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Thursday, 17 February 2022

What to wear for Sunday lunch

Hello my lovelies.

Are you looking for inspo for a Sunday lunch outfit?

Or a lunch outfit for just about any day of the week when you want to up your game from everyday jumper and jeans?

Then maybe I can help you. 

This was a comfy wear for a lovely Sunday birthday lunch with the family. 

A supersoft long cardi worn as a dress = a cardidress * !

With a few trimmings, of course. 

The khaki/olive and brown ensemble needed a third colour which fortunately I found in this old but pretty rust and khaki/olive fringed shawl. 

So ladies, try Khaki, brown and rust for a nice winter colour trio. 

Khaki cardidress, @zara 

Brown boots, @gaborshoesuk 

Draped shawl, #frenchmarket 

Brown belt, #noidea #cantremember 

#alloldclothes #allold 

And hey, this isn’t the first time I’ve worn a long cardi as a dress.

Here, a mottled navy long cardi, also belted, in the late 1960s. 

And here, an old brown merino cardi from East, this time unbelted but with a sturdy kilt pin used to avoid embarrassing exposure! 

So ladies, I hope here today I’ve given you some lunch outfit inspo, but also ways that you can wear a long cardi as a dress.

A la perchoine, Mary x. 

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  1. Hello Mary, it's lovely to see you again!

    I must say this has been a very fortuitous post for me to read. Last year I bought a long black, white and red cardi that I wore (once) as a coatigan. I was thinking that although I only paid 7.00 for it in a charity shop it wasn't a good buy as I haven't worn it much. Now I can try it as a dress and hopefully get more wear out of it! Thank you.

    You looked lovely in yours.

    1. Hi Vronni, yup I’m here and hope you are well. I feel I should post a little more so that blogger doesn’t close my account!
      Hey, good luck with that coatigan, I hope to see it soon on your blog. If it doesn’t have buttons, use one of your gorgeous brooches to seal the front.
      Hugs, Mary xxx.

  2. It's so nice to see a post from you again! Your cardigan dress works beautiful too, I really like that scarf with it and it's nice to see the other ways you've created this outfit with similar cardis over the years too! :)

    Hope your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Oops I replied to you on the blog Mica, but didn’t tag you! Thanks for popping in, wishing you a fab Sunday. xxx

  3. Hi Mica,
    I’ve been following your activities on Insta these past few months. I was so excited to find that I’ve been using these long cardis as a dress since the 1960s … trailblazer or what?!
    Hugs, Mary xxx.

  4. I guess I've haven't been checking my reader this week. Here you are again! This is Sunday and I'm going to the ballet this afternoon. Was planning to wear a long dress with boots so it's going to have the same feel, I think. I love that olive green cardigan that you have. I'm using olive green tomorrow for SIA. If I had that cardi of yours, I would have used that for sure. XOXO Terri

    1. Oh Terri, what a shame we don’t live nearer, you could have borrowed it! Your outfit sounds spot on for your do. And you haven’t been missing anything, I sometimes get in a panic to use my blog to keep it going, so right now I’m going to try to post a few times a week, to discipline myself!
      Hugs, Mary xxx.