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Saturday 16 September 2017

My Mini-Cruise - #3. Brugge

The third (and final!) post on my mini-cruise to Belgium is mostly pictorial, you will be relieved to hear!

Our destination town was the most lovely Brugge (Flemish) Bruges (French), for Belgium is in the main Flemish and French speaking.

It is such a pretty and unspoiled old town and sympathetically protected for posterity.

We enjoyed a guided canal trip and walk through the town and parks.
Our guides provided a condensed history of this pretty town.

I loved the architecture.

The band came out to welcome us!

Thank you, smartly-dressed band people, it was much appreciated.

The guided canal trip was most special; the water ways and houses are beautiful.

The house fronts along the canals are awesome.

There are many swans in the town.  There is an historial reason for this. 

But my mind's a blank.  Ooops, maybe I unplugged my audio guide ear piece!

We wandered around a market where I bought two smurfs.  Did you know that smurfs were created by a Belgian?  Not a Dutch man, as I had always believed. And did you know that he created them in the late '50s?  I hadn't heard of them until we were blessed with The Smurf Song many years later.  Do we remember Dutch Father Abraham's bewitching song, ladies :-)?

There were oodles of lace shops of course.  And chocolate shops, naturally.  This cousin loves chocolate so I just had to get her to pose next to one of the many shops.

And Christmas shops.  In September.

So, when in Belgium, eat chocolate ...

... and yummy waffles.

No excuse needed!

Well, I've surprised even myself, creating three full posts from a four day holiday!
Just think what I could do with two whole weeks ...

A la perchoine.


  1. I can't even imagine living in a place so beautiful!!! Wow! It is just gorgeous, those houses on the water, the architecture - oh my word! Then the chocolate and waffles! The market looks so fun too, seems like a place I could spend days in.The weather looks like it was perfect for you all too. I really enjoyed all the pictures from your mini cruise, thanks for sharing them!
    I am curious about smurfs, what are they? Here in the US we had a smurf cartoon show years ago, they were sort of gnome like creatures but they were bright blue. Surely you didn't buy two little bright blue fellas,did you? I'm anxious to hear Mary!

    1. Hi Mrs R, it's such a pretty place, steeped in history (if only I could remember it!), peaceful and the weather was spot on. I'm so glad you enjoyed the pics. And yes, it is those very same smurfs and yes, I did buy two as souvenirs. I think smurfs have made a come back recently. Clothes,cartoons, it all comes back in fashion eventually.
      Happy Sunday, x.

  2. Thanks for sharing all your pictures of beautiful Bruges. It looks so peaceful and relaxing. Next time invite me please!!

    1. Oh missfish, you are so sweet! So glad you enjoyed this post, it's definitely a place to visit if you're in the area. Hugs, x.

  3. Isn't it picturesque Mary. Really beautiful. I could so do with a mini break like this xx

    1. Yes, it's a pretty and uplifting town. And the weird thing is that the 4 day break felt so much longer, it's like time was stretched out. It would be nice to do that each and every day, time just whizzes by when you get to a certain age 😧. So I definitely recommend a mini break to slow down the aging process!!
      Hugs, x.l

  4. I'm glad you liked, Bruges, my favourite Belgian city!! Here's the history of the swans...

    In the year 1482, Flanders and with it Bruges fell under the county of Maximilian from Austria, who had heard about the fame of Bruges and wasn’t very fond of the rampant mentality of its inhabitants. He imposed a law that prohibited all festivities, including the annual fair and other important festivals to the people of Bruges. Known for their fierceness, the citizens revolted and they started riots all over town, burning houses and killing envoys and sympathizers of emperor Maximilian. Finally they captured Maximilian in 1488 and locked him away in the house ‘Craenenburg’. You can still see the house on the Main Market Square.

    Because the emperor still wouldn’t give in to the demand of the the citizens to annul the law, they captured Maximilians’ head squire and best friend Langhals (‘long neck’) and beheaded him with a guillotine in Maximilians sight, right beneath the house where he was held captive. Aghast by this deed, the emperor finally gave in. But he didn’t give up without a fight…

    As a tribute to his friend Maximilian made the people of Bruges promise that they would take care of 101 white swans for eternity. If they failed to do so, Bruges would fall in decay, never to be able to hold its head above water again… And yes, today the beautiful white swans are still there today.

    Hoped you liked this information!

    1. Yes, that was it, my dear Duchesse friend! Thanks for a most comprehensive answer, I knew that the swans were important but I had taken in so much history by the time we got to the swans that my little Pout brain was overflowing! I can understand why it's your favourite Belgian city, it's so beautifully preserved and laid out. Hugs and have a nice week, x.