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Thursday 28 December 2017

2017 Flashback, #3 - It's All About The Shoe

What a busy time of year this is.  I've only just caught up with replying to comments this morning, and some were embarrassingly old.  I have resolved to do Christmas better next year.  So whilst I create my Master Plan for an Organised Christmas, and clear up from yesterday's Christmas family party, I leave you with more reflection from the year.

Who would have thought that a simple shoe tweak is all an outfit needs?  Or maybe the pic of a yummy savoury croissant was the lure of this post (here)...!!!

8 August 2017

It was a day that started well.

A savoury croissant and coffee under the pergola.
PJs.  Warm sunny weather.  No rush.  So peaceful.

Plenty time to check out how the wisteria is winding itself around the dead grape vine.

No sign of grape clusters inside this corner of the pergola.  Don't know why.

Plenty time to take a sneaky shot of the teddy I've had since I was 18.

Allow me to introduce you to Mr Tipper Truck, sitting in his chair.

Then with nothing more pressing on the agenda than to meet up with a girl friend later, I had time to put together a steal - they are such fun, I love the challenge.

I had a plan and I showed The Photographer a pic of something I'd found on Pinterest which I thought would be just perfect for my date.

 A smile appeared on TPs face when he saw the pic.  I think he liked the outfit.  A lot!

The outfit was basically a summer LBD.  I do like an LBD.  I like to have LBDs for all seasons.

I like wearing this dress with a chunky two tone metal necklace.

I used to pair this Next linen LBD with black shoes.  Always.

But for me the twist was nude shoes with the LBD so I paired the dress with nudes, just like my Pinterest lady.
It made me realise that there are times when all an outfit needs is a nude shoe, allowing the dress to remain the main event.

I have to say the Jones nudes do lengthen my legs - and I need lots of that!  But sadly mine weren't lengthened as long as the model's. I think TP was a tad disappointed.

So let's move on - the Tula bag was as close as I could get to the model's clutch.  And I thought I looked just fine.  

But I really must stop showing TP these Pinterest steal pics.  I feel his disappointment when he realises that the IRL body doesn't quite match up to the model's ... so perhaps the day didn't quite end according to plan!

So ladies, do you like pairing a black outfit with nudes?

A la perchoine.

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  1. Yes, yes, go nude or go home! Ha! I'm a huge fan of nude shoes ALWAYS - they make everyone's legs longer and leaner and who doesn't want that,right?
    I'm impressed that you're posting, as you can tell, I'm not. Save for the NYE collaboration I haven't gotten a single creative thought in my head and I am on complete vacay mode.
    Have the best weekend my friend!!

    1. Oh we ARE getting frisky, Mrs R!! But you are so right, who wouldn't want longer and leaner?
      Don't know if there's anything creative in recycling but a combo of a spell of dry eyes/no make-up/vacay mode is keeping me away from the camera, so TP has been given vacay too! But I'm thrilled that you're enjoying some vacay blog reading!
      Gales here so much furry throw draping and log burning ... not what you want to hear?!!
      But you keep cool, my frisky Floridian friend, x.

  2. Totally agree with this even though I haven't tried it. Nude and Black look really good. I will be trying this one Mary xx

    1. So looking forward to your elegant styling of the combo, Laurie. Hugs, x.

  3. Definitely love the nude shoes!!!
    They go with everything!!
    Happy 2018!!

    1. With you on the shoe, sista!
      Make 2018 a good one, x.