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Thursday 16 November 2017

Is It Me Or Is It Them? Part II

Just a quickie today to update you on my Gabor boots story in my last post.

I popped into my local Gabor stockist,

Before leaving for the shop I chose to accessorise my outfit with a cheeseplant leaf.  Then at the shop I slipped into a half size bigger boot, which felt fine and not too big at all.

(Spot the photobomber!  Yes. His Royal Fluffiness decided to muscle in on some of Lady Leoprint's action.)

Unfortunately the shop's choices were limited, as I would expect for a shop on a small island with a small catchment area as they will be limited on how many styles they carry.  So I couldn't find my boot.

But I sported my new Enfields for this little reccie, so snugly comfortable.

During the course of this little sagaette, I realised that Charles Chinkard doesn't offer free returns.  I've never had to return Gabor boots before, so I hadn't spotted that.  Pretty silly not to have done my research thoroughly before placing my bootsfest order, eh?
However, I found the Polyannas on the John Lewis site with free postage either side, ladies, so they're on the way but in a larger size.  Debenhams offers the same terms and they've got a nice grey suede alternative.  So a pretty happy bunny is typing this post today.

In the meantime, you lovely readers have fed me much important and interesting information.  Janice tells me feet can ossify as we age and as a result, do get bigger. I've heard tales of backs of boot heels caving in when putting on boots, one particular foot not fitting into boots, and so on.  And Audrey tells me that it is Gabor as she's been through the same thing and thought that she'd tried on two mismatched shoes, so differing were the fits.
Well, you've all been so helpful and enlightening, as ever, and it's good to hear that I'm not alone in these experiences.

It seems that I can't rely on boot sizing any longer.  I can't rely on brands' consistency of sizing, even within a pair.  And something weird is going on with the inner heels of boots.
Or perhaps it's my ossifying feet!

I thank you so much for being the helpful, sharing people you are.

And so the nubuck ankle boot replacement saga continues ...

Buy Carvela Comfort Rida Mid Heel Ankle Boots Online at

And this saga continues too!  Carvela have only gone and produced my dream boots in this punchy statement colour as well as grey and they're gone and lowered the price a tad too!

A la perchoine.


  1. Hiarious post Mary. I've not thought of using some greenery to enliven my outfit, but will maybe try that in the future. I have to say that the Carvela boot is looking mightily tempting - will you go for it (in grey perhaps?) or maybe both colours!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Anna x

    1. Thanks so much, Anna, my outfit needed a pop of colour, so much grey and black. And apropos that, I've just done pics with tiny pops of wine accessories (no, that's not messy drinking spillage!. I like greys and blacks, I have a lot and I can see that dribbles of wine or raspberry does so lift the look. So I'm veering towards the colour above, but they are so pricey for an impractical shoe,and I'm not even familiar with the brand. Who knows where this will lead?!
      Enjoy your "full" winter weekend, hugs, x.

  2. Love your blog! And this post is so fun. Those booties are fabulous! Thanks so much for joining our Style Wise Link Up party today!

    1. Hi Cheryl, so pleased you enjoy the blog. The boots are indeed fabulous. I'd love to walk around with fabulous on my feet! Thanks for popping in. Hugs, x

  3. That cheeseplant leaf is trending as this season's hottest accessory! We have you to thank. Good thing I dubbed you Lady Leoprint because Lady Cheesecloth just doesn't do it.
    Diggin' the hair up, sort of a sexy secretary look goin' on. this the secret to having your husband mix a good G&T? If so, I better get to gettin'!
    I thought of you and your Gabor wars today. I've ordered a few pair of black booties from Nordstrom and one arrived last night. I could barely get my foot in that dang thing! Ugh! So back it went. I read the reviews that said it fits true to size. Apparently it fits true to everyone's size but mine!
    Hoping we both find success soon!
    Hugs my friend!

    1. Oh Mrs R, you ARE a card ... Lord L loved your G&T and secretary mix! Isn't that so weird, it's not just with Gabor this is happening. It's almost like the zip opening differs from left to right. With Gabor, it's the left that I struggle with. You must have thought the Pout gremlin had gone shopping with you! Good luck with your hunt. And hope you get to see your movie soon, hugs, x.

  4. I'm glad you took a leaf out of my book after my foliage jaunty crown. We're trending. Sorry about your bootmare. I looked at some Gabor recently but the shop I was in was too limited. I'm still wearing my dependable bendables. Boring maybe but comfortable.

    1. Oh,like the pun AM! Only realised the leaf was there when I downloaded. Must pop over to IG to see what's been creeping on your head! Yup, seems online is where the Gabor choice is. The dependables really are the best boot but they aren't for every outfit and occasion, sadly. Hope your weekend is going well. Hugs, x.

  5. Thanks for linking up your awesome outfit post at the Top of the World Style linkup party. You look stunning. These de-saturated monochromatic outfits are so elegant.

    Nicole of High Latitude Style

    1. Thank you so much, Nicole. I'm going to have to look up de-saturated monochromatic, I'm a bit behind the times!
      Happy thanksgiving tomorrow up in Alaska, keep warm, x.