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Wednesday 23 February 2022

Singing the praises of the Knitted Dress

Hi my lovelies!

Today I’m talking easy-wear.  And a knitted dress in winter doesn’t come much more easy that that!
It’s one and done.  Pull over your head and walk out that door, girl. 

I find myself wearing them a lot over the Christmas period because, hey, we’re all busy at Christmas eh, and faffing about what to wear and thinking up a three item outfit is definitely NOT on our burgeoning seasonal to do list. 

Worn here with a leopard fur cravat and thick soled winter boots from @echo.  Oh and thick wool tights, cos baby, it’s cold outside!

Yes, this old @monsoon dress fits the Christmas bill.  There’s something about a winter white dress at this time of the year that’s an instant “I’ve made an effort for Christmas”, when in fact I really haven’t 😉. 

A down coat from @uniqlo and a leather cap from New Zealand and I’m ready for anything the weather throws at me. 

Same dress, different day.  A longer scarf creates the illusion of a trimmer body.  I hope.  Higher heeled books creates a smarter lunch look. 
The knitted dress is so easy to dress up or down by simply changing boots and neckwear. 

Yet another day finds me wearing a fawn knitted dress, also from Monsoon, worn again with that fur cravat.  Brown leather boots from @gabor. 
I think the warm chocolate brown cosies up the dress. 

Same dress, but wearing ankle boots and accessorizing with black.

Occasionally the knitted dress isn’t solely a dress. 
It can perform other tricks. 

Some knitted dresses can be tucked up with a belt to create a long line jumper or worn over jeans as a tunic.  Here the Dotty P berry knitted dress is matched with berry coated jeans, belt and boots (the latter carried as an alternative styling suggestion). 

I’m one big walking talking berry!

A knitted dress can be made more eveningy.  
Here I’m maxing out on the Bardot neckline this berry dress has to offer.  In abundance!

I’ve got to admit I did think twice about buying a Bardot neck knitted jumper - it seemed a bit of a style oxymoron, an off the shoulder jumper, in winter !
But as you can see from the pics above and below, the neckline can be switched in varying degrees from snug to blatant Bardot so allows for varying temperatures and mood. 

And lastly with this one, let’s not forget the side tuck trick, scrunching up the side with a pony tail band.  

So knitted dresses aren’t limited to purely dresses.  They’re a tunic too, and various kinds of jumper.  

And this variation has all the comfort and ease of a knitted dress but it has some in-built glitz on the sleeves and around the v neck.   The metallic sequins can’t be seen clearly in this pic so you will have to trust me, they’re there!

Again, it’s from Monsoon. 
Monsoon does super knitted dresses every AW and usually offers at least one glitzy version with
Metallic trim design.  They’re worth looking out for, as this dress is a no-brainer when going out to something with an air of party about it.  
This kind of knitted dress is a go-to one 
-and-done slip-over-the-head essential for a
winter wardrobe. IMHO.  

Just add opaques and heels, a necklace or earrings, and you can work the room in ease and comfort, for once you’ve slipped this kind of dress on you can simply forget what you’re wearing and focus fully on schmoozing for the rest of the evening.

And you can forget what you’re eating too, as the knitted dress gently skims the waistline allowing you to say YES PLEASE! to that extra plate of canapés!

Oh and I must not forget the BIGGEST biggie the knitted dress has to offer  … taadah, it needs NO IRONING! 
It’s a pull out of the wardrobe, slip over the head simple five second process.  Every time.   

Ladies, I give you winter dressing at its most efficient and ergonomic - the knitted dress. 

So that’s me, singing the praises of a knitted dress ad nauseum.
Because they’re worth it. 

Have YOU discovered the easy wear the knitted dress has to offer?

Hugs, Mary x. 



  1. Fabulous looks!

    I'm a great fan of knitted dresses and possess one in navy by M&S. I'm constantly on the look out in the charity shops; the ones that I've found so far have been in colours I don't want so I'll keep on searching and hoping!

    I liked you in the long scarf look best - very elegant.

    1. Thanks Vronni, I agree that one worked best with the white dress. I think you were wearing that navy dress in a recent post, it looked very elegant.
      Hugs xxx.

  2. I wish knitted dresses worked for me! I have had a few over the years but all I do is realise at the end of winter that once again they were only worn at most a couple of times - we just don't have the weather for them! I do agree though that a good dress is such a versatile piece to dress up or down or style in different ways, even if I don't have any knitted ones in my wardrobe! I love adding a cosy scarf to a cute dress in winter :)

    Hope you are having a great week! :) Another wet and stormy one here!

    Away From The Blue

    1. Oh us too here with the wet and stormy Mica. 😱. Keep safe and cosy indoors.
      I guess a plain long sleeved jersey dress would work better for your climate and I’m sure you have plenty of those!
      Hugs, xxx.

  3. Love the dress Mary, you've styled it well along with many other Winter looks.
    Would love you to join my #linkup every Thursday - stop by #Chicandstylish with your posts. Hugs Jacqui xx

    1. Thanks Jacqui. I’ve gotta say I’m struggling to post on Insta with all that’s going on right now and have only just started posting here again, so baby steps eh!
      Hugs xxx.