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Sunday 17 September 2017

Posh Cream, Aperol and Scenery by The Pout

Our subject matter this week is how to wear rather 'posh' cream to drink the last Aperol spritz of the season, accessorised with late summer's evening scenery.

That was the remit set by my blogger bestie Anna of muttonyearsstyleandi.
Essentially, posh cream accessorised with scenery and Aperol put in a sartorial context.

It came about when I excitedly told Anna that I'd just had my first APEROL.  Ever. 
You see, Anna's a bit of a fan of this herby liquor and it has been featured more than once on her IG.   Aperol tastes a bit like Campari, I decided, which I hadn't tasted since the early 70s, in a disco club when I was trying to look with it cool!

I stepped over the threshold into Aperollia at a friend's house on Friday evening.  She offered an aperitif choice of prosecco or Aperol.  I spied the bottle and recognising it from Anna's IG, I replied rather excitedly "Both please".  I was charged with the mixology and first tasted my Aperol neat before loading our flutes with prosecco*.  It made a  most intoxicating refreshing drink.

*OK, Anna's subject matter included "spritz" - I found my spritz in prosecco, not soda water (insert slightly inebriated emoji ... hick!), so let's call that an Aperol Fizz.

So that's the Aperol done.  Tick.  
What about the evening scenery bit of Anna's themed post?

Well, this is it.  My hostess is most skilful in the homemaking department.  A pergola leads from the dining area and the conservatory.  She had canopied it.  Lately I've been lusting after researching some of these canopied and draped pergolas on Pinterest, but hadn't seen one in the flesh.  Not until last night.  Now want my pergola canopied too.  Deffo.  Isn't it an attractive sitting spot?  It looks out onto the summer's evening scenery, so I can put a big fat tick next to that element of the subject matter.

Yes,  last night I drank my first ever Aperol and saw my first ever canopied pergola.
Small steps for blogkind ... big steps for this blogger.

OK, let's move on to the 'rather posh cream' bit.

I wore my Zara pearled sweater.  It's posh 'cos it's dripping with pearls.  It's cream.  So that's posh cream.  Tick.
And it's new!  Zara lured me in to her Southampton store  recently - has Zara been luring you lately?

I felt it was the ideal thing to wear for a cosy supper with old girlfriends, the old being that I have known them for 35 years and one of them for 62 years.  R at I met in infants school and went all the way through our school years together, then we all worked together in the 80s.
Go figure, there was much chat around the cosy dining table!

May I just say here that I am loving Zara's work.  I love the way this sweater is designed and made.  The sweater fibre is extremely soft and the pearls are sewn on beautifully.

This is the kind of sweater I have been wanting for ages.  
Posh casual.

It's the kind of sweater you just throw on and walk straight out the door.  No accessories required. 
It's a sweater so it's uncomplicated to wear, yet you feel posh. 
It looks like you've made some effort when in fact all you've done is slip it over your head!

This sweater needs no more that black jeans, black wedged courts by Clarks, and a solitary pearl and "diamond" bracelet.

Aperol Fizz, posh cream and accessorising with scenery.
What more does a gal need to feel good when suppering with old girl friends, eh?

Well, maybe a pleather biker jacket.

Shades, for mystery.

And a smile.

Smile in the comments box if you like this post!

So, that's what I wore for my first Aperol of summer, of EVER!
Now, please do pop along to see how Anna dressed for her last Aperol of summer.

A la perchoine.


  1. I'm really lacking pieces to throw on for elegant, I didn't try hard chic. I tried to find Zara during the week but she's hiding from this Muttons locale. An Aperol spritz uk style is Prosecco and soda. I'm told that Italian style is no soda.
    I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for collaborating in that lovely jumper. Now I need to get Mr Him building a pergola.

    1. Well, Aperol seems a science unto itself. Big thanks for fasttracking me!
      Have to say that although you can meet Zara online, going into one of her shops is pure joy, so do persevere.
      I've realised in recent weeks that spouses don't like me. I seem to add to their to-do lists as I chat to their other halves over coffee. Mr H won't like that a pergola is going on his!
      Great collaboration, thanks Anna. Hugs, x.

  2. 1) The Pergola is beautiful and I want one
    2) I'm loving so much in Zara and this is of those items
    3) This is exactly how I would style it!
    As for the Aperol, sadly no alcohol for me xx

  3. Hi Laurie, ad seratim,
    1) Isn't it amazing?! My friend made the canopy herself.
    2) Isn't Zara amazing too? This jumper is an instant sprucer-upper!
    3) Oh you're a sweetie, I'm flattered.
    Dealing with allergies must be hard, but on the bright side, you look fabulous on your healthy diet. My body must find me a right royal pain with all that I challenge it with!
    Hugs, x.pi

  4. Oh yes my friend, you NEED your pergola canopied for sure! And how come I have never heard of Aperol? Hmmmm, now I am intrigued and I must hunt down this libation,it sounds fabulous. That sweater is seriously posh cream on you, in fact I'd say it's the crem d'la crem (not sure if I spelled that right)! It is super posh with your black slacks and wedges and totally bad ass with the moto jacket and shades, you wild woman you! Now I think you should wear that gorgeous Zara creation with some distressed denim and booties, I think the juxtaposition of that elegant, pearl cream sweater with distressed denim would land you front and center on the first page of Vogue! Ok, maybe not Vogue but you would look ravishing! And there I go again telling you what to do. Go ahead, call me your bossy friend, I can handle it.

    1. Where do I start? Well, how about this - you totally crack me up, Kellyann! Adore what you've said about my jacket!!! I feel I am the edgy version of me when I read what you say about me! And in some weird way, I like being bossed by my new BF (bossiest friend). Consider your ideas already placed in the scramble that is the mentally (totes!) stored Pout Ideas Folder (PIF).
      Dunno about sista, I think you've been CLONED from me (I'm the elder, ipso facto the Mother Vehicle). I don't think anyone other than you or me would be juxtaposing our outfits!
      You have given me new aspiration - the cover of Saga Magazine. It's a mag for "over the hills" which I find I am excitedly drawn to these days and just hope my doctor is running late - he usually is :-) - so that I can go through the entire stash in his waiting room. Aim high, but aim realistically!
      Hugs, x.

  5. Such a gorgeous sweater! The patio is beautiful too.

    1. Awww thanks, Amy. It is such a winner, I swear I was actually tingling when I saw it in Zara (how sad is that?)!
      Yes, that patio is the siren of garden areas ... it keeps calling me!
      Hugs, x.

  6. Well, you made me work this morning! I have never heard of Asperol and I have a pretty big mini bar. When you used it in the same sentence with Campari, I was a bit worried-I like bitter things but that was so beyond and it took me forever (and with a lot of simple syrup) to find things to do with that. Next time I get to my liquoir store giganticum I will look it up. I need to show Michelle that Pergola-they have a perfect place for something like that.

    I love your topper-it's nice to have a quick throw on elegant piece.

    1. Hi sweetie. Hey if you've still got Campari in that oxymoron (big mini bar, get it?!) why not try it with prosecco, as Aperol is like Campari's cute granddaughter so I'm sure it will work. The two give a refreshingly bitter rather than sweet summer's drink and if you are a bitter fan, then it's definitely for you, Terri. Bit late in the season though, you'd better hurry!
      I am going to watch your blog (I always do anyway!) to see if your daughter follows through on the canopy idea.
      And yes, an elegrant throw on is something I have wanted for soooo long.
      Hugs, x.

  7. This is one great outfit. Love the way you styled the sweater and I am sure you will find many other ways to style it.

    1. Oh Christy, thanks so much and yes, I certainly am working on the styling! It's going to be a pleasure. Thanks for stopping by, hugs, x.

  8. Hey beautiful, did you see, you were the most clicked link on The Blended Blog link up in your smashing spectacular jumpsuit!!!! Well deserved friend, well deserved!

    1. Oh Andrea, I am SO flattered and excited. Our mate, Kellyann, couldn't wait to tell me! It's weird 'cos I feel honoured, like it's an award and I feel like I want to write a thank you speech! That jumpsuit has been such a success, in so many ways, so pleased I bought it!
      Hugs, x.

  9. I understand Aperol is rather bitter? Should have tried one in Venice. I love that jumper and yes Zara have lots to lure us in!
    I should be bought a top last week but it was black so I hesitated! Maybe I should go back for it!!

    1. Oh Jacqui, the Aperol Fizz would have been just perfect as an accessory to one of your pretty outfits worn on your gorgeous Venice trip!
      I think a lot of us ladies are loving what Zara is putting out at the moment, hope it's not a case of "she who hestitates ..." for you and you DO find your black top again!
      Hugs, x.