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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Packing for Sombre Occasions

Let's face it, life isn't always a bundle of laughs.  We face sombre times all too often throughout our lives.  

I've just packed for a trip (yes another trip!) which includes a sombre occasion.
Sadly, we sometimes have to pack for sombre and I tend go tradionalist.
I choose black.  Smart black.

Anyway, as I needed to pack for black, I kept my packing in the black/grey spectrum.   And that's fine with me, I'm happy there.

Here's what I packed:
Black suit jacket
Black jersey dress
Black jeans
Grey jeans (worn for travel*)
Black long line jumper
Black/ivory print skirt
Grey long line jumper (worn for travel)
Grey 3/4 cardi
Camel 3/4 cardi (camel, my crazy wild card!)
Black 3/4 sleeved jersey top
Grey/black animal print blouse
Black modal vest (tank, worn for travel)
Grey long line cami
Brown plaited belt (worn for travel)
Brown anklies (worn for travel)
Black anklies
Leoprint scarf (worn for travel)
Black puffa coat (not shown, worn for travel)

* Janice of The Vivienne Files reported seeing these everywhere on the streets of Paris recently; so, bang on trend, Pout!

Apart from the grey jeans, jumper and black vest (tank) worn for travel, all this lot fitted inside a carry on checking in at around 7 kgs.  Yes, I'm flummoxed too.  Again.  It's magic!
(Laurie, you'd better start a queue 'cos I'll soon be doing packing masterclasses!)

And there's more!
Grey crossover bag (worn for travelu)
Black handbag
Belt, black/ivory/gold plaited
Belt, black studded
2 silk scarves
Black embroidered scarf
6 necklaces
3 bracelets
1 pr earrings

All of this fitted in this little aerolite lightweight case
It meets our airline's 48x36x20 cms maximum.
Handbag and carry on must meet the maximum weight of 10kgs combined.  My number was comfortably under!
I'm feeling the gloat-glow again!

You can't believe it?  I can't believe it!
And an aside here.  We bought our ultra-lightweight bright blue luggage suite last year.  I didn't want the colour but TP insisted and I acquiesced - uncharacteristically, some might say.  At first I was a bit embarrassed travelling with this garish colour.  But you know, it's so easy to see your estranged fellow traveller across a crowded airport lounge, or to spot checked-in luggage on a cluttered carousel.  Because no one else buys this colour! So my top travel tip of the day is to choose luggage in a colour that no one else would choose.

Anyway, I digress, characteristically!  Here are some  of the looks I plan to create with my black/grey capsule.

But where's she going to get the biker jacket from, I hear you ask, or the jeans?  They weren't in the bright blue carry on.

Ok, this one's a challenge.  I haven't packed a ruffle shirt.  Or grown a plait!

And where has that camel coat come from?

And here all I can bring to the party will be the black jeans.

No matter how much I follow my cruise packing tips, those being repeat wear and mix and matching, I can't magic up pieces that I don't have.

Like for this look I've got the ditsy skirt but there's that biker jacket shortfall again ..

Now I could work on this elegant Lady of Style look, but I should have sneaked a featherlight slinky camisole into my carry on.  I didn't.

However, I have practically all the makings of this smart outfit worn by Susan After Sixty.

Ok, with no beige in my bag, this one doesn't get off the launch pad.

But I do have the where-withall for this classy look.

The credits for this suite of wardrobe-inspirational photos goes to Pinterest, Zara, Ellos and the named bloggers.

My overall inspiration for my black/grey capsule came from

this capsule put together by the very clever Janice of The Vivienne Files.

So there you have it, more packing magic.  I now need to conjure up the missing pieces that allow me to have some style steal fun.

A la perchoine.


  1. Kudos to TP for the bright blue luggage, it's a great idea and I'll bet it makes it super easy to spot. I happen to love bright blue so I'd love it! In fact I really wish I had hot pink luggage but I don't really travel anywhere to necessitate a new set.
    And haven't you become quite the smart packer? I am so impressed, I love your capsule wardrobe! Next time I go somewhere I may have to try it but since I'm struggling with the Common Threads Challenge I'm not sure I'm ready yet. I love the accessories you're using to change up your looks. Dressing for a somber occasion but doing so in style - love it Pout!
    You go girl!

    1. Travelling with royal blue is a brnve new world, but a much easier one. Guess when you live in Florida holidays are right on your doorstep, no luggage required.
      Oh, I can't sing my packing praises enough :-) ! I'm like the cat who got the cream.
      I note you've already tweaked your CTC a tad!
      I love the challenge of tweaking looks with what's in the case ... though I may take a leaf out of your book and start tweaking with what's NOT in the case ... Once a tweaker, always a tweaker eh?!
      Hugs, X.

  2. You are just killing the packing challenges.Great post. AND I have the exact same luggage in two sizes. It makes it easier to pack more because it weighs so little! Hope your somber trip is not a sad one. But you will look great

    1. Oh, I am rather, eh?! Big thanks for all your nice words but you've knocked me off my perch ... the exact same luggage?!! What are the chances?! We bought two carry ons and one bigger one, which still weighs little more than a feather. TP's brought it over this trip as he had to bring over piles of paperwork ... I'm thinking, half empty suitcase on the return trip? What's a girl gonna do? Fill it with an armful of similar new dresses, that's what I say!! Hugs and have a great weekend. x.

  3. And speaking of luggage, I used to change it out every couple of years or so. I went through a number of colors and designs. I loved the "fabric" look of some of them but they used to get filthy so I had to give them up. Now I just have a dark green hard case that looks like 80% of the others, but I grow old and weary. :D
    I admire a capsule wardrobe but have never been able to appreciate the color gray. I think there must be a tiny bit of Hawaiian blood in my veins as I have to wear tops of bright pink, turquoise and all the colors one sees on the streets of Waikiki. Otherwise I feel like a washed out filing clerk.

    1. Well, we've been lucky with our cases but perhaps you travel a lot more. We only changed because of new size restrictions on our local airline ... and we gained a few pounds in weight allowance in so doing :-) !
      Oh I love that you have the skin tone that cries out for Waikiki beach colours. Go out and enjoy those aquas and pinks, I can only wear those in summer. I guess my skin suiting grey makes it perfect for our gloomy winter backdrop!!
      Wishing you a bright and sunny weekend, x.

  4. I'm impressed that all those clothes fit into that suitcase!

    1. Amy, I am looking on this as some sort of minor miracle! All those clothes fitting into one miniscule case? There's just no logic to it!
      Hugs, x.

  5. I bought an Aerolight this year. It's fab for carry on, as long as you remember to remove liquids, as I didn't. Not used to carry on. That was a new world for me. So glad about the grey jeans being on trend still. Im looking forward to getting into mine again. Keep think you have some really chic outfits planned there.

    1. Wow, I now have two Aerolight mates. Bet yours isn't bright blue, though!
      I put all liquids in a plastic bag at home and place them in the large zipper compartment, along with kindle and phone. In security I simply empty out that one section. So that's my top tip for a stress-free security experience. In the top zipper I keep a small hanky pack, a pen for crosswords and sudukos, wet wipes (as we often picnic on the train from the airport and anyway, I always feel dirty when travelling) and a nail file (for I ALWAYS have nail snags when wielding a suitcase). And there endeth my Top Travel Tips for today.
      Oh glorious grey jeans, so wonderful to love something so much that just happens to be what the chic Parisiennes love too! Look forward to seeing yours back on our screens.
      I'm excited about trying some of those looks above, still to come.
      Hugs, x.