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If not now, when?

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Turning American?

My dear readers, please tell me you are handling Christmas better than me this year.
I'm all over the place and can't believe that I have just a few days left to organise myself.

So what do I do?

I take pictures of seagulls.  How's that for procrastination?!!

The field opposite was water-logged recently after heavy storms and rain.  The horses couldn't graze there for several days for fear of getting trench-foot.  So the seagulls used this watery inland spot to rest as they couldn't fly in the strong winds.  Some tried and were quickly blown down to the ground again.  Then early afternoon the winds abated and they went about their normal business again.  Airbound.

When they did I found further distraction from getting on with the business of Christmas.
I decided to pose next to my new window, as Kellyann had suggested I do.  You will see that I am very hobbit-like and had no problem with th previous cave-like stairwell.  Now the window towers above me and the space really is Gandalfian in its proportions.

And yes, with stormy winds and rain comes the lowered temperatures one gets with precipitation.  So I snuggled up in a warm scarf.  Leoprint, of course.

But I really must use these last few days before Christmas in a wise way and just get on with it.  I so hope you are doing better.  Super-organised?  Totally on top of things?  Please tell me you are because I have in my mind's eye pictures of you sitting relaxing in a cosy armchair, sipping an egg nog knowing that all preps are done.  I see you calmly dealing with this festive season, having completed the many tasks on your to-do lists.  Job done. Unlike me.

The good news is that I have a plan for 2018.  A new and revolutionary approach.  I'm going to switch nationality. I have resolved to treat Christmas 2018 as though I were American.  I will pretend we have Thanksgiving in Chez Pout and prep the house ready for it, so that "all" I have left will be present buying and food prep come December. 
I think that's the right way to deal with the festive season.  Start super early.  Act as though I am American.  Fool the brain. For I am imagining that the ladies of America have done all of the hard work during November and they, as a nation, are sitting in those armchairs as they read this, egg nogging to a background of Christmas songs wafting atmospherically through homes festively decorated by mid November.  Right?

Yes, when I do the seasonal wardrobe switch in Autumn next year, I'm planning to temporarily switch nationality too.  Cherry-pick a little.  Act as though I am living in the US of A.

I hope you sweet American ladies don't mind adopting me for the month of November from now on ...?

A la prochaine.


  1. Mary, I'm as unorganised as you! I say every year that I will be more organised and it never happens! I couldn't even imagine me being organised! At any time! Hence why I am behind catching up with my blogger friends and I'm writing this at gone 12pm! I'm just sorting a woolovers giveaway for tomorrow, so I hope you will pop over for that xx

    1. Embarrassed to say that I read your comment just as I was turning out the lights! What are we like?!
      It's a relief to hear that some of us,are super- disorganised, but we get there eh?
      I'll check out your blog, don't know how you find the time to be so organised, blog-wise, I'm a mess!
      Enjoy your day, x.

  2. I loved your necklace and also your scarf!

    1. Thanks, JM,I think they mixed nicely with the outfit. Hugs, x

  3. Dear Pout, Organised! never. I always run on adrenalin for the Christmas period. In my defence I have had cousins over from Oz staying for a few days and sigh of relief they have now moved on to one of my sisters and I can start to try and get some semblance of order in the house. The tree is up and what is more decorated at least but not a present wrapped, only just finished the cards, however yesterday I made some Irish cream liqueur - yes made it, so easy and delicious, and last evening my husband and I sat sipping a glass of that, hoping that if we sipped enough of it, we wouldn't worry that nothing else has been done. I am the world's biggest procrastinator so I can really equate with your taking photos of seagulls when you should be doing all things festive in preparation. Regardless of all this you are looking fab as always, love the leoprint cozy scarf. Yuletide blessings - hic - to you and yours. Regards Sue H xxx

    1. You made me feel much better about my Christmas preps, Susan, it's nice to hear how real women cope, most of us have just a mere trace of Delia or Martha in us! The liqueur sounds delish, I'm impressed.
      Thanks for popping in during the year with your lovely comments, hope you keep coming back for more in 2018! Happy New Year to you and yours, x.

  4. Bha ha ha, seagulls & I wish I were sitting back drinking eggnog!! Alas, I am off shipping today for last minute gifts and food fixings for the crew. Not a spare moment to sit and eat Christmas truffles and indulge in my programs. Next year, I shall be ready in November and so shall you!! Wink Wink!! Merry Christmas you precious dear, you are a gem, so stylish and a heart made of gold! Just love ya! xx

    1. Right, that's a pinky pact we're making, Christmas-ready by 30 Nov 2018! Universe, get ready for the New Improved Andrea and Mary! I don't know how you've coped with squeezing a house build and a house move just days before Christmas into everything else you do. And to still smile and look stylish. Wonder Woman!
      Thanks for popping in with your fun and enthusiasm during the year, let's have more of that in 2018, please! Happy New Year to you and The Nines, x.

  5. Hmmmmmmm, well I can tell you this American lady is as stressed out as can be! No sitting and sipping going on here that's for sure. Of course that has a lot to do with the fact that I am changing jobs. I feel like I can barely keep my head above water! But we'd love to have you join us and act like us - decorate early!
    Tell TP to zoom in on you in your new stairwell, the lighting is perfect. I'm so bossy, he's not gonna be a fan of mine anymore, is he?
    You are looking gorgeous Lady Leoprint, that is definitely your print!

    1. Oh yes, changing jobs can be a mare but on the bright side, you get to work in your PJs from January 1st !
      Mrs R, your pretty package blinds TP to everything, so boss away, he's putty in your hands.
      Thanks for all your comments and the fun we've had during this year, looking forward to more of the same in 2018! Happy New Year to you and The Rohrs, x.

  6. This lady in America has whittled Christmas down to the absolute minimum - gifts for children, charitable donations, and DONE! No decorating - I live in a building, and in a city, where holiday decorations go up TOO early, and lose their magic.

    Lots of holiday music though... constant radio - especially the Irish stations that feature such beautiful choral music!


    1. Spooky, Janice. I've just popped on to my blog after having done my charitable donations. Only when that's done do I feel that I can see the finish line in sight! Love your whittling down approach. I'm trying to apply the 10 item capsule for a 2 week holiday in Paris approach to my Christmas plans this year, but failing just like I do with my travel case!!!
      I simply adore all the music blasting on the radio. Yesterday me and the grandkiddies were singing our little hearts out in the car on the way home ... carols, corny Christmas songs, we had them all nailed. Loved it!!
      Thanks for popping in today from Chicago. I wish you all the best for a perfect Christmas with your loved one. Hugs, x.

  7. Organised? Never! I was a little way into my Christmas Planner when I caught a terrible cold from my grandson. I have been laid up for a few days and starting to panic. Summer colds always seem worse as all I want to do is curl up in bed but its too hot!
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas and New Year whether its organised or not.

    1. Oh Pieta, so sorry to hear you've been laid up, hope you're well and truly better now.
      A Christmas Planner - now that in itself is organised!
      Thanks for finding me in 2017 band for popping in with your lovely comments. Happy New Year to you and yours and please keep coming back in 2018, hugs x.

  8. Good luck with your festive plans Mary and I bet you're more in charge than you wish to admit. A few presents scattered around, a turkey in the fridge and lots of lovely bubbly is surely all you need to make the day perfect. Today is my last day at work and is also the day my butchers order arrives so things will be fine by the end of the day (I hope!).
    In the meantime I wish you a very Happy Christmas x

    1. Well, organised sounds a a bit fancy for getting there by the skin of my teeth, but I got there! Can understand that butcher feeling, it's an Island Girl Thing. Our ferries were disrupted by gales and storms during the month and when I saw one solitary turkey crown in Waitrose I grabbed it, just in case no more turkeys got through. I relaxed hugely knowing that Christmas was in the freezer.
      Enjoy your break from work. Thanks for your comments and support during 2017 and our meet up in September, let's do even more of that in 2018! Happy New Year, x.