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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Bikers, Scones and Peacocks

Hi, dear readers.  Well, we're passed the middle of October and storming at breakneck speed
 into November (quite literally for some poor souls, my heart goes out to them). 

Life is so fast-moving at the moment, so fast that I don't seem to take it all in.
 I had one of those blogger blocks today. 
I sat at my laptop and thought, what on earth have I been doing this past week?
Fortunately my essential aide memoire was to hand.  My photo folders.  Oh how vital are these visual prompts and my blogger's diary these days.  Otherwise I wouldn't remember what I did yesterday.

The camera doesn't lie and it tells me that last Thursday I wore this.

Black pencil skirt, black/grey striped top, Gabor anklies, batik silk scarf.  The latter is from a charity shop so yippee, that sneaks me in for one of dear Terri's 2nd Loved linkups, which I'll post here.

Oh yes, you perhaps noticed that I slipped on a biker jacket too.

Yeah, yeah ... I hear you - I didn't pack one.  But I keep a few things over here to dip into and this was a dip that filled me with excited anticipation.  It's a £14 Primani find.

I have to say, darlings, that I was very pleased with this little outfit.  I felt really good in it.
I'm sorry the pics aren't the best, TP must have been having a down-day (but, my dear reader Anne, they will get better!)

I felt that my little outfit deserved a proper outing, so I took me and it out for tea at the pretty 

It was actually tea for three.  For this pretty peacock strutted his stuff alongsIde whilst I drank a prosecco on the terrace, taking in the glorious colour that is the autumn afternoon sunlight.  It was beautifully warm, so the jacket came off and I sipped elegantly, feeling the love -  of nature,  wildlife and our beautiful October Indian summer.

Not satisfied with watching me sip my bubbly, Mr P also decided to join us for tea - he stepped tentatively over the threshold of the front door ... !

The restaurant was beautifully set up and fit for, errr, a peacock!

Tea was served in the pretty conservatory.  My pics don't do the scrummy scones, the bird or the place the justice they deserve.  I must have been on a down-day too.  
So I leave you in the competent hands of the Powder Mills' camera pros ...

Join me on the drive up to the Powder Mills.

Be struck by the beauty of its pretty wisteria.

Get chummy with the locals.

Wander around its pretty gardens.

Stroll inside and feast your eyes on the décor ...

Then say goodbye to this fine fella ...

The peacock, at Powder Mills.

And to ...

the peacock, at Orsett Hall, by Tricia Gould (the Designers' Guild).

Now, I hope I don't bore you with hotel interiors, dears, it's just that I do admire a good bit of décor and I'm hoping some of you do too.

And finishing where I started off (before my ramblings!) ... biker jackets.  I can't believe how useful they are and how much I am having a blast wearing them.  Perhaps you are feeling the biker jacket love too?  When I recently posted a biker jacket outfit, bloggerTerri's wonderful reminiscing got me reminiscing myself.  This song sprang to mind, so thanks Terri for taking me back about 45 years to when my cousin first introduced me to this little ditty.
I hope I don't bore you with my music pastes either, it's just that I do admire a good song too.

Arlo Guthrie, singing talking The Motorcycle Song.  Please do give it a listen!

So that's one of the things I've been up to, folks.  Now I'm off to my photo folders to refresh my addled memory on what else I've been doing recently!

A la perchoine.


  1. Love a biker jacket! You look fab in yours...


    1. Thanks so much, sweetie. It's such a bargain find. I'll look out for yours now.
      Hope you're having a good week, maybe enjoying a bit more free time now, hugs, x.

  2. More great outfits and beautiful pictures of Powder Mills.

    1. Thanks so much, Christy. Do you know Powder Mills? I have no idea where you're originally from over here, and now I'm intrigued! Sussex?
      Wishing you a nice week, hugs, x.

    2. I don't know Powder Mills but it looks so lovely. I used to live in Hertfordshire before emigrating to Canada but until recently visited the UK frequently and still have lots of connections there.

    3. Ah, thanks for that little piece of background. I've never been to Herfordshire, but TP lived there for a while and I hear it's lovely. X.

  3. Ooooh hot chick! Love the jacket and scarf! Boy I love peacocks! In answer to your chicken base question, it is just a highly concentrated stock used for soups, stews, sauces and casserole in powder or cube form, I like a good powder made at an Amish meat store. Hope you're having a lovely week!

    1. Aw thanks so much, hot chick at my age? Love it!
      The thing with peacocks is they strut around owning the space, such confidence from knowing they look good.
      Ah, thanks Andrea, that's what we call a stock cube/powder.
      Hugs for a continued happy week, x

  4. Okay, silly question. I finally figured out you are not staying at the hotel, but went there for tea (awesome photos!) BUT my question is, where and why do you leave a biker jacket in Sussex? Not trying to pry into your personal life, but it is such a cute jacket that I definitely think it should be a permanent resident of your home. ;-)

    1. Hi Susan,
      Oops, sounds like I've been confusing. Yes, we just went there for afternoon tea. It's a Brit thing!
      Hmmmm, the jacket is rather nice eh? I bought it last time we were over (we have a house here) and it didn't fit in my carry on. It may just come home with me this time! Hope you're week's going well. Hugs, x.

  5. I love your style! Great post and blog!

  6. Blogger blocks are the worst, but oh so common for this girl. Yep, thank goodness for photos to jog our memories and provide inspiration. I love the striped tee and adding the scarf was a great accompaniment. You can't go wrong with a jean jacket. You nailed it friend!!! Happy Wednesday. XO

    1. Relieved you go through the same, Lisa.
      It's a biker(moto) jacket but as mentioned in the post, this post was not our finest photographic hour!
      Hugs and happy rest of week, x.

  7. Biker chic Pout, I am lovin' the look on you! I think I need one, in a very lightweight material so I don't die of heatstroke! Probably nothing worse than a sweaty biker chick! How fun is the song? I'm enjoying it as I type so thanks for entertaining me after the fun reading is over.
    I may be rambling but I am craving Proseco, tea, and scones. And of course a beautiful setting complete with a peacock.
    Alright well, I don't wanna pickle I wanna ride my motorsickle so I better get going.
    Hugs to you my fun friend, I can't wait to see what you're up to next biker babe!

    1. Oh thanks, Mrs R, I think my look is Edgy Pensioner and I agree, this jacket is not for current Floridian temperatures.
      So pleased you listened to the song. I only link songs of significant personal interest that fit into the context of the post. I hope that someone out there appreciates/enjoys them too. And today, you do!
      Hugs for the weekend ahead, x

  8. I tthink I will head to primarni and try the biker while I'm still looking for the perfect one. I'm just not sure about that Black on me. Orsett all looks beautiful, I haven't been there for years. xx

    1. Hi Laurie, I popped into Primani whilst over here and they still stick a version. I've seen you in jeans and black t shirt and IMHO you look fabulous

    2. Oops!

      ... in black. Oh yes, Orsett is in your home territory. This trip has been a tad busy and complicated unfortunately, hopefully next time I'm over my time will be my own!
      Happy weekend, hugs, x.

    3. More oops! "stick" s/b "stock"! Must drink more coffee before attempting any keyboard action! #notamorningperson.

  9. I do wonder sometimes whether I wear my biker too much and am too predictable. Oh to whatsiname with it, they are fab aren't they! I do so like the look you put together with yours. Sailor moto chic.

    1. Love it, Anna, sailor moto chic! Having just come from reading your other comment. I agree - if we wear our bikers somewhat obsessively, it's proving that they were perfect buys, so let's pat ourselves on our pleather backs each time we wear them!
      Hugs, x.

  10. Oh my, what a beautiful place! I LOVE peacocks! So gorgeous. Love your outfit too! That striped shirt with the scarf is so pretty.

    1. Yes, the place was a find and I hope to go back for lunch sometime. I know you like birds in general, I should have dedicated that shot to you - consider it done retrospectively.
      Thanks for liking the outfit, sweetie.
      Hugs, x.

  11. Oh I love birds, and how close were you to the peacock! Just said hello to Mr. Woodpecker in the garden! Flew away all too soon. I'm musing over a black leather jacket this year, but not found the right one. Will keep looking as yours looking super with your outfit. Super photos of a stunning place. x Jacqui