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Wednesday 8 November 2017

LCS - In Search of the Ruffle

LCS.  The acronym for Last Chance Salon.  Yes, I loved Jean's play on words so much that I tweaked my title for this November series.  Thank you, Jean.

I was going out on a lunch date and being brave and fearless as I am, I wore another of my wardrobe "challenges". 

A white ruffle blouse which I've had for about 15 years and I can't think of a time I've ever worn it. See, yet another example of how I defiantly pooh-pooh the "if you haven't worn it for (insert any period from 6 months to 2 years but definitely not 15 years!) then chuck it out"  approach.
I think I've taken it out periodically over the years, washed it, intended to give it another try ...  and it never happened.

With my ruffles I wore a chunky cardi.  I think it was my first ever Woolovers order so that dates it about 5 years +.

As well as hoarding clothes, I hoard inspos.  This one came from the first ever blogger I found, Lady of Style.  The lovely Annette posted something similar very early on and I kept a photo of it but it's on my old laptop, so sorry I can't share.  Just take my word for it, this outfit is in the spirit of Annette's.

When I first saw the idea and tried it out a few years ago, The Photographer With Fashion Views declared it "messy" and pooh-poohed it (this household seems to have a propensity to pooh!).
When I sported pretty much the same outfit again here, no pooh-poohing occurred.  I think his views have softened.  Or maybe ennui has set in ...

Moving on, I took this outfit out to lunch and the extra layer of the shawl was just right for the temperature, which is cooling :-(.  We met a friend at La Grande Mare.  I do have yummy photos but I'll refrain from posting them as some of you virtuous ladies may be on a pre-Christmas diet.  But suffice to say, 3 fabulous courses, £12.50.  One cannot possibly argue with that, eh?  We are towards the end of this year's Tennerfest and a shout out to my Guernsey readers, the LGM's is absolutely the best Tennerfest meal, as always.

I got home and thought "Hey, don't waste an outfit by wearing it just the one way, leverage it!"

So I tried out a look I'd been hoarding for a few weeks, found on Pinterest.

I searched around for ruffles to achieve the Pinterest look and found these items at M&S.  But as often happens, before I clicked "buy" my searching revealed that I have similar in my stash, so I ear-marked them for the look.

I didn't have the fancy belt but this was a start, I felt.

The jacket is from M&S, ca. 1995, so it's getting some 2nd lovin'.

It's a tux and I used to slip it over evening dresses for a light outerwear layer.

I have never before worn it with anything other than evening dresses.

It sort of felt funky this way.  Edgy.  Lady Leoprint.
Masculine tailoring meets frilly feminine.

So the day was a day of mega achievements

I tried out looks I've been hoarding for weeks and even years.

I wore my 1995 tux, 2017-style.  A15 year old blouse I don't think I've ever worn before has been put on the LCS programme and it has achieved 2 out 3 of the 3-ways-to-wear discipline I'm applying to new and old items in my wardrobe.
What can I say?  This was a good day.

You know, I'm quite excited about trying the tux and ruffles look in the real world. I feel just a little edgy in this outfit.  Is this a look you fancy trying?  Or perhaps have already tried?
And have you been giving anything from your wardrobe a Last Chance?
Oh, and just before you go - I'm a bit stumped on a third way to style my ruffles.  Can you help?  Can you come up with any ideas?  I'd be so grateful if you can so please pop in your ideas in the comments box below.
(And Vronni, hope you like my work with the photo sizes!)

A la perchoine.


  1. Yes Mary, I noticed - much better!

    I love the ruffle blouse. I have one, too but it doesn't have a ruffle along the bottom...

    How about a skirt, ruffle blouse and a waistcoat/sleeveless jacket or more likely; trousers/jeans with ruffle blouse and waistcoat?

    I might have a go with my ruffle blouse I haven't worn it for yonks...

    1. I am to please, Vronni! It's difficult remembering because all upload in that same smaller size. But hopefully sometimes my brain will engage ...
      Thanks for your suggestions. I don't have one of those long waistcoats which I see you and others wearing but I have a couple of "man" waistcoats lurking somewhere, so will give them a try and check back in!
      Looking forward to see you in your ruffle glory soon, hugs, x.

  2. Thank you, Pout. I embarked on that closet purge, one garment at a time. Suddenly a couple of dresses that I could never style well enough to wear have presented themselves in a whole new light. Maybe coming to the Last Chance Salon gave them life, or at least courage.

    1. Oh, I'm so thrilled that the LCS is already working for you, Jean! Are you going to post your try-ons?
      Wishing you a happy weekend ahead, hugs, x.

  3. That's such a fabulous blouse Mary, I can't understand how it lay unloved for 15 years! Mind you, I have a VERY frilly blouse hich I haven't worn for about 10 years - I'm convinced that the "New Romantic" look will come back into fashion, preferably without the knickerbockers.

    1. Oh no, not the knickerbockers!!
      I think I know why I struggle with the blouse. 1) I don't have a "frilly" body, 2) the fabric is diaphanous; starch might help (if it still exists) but it will still be slightly see-through which means it needs a cami if worn on its own and that's just extra faff to lazy old me, 3) it's pure white and sometimes my skin can't take that.
      Now sweetie, you are going to please me and do a post with your VERY frilly blouse, aren't you? Pretty please?
      Hugs for a good weekend, x.

  4. That Last Chance Salon of yours is filled with some diamonds, eh? My husband would love this - he has clothes from the 90s he still wears (FYI I HATE him for still fitting in them)and he always says if you keep clothes long enough they come back in style. If he has contacted you on the sly report this to me immediately as he may be trying to thwart my shopping behavior by reaching out to my friends. But I digress.
    I love that ruffle blouse on you! The shawl looks fab with it too - so stylish. And that tux jacket - yes ma'am edgy, edgy, edgy. Good thing you kept both pieces because what was old is new again!
    Hugs to you Lady Leoprint,

    1. Sorry Mr R, we've been rumbled! I don't think my co-conspirator and I really have a strategy, truth be told, but we are discovering that hoarding makes sense when we see the 20 year fashion cycle playing out before us.
      And FYI, no slyness has occurred (with me anyway !) but it would have been a cunning plan, eh?!!
      Thanks for saying such nice things about my old threads, honey bunch.
      Have a cool weekend, hugs, x.

  5. Totally agree with Kellyann. The ruffle blouse MUST stay and combined with the cardigan and the beautiful shawl it looks stylish and romantic. Then 'hello, tux jacket' and out comes the edgy, cool and sophisticated PP. Great day indeed!

    1. Hi LD, isn't it a great combo and such a swift change to take it from day downplayed to evening edgy. I've realised from the pics that the grey jeans maybe need binning though, they seem to be losing their oomph and are just sort of, well, as I've learned from my American friends, just sort of "meh".
      Happy weekend to you, my divine duchesse, hugs, x.

  6. Love both these looks on you. I remember way back when having a ruffle blouse - long gone I am sad to say. I think your LCS is a great idea for reassessing clothing that has been in the closet for a while. In the last year or so I have been quite ruthless with my closet so I don't think this idea will work for me right now but will store away for future use.

    1. Thanks so much Christy. What a shame about your ruffle blouse, but there's a limit to what we can keep, eh. Glad you like the Last Chance idea and I am most impressed by your work over the year, well done, you!
      Hugs and hope you're having a nice weekend. x.

  7. The ruffle blouse looks very nice on you, I'm not sure if I would wear one as i'm not a ruffle or bow person (what about the ironing )

    1. Thanks, Polly, and I am so with you there. I'm not ruffly either and am definitely NOT an ironer! It's fortunately a fabric that you just wash, hang out to dry and wear. My type of fabric!
      Happy weekend to you. Hugs, x.

  8. I love your ruffled blouse! Now, I want one!!

    1. Thanks so much Julie, I'm sure there are plenty ruffles still around in the shops.
      Happy weekend, hugs, x.

  9. Gail I loved the knickerbockers! I had a super grey pair that I loved and worn often! Your ruffles have inspired me today - i'm going to wear my Bonmarche navy beauty - many thanks Mary. x

    1. That should have ready Mary and Gail I loved the knickerbockers! Opps sorry. x

    2. Glad it's not just me who has fonger tribble!
      Oh, Jacqui, you have some knickerbockers! You are just going to HAVE to post them. along with your navy ruffles. Looking forward to checking out your New Romantics look soon, hugs x.

  10. Being large chested and top heavy myself, I avoid anything that involves extra material in tops: bows, ruffles, pockets over the boobs, etc. I really like the second way you styled. Very classy with a bit of edge!

    1. You are a wise dresser, Amy, knowing what works for our bodies is a bit part of looking good. Thanks for your sweet words, edgy was what I felt!
      Hope you are enjoying your weekend, hugs, x.

  11. This is why it's good to hoard! I do the same! I love all the pairings but I will say. I would have to iron out those ruffles. I know they are meant to be like that but if you iron them it would look completely different. I want to know your thoughts on that Mary! xx