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Wednesday 20 December 2017

Things I love about the Festive Season

Things I love about the Festive Season

Jacqui of MummaBStylish recently invited me to join in this Christmas tag thing.  It takes time to put together so at first I felt I just didn't have the space in my days to join in.  Then I discovered it was an ideal procrastination aid, so over the last few days I've been popping on to this page to put some stuff together.  Instead of wrapping pressies, cleaning the house, making stuffing for the freezer, re-hanging the fallen star ...

Here are the results of my labours.  Nothing too exciting or gobsmacking. But then, that's me all over!

My Favourite Christmas Movie.

White Christmas, of course.

Bringing Up Baby springs instantly to mind but I'm not sure if I've hit on the right Grant/Hepburn film, but that's a brilliant film even it's not the film I'm thinking of right now..  The film I'm trying to hit on is set in Connecticut or Vermont and with lots of snow.  Can someone help me on this?  Please!

Funny Farm

And this year's just has to be Daddy's Home 2

Ever had a White Christmas?
Many, in Scandinavia.

I have memories of pulling through a blizzard a sleigh piled high with presents, my half of the Christmas meal to share with friends, as well as the sleigh's usual incumbent.    That was one heck of a White Christmas!

Image result for Danish Christmas snowImage result for Danish Christmas snow

Snow outside ...

Image result for Danish Christmas snow

... makes it cosier inside.

Cycling early, before the snow clearers get moving to clear the night's fresh snowfall certainly gives you a good work out!

So White Christmases, yes, I've had a few.

Where do I usually spend my holiday?
If by holiday we mean Christmas, then wherever my family is.  I've had one Christmas away from family. I won't be doing that again.

My favourite Christmas Song
Absolutely anything corny, which TP detests, but hey ho, needs must.
Anything that reminds me of childhood Christmases, like Winter Wonderland, The Christmas Song, White Christmas, Little Donkey.  And of course, the carols - I just belt them out each year (annoys those around me as I can't sing!).  I know most of the verses of most of the classics and I just love them.

Do I open any presents on Christmas Eve?


Can I name all of Santa's Reindeer?
Prancer,Dancer, maybe Vixen? -  So that's a no too.

Holiday Traditions I'm looking forward
Christmas day with the family.  Turkey with all the trimmings and crackers. Presents.  Games.  Then a fab buffet tea and trifle in the evening.  This year we will be walking the new dog too so that's going to be special.

And our wider family Christmas bash (see my Party Tips here)

Is my Christmas tree real or fake?
Real.  We bought an embarrassingly small one (see here) last year.  I only realise how embarrassing it was when I look back on last year's photos I posted..

However, we planted it out in a pot and brought it in last week.  It has grown.  Phew!  I'll share a pic soon.

My favourite holiday treat/food/sweet.
The stuffing.

When I was a child it grew into pretty much the main event over the years.

Image result for stuffing

So much so that my Dad devised a yummy dish, stuffing topped with Yorkshire pudding batter.  Heavenly.  It became a Sunday fave.  He took that stuffing and allowed the it to soar.
Must recreate that dish!

Most memorable Christmas memory?

Walking along the road with my Dad in the dark from my Gran's house, carrying presents.  I was about 9.   It was a crisp, cold  night.  Clouds scudding by in a clear moonlit sky.  My heart was bursting with honour and pride. I was out at night.  I felt like a grown-up and it was magical.

That's the most memorable, but others as close runners up.

Waiting for the postman was exciting.  Temporary (and handsome) postmen called Strappers (students returning home for Christmas) delivered cards and presents from the family in England.

Christmas carolers.  The Salvation Army band visited homes when I was a child.  No other carollers were as exciting as them.  One Christmas Eve we went carolling with family and friends.  We were quite a crowd, including some visitors from Canada dressed in Christmas jumpers and holding lanterns, so festive.   The Samoyed had a ribbon tied around his neck and he came too.   On our route, we were asked to sing at the house of a lady who was 107 years old.  She looked happy.  Sadly, she passed away a few weeks later but I like to think that we made her last Christmas that little bit special.  Of course, some in our group did worry that it might have been our singing.  We never did go caroling again ....

Someone found sitting at the top of the stairs staring at the front door, hoping to meet Santa.  At 1am.  At 2am ...

What makes the holidays special for you?
That we all stop our busy lives for a few days, cocoon ourselves and enjoy this hyggelig time together.

Be honest, do I like giving or receiving gifts better?

Giving, without a doubt.  I have got extremely bad at coming up with ideas but that doesn't stop the pleasure.  Receiving is a humbling experience and I always feel emotional.

The best Christmas present I've received
My family.

What would your dream place to visit for the holiday season?
Wherever my family is.  (Am I beginning to sound like a broken record?!)

Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably?
I think I fail.  I used to be good at it, when I was younger.  Quite innovative.  These days I do think brown paper packages tied up with string might look best.  A blogger posted about parcelling everything throughout the year in plain white paper with black bows.

Image result for white parcel black ribbon

Elegant, thought I, so I ordered both, and black paper and white ribbon too.   The large rolls of paper arrived and are really quite stiff and perfect for wrapping boxes.  Unfortunately, most of my pressies aren't in boxes and things are looking a bit messy.

Maybe I should hide the mess with some stars and stripes.

So that's it, peeps.  My Christmas loves and memories.
I haven't a clue how to tag people so I'm sorry I haven't been able to pass this on, Jacqui, but thanks for sending it to me, it was fun.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I really must get on with my Christmas preps!!

If any blogger friends want to join in, I'd love to hear about your Christmases.

Merry Christmas from The Pout and The Photographer XX

A la perchoine.


  1. Looking like royalty in this last pic - what a handsome couple!!! What fun to read about your holiday memories! Singing to a lady at 107 and then she suddenly passes a few weeks later...hmmmmm...I'm sure it had nothing to do with the singing. Yeah, nothing to do with it at all. Yeah. Ok.
    So I love beautifully wrapped packages and I try. One of our first Christmases together about 22 years ago I was on a Martha Stewart kick. She had wrapped all of her packages in plain, brown butcher paper and had stamped with sponges (she cut into cute shapes) Christmas trees on them. Tied with a simple ribbon they were rustic and stunning. I had to re-create and become like Martha. Bought the paper, cut the sponges, stamped away. So proud of myself. Until the next morning when the tape didn't hold and all the packages had come undone! I was in tears! My sweet husband suggested we get out the hot glue gun, so we did and it took a sweet forever. NEVER again, that damn Martha Stewart! So there's my Christmas memory! Hahahahahaha!!!
    I know my limits.
    I wish you and TP all the best with your family! Merry Christmas my sweet friend, love ya sista!

    1. Oh dear, Mrs R, what a disappointment that must have been, and after all your efforts. But Brian to the rescue, eh. A few years ago I bought a load of Martha Stewart books. I enjoyed reading them but that's as far as it went 😖. Thanks for your kindness, the couple in the pic were much younger then but the outfit is red, velvet, embroidered, longer length ... bang on trend for AW17 so I just had to sign off with it!
      Hope you and The Rohrs had a wonderful time, hugs, x

  2. Hi lovely Christmas Blog. When we were children we used to go round the village (Fotheringhay, Mary Queen of Scots and all that) every Christmas Eve after church with real lanterns, singing at every house, I really loved that but I don't think anyone does that sort of thing now, I hope you have a very Happy Christmas.By the way we did the same with our tree that we bought last year it has grown quite a bit and will have to be planted this year in the garden.

    1. Hi Polly, oh isn't it sad that the caroling has fizzled out. I wish I could muster up enough enthusiasts to start it up again. You and are are at the same stage, tree-wise (and with grapes too?!), what an easy process it was, just moving the tree a few yards into the house!
      Hope you had a lovely Christmas and thanks for popping in during the year, I have so enjoyed your comments. Happy 2018, x.