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Friday 10 November 2017

My 50 year Reunion

Hello, my darlings.  Hope you are well.
This is just a quickie today.  Phew!,  I hear you say!!
I could tell you that I'm pushed for time as I am off to do something really interesting, but truth is, The Photographer has just shouted up that he's pouring me a G&T :-).  My weekend clearly starts here, and in a glass!

I recently went to an amazing event.  An office reunion with people I mostly hadn't seen for about 50 years.

I deliberated over what to wear for precisely no time at all.

Having this jumper in my wardrobe makes life so easy.  Because when dressing for the unknown, this Zara pearl top is just soooo perfect.

Add some black jeans and a pair of courts (pumps) and I'm good to go.

I bought this jumper in September and it is already proved itself to be indispensable. It's the perfect go-to when the occasion is a little bit more special than a trip to the pub, but not cocktail dress posh.  It can handle every situation in between.

Of course, a biker was needed for the chilly night.  Here, a Peacocks pleather waterfall biker.

This biker is another fits-most-occasions sort of jacket.  It's not rock chick and it's not WI, it's somewhere happily in the middle, which is where most of my socialising occurs.

I'd like to have shown you a photo of us all at our reunion dinner but 1) I'd have had to have asked every single person for their permission to publish and 2) I forgot to take a photo!

How did it go?  Brilliantly.  My first observation was that everyone looked the same as they did back then.  Yes, some of us had put on a bit of weight since our teens.  Yes, some had changed hair colour.  But we were all recognisable as our older selves.

I had known some of the girls at school before the office years.  One of them said "Mary, I bumped into you years ago and didn't recognise you.  But now you look like you did at school".  Well, make what you will of that.  I'm still pondering over what that means exactly.  But as you can see, I wasn't wearing a gymslip or navy gym knickers so it must have been something to do with my face!
Another said she used to call me Mary Quant because of my bob back then.  Aah, memories.

 No surprise that we chatted 19 to the dozen.   We were about 25 men and women.  Some old colleagues had moved off island and couldn't make it, some had sadly passed away.  
It dawned on me early on in the evening that there were so many stories to hear.  Each had had 50 years of living since I saw them last.  I so wanted to spend time with everyone, hearing their life stories, but the reality was that I chatted mostly to dining companions at my table.  I so wanted the evening to carry on and on, until I'd found out what had happened to each and every one of them.  That was not to be.

When I sent my thank you to the organisers the next day, I asked that we don't wait another 50 years for the next meet up ...

So, ladies, what are you like on reunions?  Have you had any lately?
Have you met up with old school friends or work mates?
Did you recognise each other?  What changes could you see?  I saw just a little bit more blonde in the room, but otherwise it seemed as though the last 50 years just had been a dream.

Ooops, must dash, the ice cubes are melting as I type.

A la perchoine.


  1. The more I hear about The Photographer the more I like him. He takes pictures and pours drinks? Yes, please.
    Now that I've seen your Zara jumper a few times I realize I need one too. I think you nailed it - it is the perfect piece when you want to take it up a notch but not too much. And of course that black moto jacket is so fabulous with everything. I need one of those too but in a lightweight material. Hmmm...looks like I have some shopping to do thanks to you my dear friend.
    Also? I don't go to reunions but I always think that perhaps I'll go when we reach the 50 year mark for high school. Actually as I type this I realize that's not entirely true because my sorority is having a reunion in the Spring and I am planning on going to that. So I guess in true Mrs. R fashion I am tweaking the rules a bit, I'm such a rebel.
    I hope you enjoy your weekend friend!

    1. Oh be warned, Mrs R, TP's had to be reined in with his measures. I gave him a 35 ml measure to use a few days ago. Now I have to drink two G&Ts!
      The jumper is darling and is sadly sold out over here but you may be lucky in the States. And your wardrobe desperately NEEDS this jumper. And a soft moto jacket like mine. But please don't tell Mr R I'm encouraging you to shop, now. I don't want him sending me reprimanding comments!
      Enjoy your reunion. Yes, I like that you tweak rules. Yes, I like that you are a rebel. I see these as endearing qualities, Mrs R!
      Wishing you a happy one, hugs, x.

  2. I chickened out of my 25th school reunion which was to be held at the old Arsenal football grounds in North London in 1997. I met up with two old school colleagues to discuss arrangements a few weeks before the event;it was lovely to see see them but I couldn't be arsed to go on the day...

    Glad your reunion went so well and your outfit was cool!

    1. Oh Vronni, that reunion sounds HUGE! Shame you missed it but you have to do what's feels right for you, eh. Perhaps the reunion was pitched too big.
      Thanks for liking the outfit.
      Have a happy week ahead, hugs, x.

  3. I would love a work reunion. I have actually tried to find my past work friends from years back, but have not had much luck. At the age of eighteen my father dropped the keys to my first Hairdressing salon in my hand. A very daunting time for me with 15 staff that became good friends and I'd give anything to find them now.

    1. Laurie, what a story, the handing over the keys sounds like the stuff of films! It must have been a daunting experience though, to suddenly be in charge of such a big undertaking. But it stood you in good stead for a successful career ahead.
      'Spect living on a small island is good in that respect, people tend to stick around more so they are a little easier to get hold of. But with social media as it is now, why don't you give it another try?
      Hugs, x.

  4. I knew the jumper would be a go-to. I haven't been to a reunion but I would be intrigued. Howwever linked in is enough for now:)

    1. Hi AM, such a shame Zara sold out of this jumper so quickly.
      I don't know what linked in is. Just when I've worked out what IG is (but am afraid to use it!), I now hear there's something else out there!
      Have a nice one, hugs, x.

  5. I have never been to a reunion. I have a hard time recognizing people in general, so I don't think I'd recognize anyone after 50 years. It sounds like you had a great time, and 'no' I have no idea what that woman meant by her comment. Weird. Love the outfit you chose!

    1. Well, the weird thing is that I struggle with faces/names these days too, but it seems that the people you know in early life are hard-wired and you recognise them instantly. Must be one of those aging things. Have you had any chance bumping intos with old school friends?
      Glad you liked the outfit. Hugs, x.