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Thursday, 15 December 2016

No Brow Investigation, Revisited

You may not have noticed but since I wrote No Brow Investigation and posted this pic here ...


... I've been experimenting with brow products.
Now I guess you have to kiss a lot of frogs with brow products, before you find your Prince Product.   I must have kissed about half a dozen frogs in the past few months.  
Frogs not are not good snoggers.

My fear of using brow products has been, and still is, that I will appear like a painted lady.  I think of ladies that I used to see around in the hood when I was younger.  Heavily made up and with very (badly) painted-on eye brows.  Hard lines.  In black or dark brown. 
Of course, my younger, unknowing, insensitive self didn't realise they were filling in the gaps. I thought they were trying to accentuate their brows, enhancing them.  But failing abysmally. 
Each to his own, I shrugged, I was busily plucking my bushy brows and didn't realise there was a tomorrow.  A tomorrow when the hair just ups and gos from your brow area.

That tomorrow is here to stay for the Pout. My day has come.  And I now know where that brow hair migrates.  Is it gravity that has pulled the hair from my brow and applied it to my chin?!


Through much buying and experimenting, I've found a product that seems to work best for me.  The biggest difficulty has been trying to find an old-lady-appropriate shade.  I've ended up somewhat euphemistically with a "blonde" shade, which seems closest to my grey.  Perhaps due to delicate and sensitive marketing, there is no brow product in "grey".  But the lighter colours seem to appear a gingery colour in photos.

 the kind of thing I've settled for.

I first apply the sponge end

 making a few bold sweeping strokes on the first part of the where-the-brow-should-be.  I then use the pencil end

 to draw a fine sweep to tail off the "brow" and use the pencil to fill in with a few feather strokes elsewhere.

And that really is as good as I can come up with.  A frog that's a slightly better kisser than the other frogs.  I still don't think I've found my Prince.

 I still feel that brow products don't offer a satisfactory alternative to browlessness.  My brows are still a thin line of hair, but whereas before they were pretty much invisible, a darker thin line seems to bring attention to my paucity of brow hair.  Makes their sparseness a glaring feature on my face.  

But I'll keep at it a while longer and I'm hoping that my artwork is giving my face some semblance of normality.  And hoping that kindly youngsters don't look at me and see an aging painted lady. Or a panto dame!

So, I'm sending out another all-persons-bulletin.  Is there a product out there, that works for the mature lady's brows?  One that you've tried and tested?  Can you answer my APB?

A la perchoine.


  1. Goodness. What a palava. Me, I've got surplus. Still having mine plucked.

    1. Hi Anna, it sounds like you'll probably be one of the lucky ones. You're right, it is a palaver, think I'll stop the painting!

  2. I use Grey eye pencil or brow powder. It works for me. I do tint my hair, but I learnt at a beauty masterclass that grey is a good shade to go for as we mature.I have used it ever since. HD Brows are a fabulous brand, and I have never heard a bad word about their services at a brow bar They tint your eyebrows as well, which can help thicken the hair slightly (google search HD Brows) Tatooing is supposed to leave remarkable effects if your brave! On my clients I use Ruby cosmetics Brow powder with stencils and this is excellent. It wont come off! I did write a post about brows, I could send you the link. I hope my ramblings are of some help Mary!

    1. Oh Laurie, this is just what I was hoping for. Someone who has tried and tested products and it sounds like you have such knowledge on the subject too. Wow! I'll look out for those products and colours and I would love to read your article if you could send the link. Thanks sooo much!

  3. Mary here is the link. I have just been reading through this post. It's quite an old post but nothing much has changed. I wrote this in my first year of blogging,it made me smile. I have learnt so much more since then. Only glad to help x

    1. Thank you so much, Laurie, so much information! The tatts and dye options aren't really for me but I will give the grey pencil a go and I think the stencils will be helpful too. We have limited choice on the island so I'll search out the brands you recommend online.
      Thanks so much again for your comments and,link, I'll give this brow palaver another shot!