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Saturday 9 September 2017

Roses and Pearls

I love every single thing about my rosy skirt, worn here.
One of my blogging mates, the bubbly blonde Kellyann of thisblondesshoppingbag, suggested wearing the skirt with a Chambray skirt and pearls.  Problem.  Unlike most of the blogging ladies out there, I don't own a Chambray shirt.  In fact, I don't own many shirts generally as they require the dreaded ironing, that being possibly the devil's worst work ever.

But green is one of the skirt's many colours, and I do have a khaki shirt.  Linen.  Go figure, I don't wear it much!  But despite that mega drawback, I was forming a plan.  It did involve  ironing, so my plan didn't grow legs with any speed.

Then with my lovely mate Anna gave me the kick start I needed.  Anna is another blogging blonde and my twin separated at birth ... by many years!  We decided we'd like to try out a roses and pearls outfit (and hey, I could try out the shirt and pearls look too!).  Suddenly I had a plan with legs!
I'm excited to see what stylish Anna of muttonyearsstyleandi comes up with. 

 But, for the moment you have me and my roses and pearls.

Yes, the iron came out today!  Roses.  Pearls.  Shirt, not Chambray, not blue.  
Any views, ladies?  Perhaps I could have hung the pearls tidier ...
but is this glam casual?!

I then played around some more with the roses and pearls theme.

I felt it worked well with a sleeveless top and different pearls.  Neat.

It's getting a little cooler now, so I tried long sleeves.

Still using khaki to pick out the leaf and stem work in the skirt.

I switched pearls.

I felt the longer pearls gave better balance to the outfit.

I love the full skirt with little strappy sandals.

I think this look is my fave, especially for this time of year.
The curvy line of the top accentuates the fullness of the skirt.
The pearls pick up the background colour in the skirt.
The heels add both elegance and a touch of sassiness.
Soooo ladylike, even though I do say so myself!

Overall, I think the balance and line of all these pieces work well together.

I gave the shirt another go, now as a shacket.

Hmmnn.  A bit windy.  If shirt tails require tethering ..

then tie a knot in 'em!

Nah, not such a good look.

So it was the 3/4 sleeved top which ended up being my look for the glorious day.

BTW, today's post has a guest photographer. My super Sis stepped in to take these shots.  Didn't she do well?!!

What do you think about my roses and pearls outfit, dear reader?  And a casual shirt with florals and pearls? 
I guess if I wore shirts more often I'd learn how to look tidier in them!

I like that this post has taken me down new avenues, experimenting with colours, shapes and pearls.  
 I love khaki as I find it seems to draw the redness from skin tone.
And of course pearls bring so much to any party, be it formal, casual, or anything in between, as I discovered today.

So, dear readers, I hope this post perhaps gets you thinking about mixing things up a bit too.
Try a shirt with pearls and a full skirt.
Try new colours with old clothes.
Try roses and pearls!

Now, please do head on to Anna's blog here.  I bet she's done something truly stylish with her roses and pearls  ...

A la perchoine.

Shirt, M&S, old
Skirt, M&S, old, but charity find so new to me
Sleeveless top, Dotty P, last year (so that's Pout-New then!)
3/4 top, H&M, v old
Shoes, Adesso, old
Pearls, super old
Body, model's own, also super old


  1. Super looks Mary. My favourite is the long sleeved khaki top with the longer pearls. I think you are right about the balance. Also its very fitting for the time of year. I'd say get some wear out of that look in September and October, and add black knee high boots when it gets colder.

    1. Thanks so much, Anna. I'm with you, and it was comfy to wear yet I felt sassy too. And we all know that sassy creates its own unique walk!
      Yeah, I saw these pics and started thinking it would be an exciting transition skirt, maybe with some taupe ankle boots and the same jumper and a scarf, or the black boots you suggest and a black polo neck.

  2. Wow,you really worked it this time. And yes, I agree, the 3/4 sleeve with the longer pearls is the strongest. But still, you have taken this skirt from summer into fall and that is so cool. Very inspirational.

    1. Why, thank you so much, Terri. Think I'm getting consensus on the 3/4 top look. I'm a SS person, definitely not a AW type, yet I'm excited about how far I can take this skirt into autumn, which is already evidenced by the browning and sparse leaves on the grapevine in the pic; only the lemon verbena at ground level is holding its green, though that too will be bare before too long. Feeling S.A.D ... ๐Ÿ˜ข. X.

  3. You look great in the 3/4 top and long pearls. Not so much with shirt as jacket. Love your blog!

    1. Thanks, Sharon, the shacket was a bit of fun! So pleased you like the blog. X.

  4. For afternoon tea in summer somewhere, the sleeveless top with short pearl necklace but for lunch with the girls this time of the year, the 3/4 top and long pearls. To me it's a bit more casual that way (the pearls do that). I do not like the jacket look...too much material and therefore a bit fussy. OK, again this is only my opinion of course...says she who dresses the Dutch way, which means dress up like slobby Mondays (most days)...remember? Did you get my PM on FB?

    1. Hi LD, you describe the use of these outfits so prettily and aptly. Think we're all agreed that the shacket look was a bit of PP flipping out a bit too far!
      I'm sure you look stylish in your Dutch way - clogs and apron with everything? ๐Ÿ˜‰.
      Have to say that my weeks sometimes have more than one Slobby Monday ๐Ÿ˜. Because I can.
      ๐Ÿ˜ฑ I need to check FB more often.

  5. I love your skirt! I love the wonderful stamping and also the volume, the length and the movement of it. It combines very well with the color of the top, with a tonality already announced in the autumn. I like the way you wear the necklace, it's beautiful!

    1. Why thank you, kind J-M! Yes, there is something about that skirt's print and volume that makes my heart sing each time I wear it. Looks like the skirt is transitioning well into autumn too. x.

  6. My dear friend I approve!!!! Woo hoo, this looks spectacular! You may have found the best skirt ever because it is so versatile.The khaki looks great with it and the pearls are classic, such a great look! Now I'm thinking of another way to wear that skirt, how about with a tee and a denim jacket and cute tennis shoes? Wait, I think you all call them trainers? Is that right? Anyhow, that skirt is super versatile and definitely a piece that can be dressed up or down. It is fabulous on you my beautiful blogging mate!

  7. Oh Mrs R, you keep giving! And challenging! And just when I've tried the shirt and pearls, you've given me a super new idea. I so like the denim jacket styling but may give the trainers a miss, not a good look on me. But otherwise, I'm good to go on your idea and thanks for adoring this adorable skirt, it's a cutie! Hugs, x.

  8. It is a gorgeous skirt, and I love the olive green color with it. The third top is definitely my favorite!

  9. Hi Amy, thanks for your so nice words. I think we are unanimous on the 3/4 sleeve top, so thankful that's what I chose to wear! Hugs,x.

  10. You hit it on the head with the first top! Love it! But I am with you on ironing. Now when I'm shopping I don't even bother buying tops that will require the iron. "Ain't nobody got time for that". I love the term "shacket". Too cute. And YES, your guest photographer did an awesome job! Happy Wednesday!

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa and I'm so pleased you're with me on the ironing and the in-store fabric testing. I think we're in a pretty exclusive Won't Iron club!
      Sis will be pleased with your compliment.
      Happy hump day, as they say. Hugs, x.

  11. Ha - I hate ironing too! Love that skirt and the different ways you styled it are perfect!

    1. Hi Lana, welcome to my blog. So pleased some of us ladies are coming out on this one! Thanks for your sweet words, hugs, x.

  12. All the outfits are lovely, I love that skirt, and you've picked well with the khaki, x Thanks for sharing Mary. x Jacqui