruit.  We're really into Pink Lady apples.

So my grey sweater as a dress was really given a good work out.
What I realised is this.  The bardot neck rolls up, IRL.

And I've worked out why.  I bought the wine sweater/dress in one size down.  Because the grey was rapidly selling out, I bought it in what was available, two sizes down, resulting in the neck being a little tight on the shoulders.

Of course, a scarf would cover. it.  But on my return home, I pinned a silver brooch in the front centre of the neckline, anchoring it to the bottom of the ribbing.  That worked a treat, the collar stayed in place.  Other than that, the fit of the "dress" itself is fine.

And ladies, just look how I started out.  Anyone would think it was November! 
I ended up carrying the poncho round town as it was far too hot for anything but the dress on its own, then when shopping I just draped the tartan scarf over my shoulders, as supermarkets can sometimes be chillier than outside.

Here's how Dotty P sees this being worn.  On a tall, slim lady it really is a long sweater.  It would be rather embarrassing on her as a dress, don't you think?!
I see that they pull the bardot waaaaaay down over the shoulders - that will be my next look in my 3-ways-2-wear with this cosy item.

I'm very happy with with sweater/dress and the versatility it offers for someone of my height.
It's a cosy piece which is going to be a little workhorse this winter.  You will get bored seeing it over the next few months, it's going to be that much of a workhorse.!

Have you been trying out sweater dresses?  Or sweater/dresses?
And bardot necklines? 

Wishing you a lovely lazy Sunday 
And hey, I think I've done what I set out to achieve, a post pretty light on words, eh?  Result!

A la perchoine.


  1. Your 'dress' looks great. I don't have much luck with bardot necklines either, they won't stay in place. I wonder why supermarkets are always much cooler that you need a wrap or cardi. I guess its to keep the produce fresh.

    1. thanks so much Pieta and I'm so relieved to hear that others struggle with the bardot neckline, thought my shoulders had gone slopey!
      Yes, I expect supermarkets have their work cut oit to keep the produce fresh but there is one M&S supermarket here where the checkout staff are issued with fleeces and mittens in winter!
      Thanks for popping in, hugs, x.

  2. This looks fab on you as a dress Mary. I'm only 5'2 and not sure what your height is? I love it with the Tartan wrap too. I'm in Essex at the mo and it's absolutely freezing! Just about to catch up on all your posts xx

    1. Thanks, lovely Laurie. I'm one and a bit inches taller, so with your super legs this sweater-as-a-dress would look stunning on you.
      Pleased to hear you've found some time to catch up with me but oh dear, the weather sounds dodgy. TP is over in Essex in a few days time so he's taken heed from your headsup and has just thrown into his case some warm woollies, hat, scarf and gloves and has now up-graded his jacket to "serious winter"! He thanks you so much for your on-site report.
      Keep warm and hugly-snuggly, x.

  3. The sweater looks great as a dress, and I really love it with the plaid scarf. You live in the most interesting place! I really love seeing your photos. :-)

    1. Well, thanks Sue, and now that I've worked out what to do with the neckline, I think it's going to be a winner.
      I am so pleased you like seeing where I live, I'm the same with bloggers I read too. I think it helps to understand the blogger's posts a bit more.
      Hugs, have a nice week, x.

  4. Well done friend!!! This looks fabulous on you as a dress and I am happy to see it works IRL. The bardot collar is nice but I always find myself pulling and adjusting when I wear one, aren't you just the smartest with your brooch trick? So clever!
    I am really loving seeing where you live, what a beautiful place! And your old office? How nice that you had such a lovely view! And is that a portrait of you I see over your shoulder? From what I can tell it is stunning like you. Seem TP is rather obsessed with his muse, eh?
    Have a wonderful day my friend!

    1. Thanks, Mrs R, but yes, aren't these bardots just more than a bit annoying. I feel like Dotty P should have me on their payroll, It's not the first time I've had to tweak a design to bring it into real world living.
      Yes, my office was amazing. It filled my heart to arrive there at about 7.30am and see the beautiful morning colours on the castle. I was a very lucky girl to nab myself that space and it was huge too, so I had plenty space to hide away my stash of heels and wear just clunky flats for the drive in!! Aahh, memories.
      Well spotted, one of my colleagues asked me to pose for her on my leaving do ten years ago, then presented me with this beautiful painting of my pout a few weeks later. As I say, memories ...
      Hope you week is going well, back to full working weeks, eh!
      Hugs, x.

  5. What a fabulous dress. I can see you getting a lot of mileage out of this and you wear it so well. Lovely pics of your island too.

    1. Thank you so very much, Christy, and you are so right, this baby is going to earn its keep. So pleased you enjoyed the pics, the beautiful clear day inspired me to take some shots and use my key waiting time fruitfully!
      Hugs and have a super week, x.

  6. This works fantastic as a dress. I will have to admit,those kind of collars drive me crazy be cause I am always fussing with them. I had one I had gotten from the charity shop and it got re-donated. Adding the scarf like you did would have been a great idea but alas, someone else is playing with that sweater now. And I enjoyed the little tour of Guernsey. It's such a beautiful place. Take care, Terri

    1. Hi Teri, it's not often being a shortie works to my advantage!
      OK, it's official, seems like not one reader so far finds these bardot collars anything other than mega-fiddly. The brooch trick is obviously too late for your, bardotless Teri, but why oh why don't designers get these innovations tested out in day to day life? Maybe that's something to ask your Kansas City designer friends sometime ...? I'd love to hear their views.
      So glad you enjoyed you brief trip around the locksmith's 'hood, I'll have to get out and about a bit more.
      Have a lovely week, keep warm, x.

  7. This is a brilliant buy because it looks wonderful as a dress on you as well as a sweater. I loved the animal print scarf with it and the tartan blanket scarf also looked great with it. You didn't say if those are tights or leggings underneath the dress...

    We love Pink Lady apples, too - very crisp and crunchy!

    It's bloody freezing here.

    1. Yes, brilliant to get a two in one with this sweater and it would work for you too, Vronni, I think we're about the same height.
      Thanks for your sweet words. I'm wearing opaque tights, which weirdly shine on camera but they're matt IRL. I've never got into leggings this time round, they looked awful on me in the 80s so I dread to think what I'd look like now!!
      Yes, the weather's changing fast and I saw snow flakes on the Prince Harry footage this evening! Keep warm, sweet lady, x

  8. Forget the card, just do a pin up calendar for the photographer of your poses. Lovely clear day to see over to Sark. You've got a great dressumper there. I do like wool dresses. I've just ordered one. My existing one is about 10 years old and going strong. Easy to feel good in one isn't it. Glorious spot to have worked. I just look onto buildings.

    1. Now THAT'S an idea!! And Snapfish has 50% off ending tomorrow! Love your dressumper word too. Looking forward to seeing yours, they're an easy one-piece of smart wear. Yes, I was so thankful for my office, the view was a de-stresser, I'm sure. Hugs dearie, hope this week is going well, x.

  9. Mary, you are such a hoot with your commentary. I love it! I also love your IRL sweater as a dress. And the plaid wrap over your shoulders whilst shopping for your pink lady apples is darling! Great job friend. Happy Tuesday and good luck with the Christmas cards. I've got to get on that myself! XOXO

    1. Thanks Lisa, but I'm just tellin' it like it is! My blog is very IRL, so taking my outfits out shopping seems so appropriate.
      My first card day was a disaster, but I dusted myself down and the next day I actually managed to complete my order. #feelingsmug! Wishing you good luck with yours. Hugs, x.

  10. Wow! I can't believe this is actually a sweater and not a sweater dress. It looks amazing on you as a dress! I love all the ways you styled it too!

    1. Yes, amazing eh? Helps to be titchy sometimes! Thanks so much for your sweet words, Amy. Hugs, x.