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Tuesday 29 August 2017

When August Bank Holiday and Perfect Meet

It doesn't get much better than yesterday, peeps!

UK bank holidays are known to be wet.   But yesterday we were blessed with a Bank Holiday Monday which recorded the hottest temperature for a bank holiday since 1962!  Oh what a good time I must have had with my family back in '62, probably playing on the beach, frolicking in the refreshing sea.

And know what?  That's what I did on our hot August Bank Holiday Monday, 2017!

OK, this may seem a bit groundhog day following on from the previous post, but what can I say?
I went to the beach.  This is a beach outfit.

Yes, you guys didn't baulk when I showed you my recent Scruffy Pout look.

So I figured you could take more.

But this time with white shorts.  A subtle difference.

What do you wear for the beach? I'd love to hear.

I tried the camo hat trick, for I was sans maquilliage.

But you know, I figure you can handle scruff and you can handle barefaced me by now too.  It was a beach day, after all, so a bare face is de rigueur for sea swimming.

OK, maybe sunglasses are needed for the general public.
Besides, they make me feel a bit Jackie O!

I couldn't resist showing you this wall.

"We've" been working on this over the weekend.  This wall was piled high and wide with rampant osteospermum and ivy.  That's now in a 1 ton bag and we have reclaimed about 4-5 feet of drive!

Of course, we now have to decide what to replant with, something that doesn't go completely crazy.  But plenty time to think about that on cold winter nights, eh.  Not to deliberate over on a precious hot Bank Holiday Monday.

Now what did I tell you in Twilight-Picnic recently?  In that post I showed you that we had the beach to ourselves, almost.  Well, this is what the same beach is like at high tide.  We Guerns are suckers for the beach at high tide.

It was difficult to find spaces to park cars near this beach on such a busy day.  One poor lady had parked at a very precarious angle, half the car in a ditch.   Half an hour later, she was walking along the beach, asking each group if they owned the Suzuki parked next to her, which had to be moved for the recovery truck to be able to haul her out of the ditch.  Poor lady, there were an awful lot of people on the beach that she needed to ask ...

Then news quickly spread around the beach that the recovery truck had ripped the bumper off a nearby new mini whilst on the job.  
Not a good day!

But disasters apart, we had an absolutely fantastic day on the beach.

We met up with my lovely little family and friends of theirs with their children, whom we know.

We spent hours in the sea with the kiddies, sometimes swimming, sometimes tugging or swim-pushing them in an inflatable dinghy.  It was so so sooooooooo enjoyable.

After playing around like a born-again child, then sitting around chatting with the adults, I washed the sand off and went home.  Totally happy with my lot.

Then at teatime we met with friends at one of the beach restaurants down the road.

It was still hot!  All I could handle was a layer of loose linen.
Keeping the middle nice and cool.
Do you opt for loose shapes when the weather gets hot?

This yellow floral dress from Next was just perfect for the hot walk down to the coast.

Flatties, of course, I've already done the blisters thing for this summer, thank you.

But believe me, once we met with our friends at the restaurant, despite sitting by an open window and fanning myself for ages with a menu, I could not cool down.
Readers tell me of their 110F temperatures.  I do not know how they cope.  Our temp was a lesser 29c and I was H.O.T.!

Even horses were cooling down in the sea!  

Then as I sipped on a cooling Sauvignon

and fanned myself with a reservation slip, the menu fan no longer to hand,

I watched the hot sun set.  Well done, Sun, you did us proud on a beautiful bank holiday!

Then later, back home, we had coffee in the garden with our friends, garden lights a-twinklin' and candle flames a-flickerin'.
Living on an island, there is usually a little flutter of night breeze, at the very least.  But last night was so still so coffee al fresco rounded off perfectly a pretty darn perfect August Bank Holiday.

If you are in the UK, I hope you had a fantastic bank holiday too.  Didn't we luck out with the weather this year!
I hope all readers enjoyed their weekends, wherever they spent them, and I hope the week ahead brings you joy.

And if you are in Texas right now, I hope that you are keeping safe and dry.  My thoughts are with you all.

 A la perchoine.


  1. I like the blouse of the look for the beach, the whole set, even the hat is nice and balanced. But I love your dress with floral print and yellow background, it's cute. You appear beautiful and elegant in this dress.

    1. Gracias, J-M, I love to hear "beautiful" and "elegant" ! x.

  2. I LOVE your dress, I saw a similar patterned top in M&co and didn't buy it now wish I had,hope they still have it.You certainly had a lovely day,I wish I lived near a beach!

    1. Oh Polly, thank you and I do hope you find the dress because I have worn this one so much, it always feel fresh and cheerful. Is yellow one of your colours?
      I'm becoming quite a beach girl as I age!

  3. You live in the most awesome place! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. And you look cute in both outfits ;-) Love the dress!

    1. Hi Susan, thanks so much, I love sharing my days and I'm so pleased readers enjoy my simple life. Glad you like the outfits! Hugs, x.

  4. Gorgeous pics and what a wonderful day you had. When I lived in the UK it always seemed to rain on the holiday weekends. We have temps in the upper 30s at the moment and I am still wearing as little as possible that I can get away with!!!

    1. Thanks, Christy. Yes, bank holidays haven't shaken off that reputation! I think that's why we all appreciated gorgeous one. But keeping cool in upper 30s must take some getting used to. Our heatwaves tend to be short-lived in June. Hugs, x

  5. What an absolutely lovely day (as long as your car wasn't in the care of the tow truck driver!). I love the linen dress your wore out, I absolutely go for flowy pieces in the heat. BTW, the heat index today made it feel like it was 102 degrees here, isn't that awful! Coffee in your garden with twinkle lights sounds like the perfect way to end the day!

    1. Oh believe me, I saw the angle of her car and made sure I parked well away from the area!
      Yes, ditto, it was so hot and close that all I could handle was loose and flowy, so I had a taster of what so many of you readers experience. Can't imagine what 100F+ must feel like, I think I'd stay in my undies! Hugs, x.

  6. What a beautiful Holiday and I love the sheerness of that first blouse! What a cutie you are!

    1. Aw thanks so much, sweetie ! It was a day when only sheer would do. Hugs, x

  7. Both looks are so appropriate and suit you. It was such a hot weekend wasn't it. Great for us working people to enjoy a summer's long weekend.

    1. Thanks so much, Anna, very kind. We were so blessed in the UK this bank hols, so pleased for everyone. Hugs, x.