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Sunday 17 December 2017

Walk Tall

Although winter 2017 won't officially kick off for a few days, it certainly has kicked off at Chez Pout.  I sneakily give the house additional bursts of the central heating outside of it's normal programming.  We are lighting fires more and more frequently.  We sup warming soups frequently.

The long cashmere merino jumpers are coming out of their summer hibernation.

The furry mufflers have become a go-to on crisp chilly days.

The boots are opening themselves up to tucked in/jeans.

And a big roll-neck indoors isn't bringing me out in hot flushes (flashes).

One notices little things when making seasonal switches .  Either I have shrunk since last winter or this jumper has stretched downwards.  For I don't remember it being quite so long last winter.  I reckon I'm close to adding this one to my expanding sweater/dress collection!

I was able to cover the additional jumperage under my Uniqlo lightweight down coat but I really am going to have to address my shrinkage issue.

I am becoming more and more aware of my deportment, or lack of it, of late.  I find myself slouching.  I pass a shop window and spot an old lady shuffling along with her head hung forward in a stoop.  My dowager's hump is now the size of a small hillock.

I remember picking up a valuable tip a few years ago, from June Brown (Dot Cotton) of all people.  Her tip for feeling and looking young at 80 is to consciously hold yourself up from the diaphragm. Just that.  No miracle creams.  Just good posture from one simple body shift.

Try it.  You instantly stand and walk better, you look taller and I'm guessing you also look younger - just with one swift posture tweak.
The hidden bonus is that by standing correctly, the diaphragm is given optimum conditions to hold in place the surrounding vital organs which it supports.

All of this multitude of beneficial stuff from one simple tweak of the body.  What a gift!

So, by continuing my programme of good deportment I am hoping next time I wear my longline jumper it will be finishing somewhere around the top of my hips where I'm pretty sure it sat during Winter 2016.  Watch this space.

A space I won't be watching for some months from now on is where this rose bush is planted.  Winter's last flourish of flowering ended a week or two ago, shortly after I took this pic.  These are my last rose blooms of 2017.  But see how tall they stand, and how fresh and vibrant they look, even though winter is rapidly approaching and they are not in their prime.

Yes gals, Dot Cotton and these late bloomers are telling me that its not too late to make a difference ... Walk Tall. 


A la perchoine.


  1. I agree about standing up straight. The first thing I noticed when Michael started taking photos of me for the blog is now slouched I was and started trying to be more conscience about it. But you know it's so easy to slouch. But I have some sweaters that long, I just call them tunics and wear leggings. Merry Christmas xo

    1. Well, isn't it wonderful that our blogs give us some many additional benefits. We notice so much more by taking regular photos. You have wonderful stature and are truly walking tall, my friend.
      Oh what a clever trick, the re-branding thing. If I had knees that I could show to the world I would follow your lead!
      Wishng you a jingly bell week ahead, pretty lady, x.

  2. Oh such a wise woman, this advice is fabulous and true. I used to correct my mom all the time for hunching over and she now has a hump on her back which drives me INSANE. I try to be cognizant of my posture but it is work. Seems like everything is work the older we get but I suppose these bodies of ours need daily maintenance.
    I love your cashmere jumpers and the mufflers are terrific, especially your signature leoprint. You look so good in these colors, so flattering!
    I wish you could send some of that cool weather this way. It is expected to be 80 degrees on Christmas, yuck!!! We could really use a cool off.
    I hope you and TP are having a wonderful evening, sipping warm soup!

    1. Well, it's the reverse for me, my mum use to pull ME up Mon MY dowagers hump! Wish I'd corrected it back then, in my 4Os.
      Mrs R, if I could have gift wrapped some of our cold for you, believe me I would have.
      Thanks for all your sweetness, I do like those neutral shades even though they may not be considered quite blog-worthy!
      Hugs to you, my lovely, x.

  3. Your leopard muffler looks so warm and cozy. I totally agree on the slouching. It's so easy to fall into as everything we do seems to conspire for us to lean over and it's a constant to try to remember to stand upright and straight. I call all this stuff body maintenance and certainly the older we get the more we seem to have to do!!! Merry Xmas and wishing you and TP a happy and healthy 2018 which includes some more of your great posts.

    1. Yes Christy, it's an effort to keep reminding oneself too something as basic as standing tall, but the dividends are so worth the investment.
      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for popping in during the year with your comments which are always sheer pleasure to read. Wishing you a Happy New Year and please keep popping back on 2018 !! X.

  4. Love the colour of the jumper, I have just got myself one from woolover ni on identical. Keep cosy xx

    1. Thanks, Laurie, yours is even better ... it has pockets!
      This is so embarrassing, I'm so behind with my replies (as you can see!) and I've had little time to read other's blogs, let alone comment. I WILL be organised for Christmas 2018!
      Thanks for your comments and your amazing support for this newbie blogger, Laurie, you are a super-kind lady. Please keep coming back with more in 2018! Happy New Year to you and your dear OH, x.